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Welcome back to the sixteenth installment of our in-depth guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's stellar cast of playable characters

In this ours guide, we will devote ourselves to the many characters playable of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, starting with Mario up to the latest additions of the second Fighters Pass. In each episode we will describe about five or six fighters, however, dividing them according to the chapter of Smash in which they made their debut. As we just said, We have arrived right to the "latest additions of the second Fighters Pass". In fact, today we close the first DLC package with Byleth and we discover the announced and published characters of the second, that is Min Min, Steve e Sephiroth. In the appendix, we will find out more about the concept of steering wheel coupling, or “tether recovery”, to which we have alluded in the past.

Quick Preamble

Before moving on to the characters, let's clarify the fulcrum of the guide: in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the task of each player is to throw opponents off the screen, fighting in arenas that mix the genre of fighting with elements of platformer (X and Y allow you to jump). The A and B keys, used in combination with the various directions, give life to the most disparate moves, as well as the back keys to manage shields, dodges and holds. The game also implements tools that irremediably alter the fate of each encounter, but in this guide we will basically focus only and only on the characters themselves. Increasing the opponent's damage will make him lighter and, therefore, vulnerable.

Byleth - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Guide

We have announced the disputes concerning Byleth when we introduced Corrin, and now we can finally outline this character's unfortunate context. After four DLCs like Joker, Hero, Banjo and Kazooie and Terry, the first Fighters Pass ends with a "safe bet" as a first-party character. The blatantly promotional purpose of its inclusion made the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses a fighter still discussed outside the small circle of fans who loved his original game and Smash players who don't mind it (obviously, the existence of a second Pass was also revealed at his announcement) . In combat, at least, Byleth has solved it an age-old question which concerns the fencers from Fire Emblem.

  • Availability: Byleth is available with the scenario Monastero del Garreg Mach (image) for six euros. When purchased in bulk in the Fighters Pass which also contains the Joker, the Hero, Banjo and Kazooie and Terry, the total cost of 25 € allows you to save one euro for each fighter.
  • Franchise of origin: Fire Emblem
  • Origins: A male or female avatar like Daraen and Corrin, Byleth Eisner he works as a teacher at the Monastery of Garreg Mach on the continent of Fódlan. Son of mercenary Jeralt Eisner, Byleth lived as a nomad with his father's band of mercenaries. After meeting the students of the Monastery, Byleth is hired as teacher for one of the three houses to which the title of the game alludes. As the school year progresses, the collaboration with the Church of Seiros that founded the academy puts Byleth in contact with the divine Sothis. The strangest events unfold, from the appearance of a bloodthirsty knight to the threat of a terrorist leader. The peace between the three main realms is less stable than ever, making each Byleth's choice more important than the last.
  • Gameplay: The age-old question we alluded to is that, finally (after examples like Roy), a Fire Emblem character uses every weapon associated with the series. Each of them (beyond the sword), the "triangle of weapons", corresponds to one direction different. The Infallible (B), arc by Byleth, differs from what we saw with Link, Link Child, Link Cardboard, Pit and Dark Pit because you can charge by holding B. The more you charge the move, the greater the range, power and… inability to cancel the move. Areadbhar (↔ + B) is the lancia by Byleth, and also appears in the side Smash attacks (↔ + right analog lever). Either way it is a quick and powerful attack. Sword of creation (↑ + B) is Byleth's sword / whip. By intercepting an enemy in the air, the move can have a Meteor Smash effect (down throw) from 50% up. It can also be used to grab edges from afar, as we will see once and for all in this installment. The sword appears in powerful attacks above (↑ + A) as well as in Smash attacks above (↑ + right analog lever). Aymr (↓ + B) is the deadly one ax of Byleth, who gives the best (worse, for the opponents) of himself on the ground. If it hits, it instantly breaks a shield and throws away anyone who hasn't raised one. Aymr also appears in the Down Smash Attack (↓ + right analog stick) and the Down Air Attack (↓ + A in the air).

Min Min - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Guide

Usually the characters seen in the guide, if introduced in a newly born franchise, have to wait for the next Super Smash Bros. to make their debut. The magic of the DLC is this: ARMS manages to keep Splatoon company in the game's colorful cast without waiting for the four or five years that pass between one chapter and another. However, being Spring Man already an Assistant (tool) as well as a costume for Mii Fighters, Sakurai - at the request of the ARMS developers - opted for a curveball: Min Min. Sweeping away any doubts that Byleth has raised among players, the ramen expert brings with her a particularly resilient fighting style.

