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    Star Wars Squadrons: here is the list of trophies

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    The Star Wars: Squadrons Trophy List consists of 48 items. In this guide we explain how to get them. May the force be with you

    Squadrons, the last chapter of the Star Wars videogame arrived a few days ago in physical and virtual stores and we at Holygamerz offer you the trophy list relative. As you can imagine platinizing the game will not be a walk of pleasure. 48 trophies are waiting to enter your virtual bulletin board. In the following paragraphs, for convenience, we will list them divided into 3 classic categories gold, silver and bronze.

    Part of the trophies is related to campagna single-player, so if you are aiming for the highly coveted Platinum you will want to play it by thread and by sign (at various degrees of different difficulty). Many other trophies, the vast majority to be exact, are related to the multiplayer component by Squadrons. So, undoubtedly you should start to familiarize yourself with the various galactic assaults, even better if in the company of a group of friends to speed up the obtaining of the various trophies.

    Now, before the actual list, let's proceed with a brief examination of the Motive Studios title.

    Galactic Empire versus New Republic

    Anyone who has played the controversial Star Wars: Battlefront II will remember that the game also featured a mode that allowed players to jump aboard a space fighter to take down those opponents in more or less spectacular galactic assaults. The community feedback on this was positive. Like this Motive studios, for Squadrons, he extrapolated this content and stitched it on a entire title. Therefore the heart of the experience in the new videogame Star Wars will be precisely the clashes between spaceships.

    The game's story is set after the events of Il ritorno dello Jedi. Players take control of the ships of theGalactic Empire and the navy of the New Republic. In these ships, you will be able to use the movement of power between the ship's functions of weapons, shields and engines to defeat your opponents in combat. The game is anchored to the first person view and therefore you will always have in front of you the cockpit of your vehicle. 

    There are four classes of spaceships for both sides. these include the Class Fighter (TIE Fighter and X-Wing), the Class Interceptor (TIE Interceptor e A-Wing), la Classe Bomber (TIE Bomber and Y-Wing) and the Class Support (TIE Reaper and U- Ala). Three game modes available for now: the single player campaign and two multiplayer modes, Dogfight and Fleet Battle. Let's now proceed to discover the list of trophies of Star Wars: Squadrons.

    Bronze - Star Wars Squadrons: the trophy list

    Let's start immediately with the largest group: i Bronze trophies by Star Wars Squadrons. Arm yourself with patience, they are ben 36. For the most part they will be as easy to obtain as completing the campaign in Story mode. For others it will require more effort, especially those related to multiplayer mode. Let's see the list:

    Elite ball (Story Mode)
    Completed the campaign on Story Mode difficulty. 2.75% (430.0)

    Elite ball (Ball)
    You completed the campaign on Pilot difficulty. 1.60% (561.0)

    Aim high
    Equipped the first legendary cosmetic item on your pilot. 3.20% (368.0)
    A personal starfighter
    Acquired your first Starfighter component. 23.11% (196.0)

    A better idea
    Changed the default gear of a Starfighter in Multiplayer. 40.96% (151.0)

    A promising career
    Reached pilot level 10. 2.29% (477.0)

    Victory for the New Republic
    Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles fighting with the New Republic. 0.00% (0.0)

    Victory for the Empire
    Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles fighting with the Galactic Empire. 0.00% (0.0)

    Big shot
    You dropped 50 bombs to damage battleships hulls in more Batt. fleet class. 0.46% (813.0)
    Let the ceremony begin
    You got your first prize. 32.27% (178.0)

    You have found your place
    You have completed Ranked Match Placement. 0.69% (691.0)

    I have you in my hand
    You have won 15 Space Duels. 0.23% (1160.0)
    Stay on target
    Won 15 Fleet vs AI Battles in Co-op. 0.00% (0.0)
    Unity is strength
    You have won any game playing in a party. 9.38% (207.0)
    No mercy
    Knocked out the same player 5 times in a single match. 3.66% (330.0)
    Flawless strategy
    You destroyed your first subsystem. 5.49% (269.0)
    You took down an enemy while your hull health was 5% or less. 8.70% (219.0)
    One step away from death
    You returned to the hangar with less than 5% hull health. 2.29% (477.0)

