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    Super Mario 64: where to find the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

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    Super Mario 64 returns thanks to the 3D All-Stars collection and in this guide we explain how to get all the Stars of the Swallowing Desert

    You are about to enter another great classic of the universe ofWhiskered Plumber par excellence: the Swallowing Desert. Here too you will have to find 7 Stars and we anticipate that it will not be a walk in the park.

    This unforgettable level made its debut in Mario 3, (if you also include the secondary games you could also count on the sublime Super Mario Land on the Game Boy). Anyway, how not to love a desert level, especially one that has a murderous sun e quicksand left and right?

    Mario can also come here robbed of his hat aside a bird, and you know that without a hat the plumber suffers more damage than usual. In short, what more do you want? Let's see how to collect all Stars of the fearful Swallowing Desert.

    Mario 64: from sprites to polygonal models

    Super Mario 64 has forever changed the history of video games, in particular those of the platform genre since it had the merit of expanding the horizons of this genre by introducing it into the world of three-dimensionality. The game debuted in Japan in '96 and in Europe a year later. The title bears the signature ofEAD, one of Nintendo's best-known in-house teams, with Shigeru Miyamoto to act as director and publisher. 

    Before this title, others had tried to combine the (typically two-dimensional) formula of platform to that of three-dimensionality but Nintendo's game was the first to be able to propose the mix convincingly, so much so that it is now considered one of the most influential games of videogame history.

    In the game, Mario, intent as always to save the Princess Peach, he has to catch the Stars scattered across areas of the game world to thwart the evil's plan Bowser and defeat him (at least for the moment). The timeless platform-3D is back in all its light-hearted freedom in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for Switch available in stores from September 18. Let's see where to find all the Stars of the Swallowing Desert.

    Klepto the Condor - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    Find the first of the Stars of the Swallowing Desert in Super Mario 64 it is quite simple. Clept the Condor flies over the Desert and holds the Star among the claws. Either way, you can use the Winged Hat to reach Klepto or you can follow the platform, over the movable box puzzle to where you can climb on Piramide.

    There are nearby two pillars on which you can simply climb despite the fact that they are quite steep; Klepto flies in circles around these pillars, and you can grab the star by simply timing a jump to the top of one of these pillars.

    The Pyramid - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    The second of the Stars of the Swallowing Desert of Super Mario 64 is located in a small cove close to top of the Pyramid. You can move on the platform up to those pillars where Klepto flies: here you will find a path up to the Pyramid. The Pyramid is technically too much steep to climb, but if you're skilled enough you can have Mario do it without any upgrades. Otherwise, take the again Winged Hat and use it to fly up there to grab the Star.

    Inside the Pyramid - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    Head to the Piramide and go tomain entrance (It is located behind the platform, right next to the pillars of the first Star and the position of the second Star. There is an entrance here, enter without thinking twice. Once inside the Pyramid, you have to go up.

    Le quicksand they won't kill you here as they do outside, but they will still be hateful since they do you slow down and will reduce your jumps. The path through the Pyramid is quite linear up to top. At the apex, you'll find the third of Super Mario 64's Swallowing Desert Stars waiting for you.

    The 4 Pillars - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    Looking for the previous Stars in Super Mario 64's Swallowing Desert, you may have noticed that they are there 4 large pillars you can walk on like they're suffering from some weird kind of gravity or something. Two of these can be easily reached on foot, while the other two are surrounded by instant-death quicksand.

    The best way to stay on top of all four is to unhide the Winged Hat to get around the level. Stand up on all four and you'll blow up the top from the Pyramid

    Now jump into the forum at the top of the Pyramid. Use the Winged Hat to get there. You will arrive in no time at a unique entrance to the Pyramid. Now you need to hit a boss: don't let him throw you off the platform and hit theeye in the center of each hand

    Red Coins - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    This is another one classic Super Mario 64 and the Swallowing Desert is no exception. Again you will have to get it 8 Red Coins. 4 of these are in the air. You already know, don't you? You will need the again Winged Hat to reach them. Let's now see the positions of the others 4 Coins:

    • One is directly behind the starting point, right on the cutting edge of the layer before the big void of nowhere on the edge of the layer.
    • Another red coin is found within a block in thearea con i goomba near the start. Break the block to get the coin.
    • The next coin is in thearea puzzle of the path of the mobile box, in plain sight.
    • The last coin is in the little pool of water, in the oasis of the Desert, slightly submerged.

    The Puzzle - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    You will have to go back to the Piramide. Both entrances will be fine. There are special coins inside, but sadly they have it same appearance as normal coins. However, a countdown when you collect them. To get these coins, go to where the third Star was.

    This time, instead of climbing to the top where the Star was, get off. There is a number of platforms on which you can get off here, jumping from one to the other you can collect the special coins. Once you have them all and five, the sixth of the Stars in the Gobbling Desert of Super Mario 64 will appear at the base of the Pyramid.


    100 coins - Super Mario 64: where to find all the Stars in the Swallowing Desert

    The Swallowing Desert has beyond 130 coins available in total, of which 8 red coins, 7 blue coins and a handful of those obtainable from enemies. You will need to collect coins both inside and outside the Pyramid to get this Star.


    And here we are at the end of our guide on Stars of the Swallowing Desert. As you have seen, due to the pitfalls of this fearsome level, this time the task will be more difficult than in other areas of the game. Don't give up though and first of all focus on the Winged Hat, the only item that will allow you to reach your goal in this case.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Here you will find another useful to find the Stars of the Labyrinth Cave and here another for those of Lava lake. Stay tuned to Holygamerz for all the other news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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