  • Availability: Min Min is available with the scenario Boing Stadium (image) for six euros. If purchased in bulk in the Fighters Pass vol. 2 which also contains Steve, Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, Kazuya and Sora, the total cost of 30 € allows you to save one euro for each fighter.
  • Franchise of origin: ARMS
  • Origins: The trailer for Min Min clashes a bit with the ARMS canon, as in the video the girl seems to be able to acquire the elastic arms at will, while in the original game this condition is an innate gift of every character (with some exceptions). The title of origin of the character was born on Nintendo Switch as an unpublished IP, in a way not unlike Splatoon, in order to replicate (and magnify) the boxing by Wii Sports. The niche that tried the game loved it, but despite the low sales Masahiro Sakurai wanted to adapt the idea of ​​ARMS in Smash with all the dignity that the game deserves ... including the range of the attacks and the difference between a right and a left, without compromises.
  • Gameplay: Unlike all the other characters, Min Min uses A for the left arm and B for the right. In addition, the move Punch it makes no distinction if used standing still (B) or in motion (↔ + B). If you remember what we said with Dark Samus, know that the so-called "Smash input" allows you to corroborate attacks (image). ARMS jump (↑ + B) use the arms to catapult the character upwards, if used on the ground; in the air, instead, Gancio ARMS it serves to grasp the edges with a targeted upward coupling. Iridescent weapon (↓ + B) allows Min Min to change the equipped punch on the right arm, between Dragon (identical to the claim in all respects), Ramram (for faster and more versatile attacks) e megawatt (to hit hard, image). Smash attack (right analog lever) upward can repel bullets.

Steve / Alex / Zombies / Enderman - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Guide

Requested by genuine fans of Minecraft and by players who have claimed the debut with a student spirit for a simple meme, with Steve we can catch our breath for a second (unlike Twitter, which is temporarily gone in tilt to your announcement). In fact, the entry of this scribe into the Holygamerz editorial staff allows us to refer to the recap of Sakurai himself to go into more detail. However, there is a lot to talk about, so we don't intend to slack off. Six of the eight character skins are shared with the female avatar Alex (picture, close-up), while two enemies - lo Zombi andEnderman - they grab the last two.

  • Availability: Steve is available with the scenario Minecraft world (image) for six euros. When purchased in bulk in the Fighters Pass vol. 2 which also contains Min Min, Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, Kazuya and Sora, the total cost of 30 € allows you to save one euro for each fighter.
  • Franchise of origin: Minecraft
  • Origins: Minecraft was born in 2009 as indie title, conceived by Swede Markus Persson (aka Notch) as a spiritual sequel to the free game Infiniminer. Frequent updates, starting with the creative mode alone as the basic idea, have given birth to other expansions of the concept while maintaining the constant of a game world to explore and shape freely with an aesthetic halfway between voxels and LEGOs. The development team, Mojang, was purchased from Microsoft in 2014, technically making Steve (and Alex, born around the time of the acquisition) the second representative of Nintendo's friendly rival. As of this writing, Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time, with over two hundred million copies.
  • Gameplay: Steve and his counterparts, long story short, adapt the entire Minecraft gameplay (albeit to scale) in the moveset. Let's get started right away with Extract (B), which on the ground allows the character to extract materials by holding the button (also allowing lateral movements). All collected materials boast an indicator of their own above the dammeter. Steve's workbench, destructible but regenerable (and recalled at will, with shield + B), near the character allows you to use the move Factory (B) to exploit materials by forging new weapons based on the best material obtained with Extract. All of Steve's weapons (A, ↔ + A, ↑ + A, and the same Extract move) are subject to wear, allowing only very weak variants in their stead. Create block (B in the air) allows you to generate blocks with the collected materials, allowing you to place yourself higher (jump, then B) or to create bridges (continuous pressure of B, then ↔). Blocks closer to the outer edges take less time to break. Carriage (↔ + B) needs iron (wagon) and wood (rails), consuming the latter continuously if B is held down. However, jumping out of the wagon turns it into a mobile grip. The cart can reverse course with the spotlights (Mario, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Mii Rifleman, Palutena). Steve's jumps are very limited, which is why Elitre (↑ + B) allows for a vertical flight followed by a generous glide forward (>). Elitre does not consume materials. TNT (↓ + B) place a TNT crate and by holding B you can move away (↔) to place the farthest detonator. The blast can damage Steve, but it will hurt the enemy more and more. Tritolo consumes materials, but always starts with the most common ones. Steve's addiction to materials is his Achilles heel, but in the right hands (especially by raising barriers on the edges) he can prove to be an insidious character.