    Easy trigger
    Inflicted more than 50.000 laser damage in a single match. 0.23% (1160.0)

    Nightmare of the squadrons
    Killed 4 Starfighters of each class in Space Duels. 2.97% (407.0)

    You dodged or thwarted 5 hooks in a row in a single match. 5.72% (255.0)

    The trap is served
    Damaged 5 enemies with homing mines in a single match. 1.37% (589.0)

    Saved by miracle
    You have rescued critically ill allies 10 times with Tactical Shields or Ref Droids. in Batt. fleet class. 0.23% (1160.0)

    Finish the job
    Destroyed a disabled Starfighter 10 times in Space Duels matches. 0.46% (813.0)

    Evasive maneuvers
    Destroyed 30 missiles, bombs, or mines in Ranked Fleet Battles. 0.46% (813.0)

    Split in Porto Fostar
    You have completed the prologue. 94.97% (95.0)

    Together, Vanguard
    You destroyed the cruiser on Cavas without reinforcements. 3.89% (297.0)

    Resource acquired
    Obtained the Elusive Medal. 4.58% (283.0)

    Temporary defense
    Earned the Marksman Medal. 1.60% (561.0)

    Safe in the storm
    You protected the entire convoy in the Zavian Abyss. 6.86% (242.0)

    Fire and flames in Mon Cala
    You destroyed all fuel pods on Mon Cala. 1.60% (561.0)

    You destroyed a New Republic fighter using a core near Sissubo. 1.14% (657.0)

    Race against time
    Obtained the Impossible Feats medal. 0.23% (1160.0)

    A tutto gas
    Maintained top speed while escaping from Galitan. 1.14% (657.0)

    Natural talent
    Destroyed 50 Starfighters in Space Duels matches. 3.66% (330.0)

    Overwhelming victory
    Won a match of Fleet vs AI Battles with the battleships and flagship intact. 3.20% (368.0)

    Silver - Star Wars Squadrons: the trophy list

    Here is the second group on the Star Wars Squadrons trophy list. This time the list is much shorter. On the other hand, the difficulty in obtaining. Trophies like "Professional Pilot"And"True honor”Will cost you a good number of hours of gameplay. Let's see the list:

    Elite ball (Veteran)
    You completed the campaign on Veteran difficulty. 0.23% (1160.0)

    Special changes
    Acquired 50 components for your Starfighters. 0.00% (0.0)

    Professional pilot
    Reached pilot level 40. 0.00% (0.0)

    Nice shot, pilot
    You have dealt the final blow to the enemy flagship in a Fleet Battle. 2.97% (407.0)

    Casual maneuvers
    Destroyed 10 Starfighters while drifting in Space Duels. 0.00% (0.0)

    Among the stars
    Won a Ranked Fleet Battle on each map. 0.00% 

    Mission accomplished
    Collected all the medals for a story mission. 7.32% (230.0) 

    True honor
    Collected all the medals in history on any difficulty level. 0.23% (1160.0)

    Unstoppable ace
    Destroyed 250 Starfighters in Space Duels matches.

    Gold - Star Wars Squadrons: the trophy list

    The last group on the trophy list in Star Wars: Squadrons. Alone two elements but to get them they will make you sweat 7 and more shirts. Let's see them in detail:

    Elite ball (Ace)
    You completed the campaign on Ace difficulty. 0.00% (0.0)

    Supreme weapon
    Destroyed 1.000 Starfighters in Space Duels matches. 0.00% (0.0)

    Platinum pilot

    You did it (always if you are still alive). You've completed the trophy list for Star Wars: Squadrons and in this way you have included in the virtual bulletin board the coveted trophy "Platinum pilot". An arduous undertaking without a doubt. You will have to appeal to Force to carry it out.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this guide with the Star Wars: Squadrons Trophy List. Here instead you will find the list of maps. Stay tuned with us at Holygamerz for all the other news and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond.

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