Sephiroth - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Guide

Few of the characters seen so far in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide can boast an iconic status comparable to that of Sephiroth. Cloud's nemesis boasts the distinction of being the first third party antagonist (the first antagonist overall was Bowser), as well as the third representative of Square-Enix seen debuting after the Hero. Compared to Steve / Alex / Zombi / Enderman, Sephiroth certainly boasts a less abstruse moveset. Not for this, however, should be taken lightly: it was formidable in Final Fantasy VII, and formidable remains here too. Also in his case, we have already dealt with Masahiro Sakurai's in-depth analysis on the subject, if you want to know more.

  • Availability: Sephiroth is available with the scenario North cave (image) for six euros. When purchased in bulk in the Fighters Pass vol. 2 which also contains Min Min, Steve, Pyra, Mythra, Kazuya and Sora, the total cost of 30 € allows you to save one euro for each fighter.
  • Franchise of origin: final Fantasy
  • Origins: We conclude here what we anticipated with Cloud. The latter's confused memories convinced him that he was part of SOLDIER as an elite member, the private military body of the ShinRa electricity company. In reality, Cloud never achieved the rank he was talking about; Sephiroth, for his part, yes. Despite the coolness of his professionalism, Sephiroth was basically a good man. It was a reconnaissance mission to Nibelheim, Cloud's hometown, that led Sephiroth to the madness. Once the biological origins were discovered, the super soldier in black was convinced that he must respond to his own heritage. Sephiroth has thus declared war on the whole world by invoking Meteora, the largest manifestation of black magic in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It will be Cloud and his companions who will have to thwart this threat, with the help of the same vital flow of the planet where souls return after earthly life, and from which ShinRa herself draws the energy.
  • Gameplay: To compensate for the length of Sephiroth's katana, Masamune, the character boasts a generous hitbox stature but a weight that doesn't make him a prohibitive opponent in defense. Based on Sephiroth's disadvantage over enemy lives, Sephiroth can open its right wing earning a bonus in agility and an extra air jump. The wing appears when i damage they reach a percentage that can be as high with an advantageous number of lives, as low if, on the other hand, it is he who has too many fewer lives. This also determines the wing's ability to stay after a KO inflicted. Smelting (B) is based on the explosion seen in Final Fantasy and allows it to be charged by holding B in a similar way to the Hero's Thunder (but with no magic points whatsoever). The strongest versions are Megafusion and Gigafusion, each of which is more powerful (but boasts less range) than the previous one. Shadow glow (↔ + B) uses Sephiroth's darkness to fire a small bullet in the direction of the opponent. If the move hits, a dark sphere revolves around the opponent to hit him after a few seconds. The move is cumulative and grants up to 5 consecutive spheres. You can also throw more than one by holding down B. Lightning strike (↑ + B) is directional like Fox Fire, Hawk Fire, Wolf Fire, and Wing Dash, but can be charged by holding B to get Octacolpo. Finally, Sephiroth boasts a peculiar counterattack: Spark (↓ + B) in fact it only allows you to protect frontal attacks such as King K. Rool's pot-bellied counterattack, but while the strongest attacks can break it, it is also true that the attack hits even without taking a hit. In addition to boasting extraordinary range in physical attacks, Sephiroth can also use his forward air strike (> + A in the air) to stab solid walls with a lunge. It can also be used to return to the court in an unusual way.

Concluding details, sixteenth episode: the flying hook, or "tether recovery"

We've been alluding to our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character guide for two weeks to the steering wheel coupling (or "tether shooting”In competitive jargon), and it's time to explain what this technique consists of. Some special attacks upwards (↑ + B), instead of throwing the character in that direction, they extend the range of the attack in the same trajectory. Special attacks of this type that allow this are Ivysaur's Whip, Joker's Grapple (without Arséne), Byleth's Sword of Creation and Min Min's ARMS Hook (pictured). But that's not all.

Also two side special attachments (↔ + B), in fact, grant this technique: Samus Tuta Zero's Plasma Whip and Fuffi's Fishing Rod. However, the characters gifted with taken from a distance (with exceptions such as Luigi and Steve) can perform them in the air. You have two ways to catch in the air: raise the shield and press A simultaneously with perfect timing (otherwise you'll end up doing an aerial dodge) or use the thinner spine keys, which act as a shortcut. Samus, Baby Link, Lucas, Cardboard Link, and Dark Samus are all capable of using this tactic. Last but not least are the forward air strikes (> + A in the air) with Simon and Richter's whip.

For now, the guide is over: the seventeenth episode, including the three (still unknown) remaining characters of the second Fighters Pass, will arrive at the publication of the last (suppose in autumn). But how did you find yourselves? (You can find the summary here.) Please let us know by leaving us a comment below, and don't forget to stay on Holygamerz to not miss any news from the videogame world and beyond.

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