Solatorobo's Solution: Red the Hunter

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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Pass the room, continue north, then right. Go through the door, stun the enemies and jump over them. Jump to the chest in the first room; Proceeding to the second, jump on the switch, then jump forward leaving the robot there and proceeding beyond the open gate.

Capitolo 1 - Contract with You

Battle Rehearsal
Wait for the opponent to attack you, then dodge and move behind the enemy, grab him and throw him.

All Fighters Welcome!
The enemy to be faced in the first round will only require "standard" moves to finish. The second round will put you in front of a Kurvaz soldier: we recommend using mid-air attacks, the only ones capable of working. The last round is against the pirate captain of Clapper Sky: you will have to take him from behind and then throw him.

Photograph Retrieval
Having met Barry, go right twice, once north, then go up the long flight of stairs.

Storage Cleaning
You will have to go and visit the merchant who is in the residential area and help him clean his house, as he will indicate. Once the quest is complete, you will have to proceed north and face the boss in the area.

Collecting Tunes
The first item is in the field where Barry was also. The second is in the blue house next to the field we talked about. Having taken both items, go back to Iggy - inside the gift shop on the second floor.

Pest Extermination
The quest is fairly straightforward - jump periodically to proceed smoothly along the only path available. However, we recommend that you conserve your energy, as you will then have to deal with a rather persistent boss - you will therefore need to have a good supply of health points to be able to survive.

Container Arrangement
To be able to retrieve the crates visible above, you will have to jump off your robot, go up to the crates and use the Stungun to move them to the left, then causing them to fall. To reach one of the crates located next to the guardrail, you will need to position yourself next to the guardrail itself and use the Stungun on the crate. In no case will the crates go to crush you or Dahak, so you don't have to worry about this possibility.

Warrior's Strength
The first round will put you in front of the Terrible Trio - we recommend taking on one enemy at a time to maximize your chances of victory. The second against Clapper Combination - nothing complex. The latter will place you in front of the Haulage Brothers; you should have stored enough HP to allow for a highly aggressive approach.

Chapter 2 - Raid of the Kurvaz!

Friend's Lost Treasure
Press A quickly to open the gates between the various rooms. The mouse-boss will be found by you in a small room on the right - we recommend that you throw a small cat in his direction from the beginning, so as to damage it preventively. Having killed him, don't forget to visit the north room to retrieve the crystals from the chest. Proceed to the right of the intersection to exit the sewers. You will now have to head to the underground sanctuary. Having located the gondola to the north, exit the robot and press A when you are near the gondola, starting to sail. Talk to the guard, causing the water to drop. Go back, jump on the robot again and head to the entrance to the canal. Continuing along the viaduct, you will meet Calua: the strategy to defeat him consists in returning the bullets he launched to the sender. When he drops the gun on the ground, use it to deliver the final blows to him.

Fan Day
During these duels there will be requirements that you will have to meet in order to be able to successfully overcome them. You will not have any requirements for the first round: take the mouse and throw it repeatedly to defeat it. The second round requires you to achieve victory in three minutes, while the third in one minute. Either way, you need to throw enemies at each other to maximize your chances of meeting these stringent requirements.

Pamphlet Delivery
You will need to find a Pamphlet for everyone except Mamoru and Flo. Go find the little girl and the fat man at the port; the intelligent woman at the bridge; the happy woman and the bold young man in Averse Street; Frank Youth at the Cafe; the fat woman near the Gondola; the guard at the Water Gate; the happy boy near the entrance to the canal. So talk to Mamou to finish the quest.

Waterway Wipeout
First of all you will have to drain the sewers, in a similar way to what you did during the "Friend's Lost Treasure" quest. Then go back to the robot near the entrance, taking the garbage with you. Proceed to the room on the left, then use the chest to jump to the platforms above, so you can retrieve all the additional valuable items. Then proceed smoothly towards the exit.

Chapter 3 - The Paladin Clan

Davdren Islands
Hold the B button to increase speed and stay airborne. Press "Up" until you start flying again, traveling north of the camera. In case you fall into the abyss, you will not lose HP but you will have to completely repeat the previous path. You will therefore have to keep flying from island to island. To attack the ships, you have to press R while flying. Eventually you will have to face the "Air Robo" grand prix - whatever your final position, the mission will be accomplished.

Wonders Of The World
Ignore the arrow telling you to go west, preferring to go north instead. When there are no more islands to the north, proceed counter-clockwise along the remaining ones, until you locate one characterized by the presence of a stone monument. Examine the monument, get rid of the boss and re-examine the monument to get the memory book.

Recover Belongings
You will be led by Davern. Retrieve the six boxes scattered around you, not forgetting the one next to Alman - remember that you will have to forcibly position yourself on top of the robot to be able to get these crates. Having taken the last one (they are arranged along a linear path), start walking along the edge of the island, until you see a ladder. Go down, take the last chest.

Rookie Discipline
You will need to locate the map that indicates "the exact" location of the crates (Container Arrangement). You can then proceed to confront the recruits, which you will be able to eliminate quickly.

Capitolo 4 - Elh's Phobia

Broken Bug Flute
Talk to Dahmon, enter his house, go down the stairs to the left. At the beehive room, quickly jump down and examine the lockers to retrieve the flute. Jump on the robot, and proceed forward. Red will therefore say that he knows the position of the shells; proceed towards the quarries to the east, turn left to retrieve the small red object. Continue to the right until you reach the bridge, give the item to the Lady, jump on it and proceed to the bright areas on the map to retrieve the seven shells. However, it is not so easy to be able to catch them: first, hit the bees that will follow you using the robot, so that they leave quickly. Go over the ravine and explore the four rooms around you - all contain shells, which you can reach by climbing the ivy. Then go up again on the insect and be taken back to the exit of the caves.

Scarabee Problem
Proceed to the east cave, locating the red flower. Launch some bees inside, then continue forward and use the save point. You can therefore repeat the final part of the previous quest, to go and retrieve the shells, in case you have not done it before.

Big Fishies
Take one of the yellow fish coming out of the water, throw it at the giant fish counterpart, and repeat the process until you defeat it. After taking out two of them, you will face off with a third on the way back. To be able to retrieve it, you will have to face north or south while you are close to it; this procedure may need to be repeated several times.

Faster and Fastest
This is a race - fortunately, the quest will be considered complete whatever the final result, but if it is negative you will not get any monetary compensation. We recommend choosing Suzette's car.

Protect Cargo Ship
You will have to focus almost obsessively on hitting the largest ships using missiles. Smaller ships, in fact, will be continually regenerated - but will stop as soon as larger ships sink.

Video - English Trailer

Capitolo 5 - A Pair of Prisoners

Having talked to the guys in Port, proceed north, passing both Broker and Pickaxe Street. Check out the scene with Gren. Once in jail, examine the back table - three times. Red will take the thread. Examine the gate to get Red to use the wire, then a second time to proceed outward. Get on the elevator, get off and locate Dahak.
Climb up, grab the jackhammer, press A near the rocks to start hammering. Then throw away the hammer and start moving forward using the mine cart. Once outside, explore the area around you. Then use the ship to escape. Talk to the supervisor - he will tell you to place three explosives to start the explosion. Climb the ladder, press the switch to cause some platforms to go up and down. When all three have entered the blue ring, talk to the supervisor to cause the explosion.
Use the mine cart to proceed to the ship. Unfortunately, you will initially be blocked. Use the elevator to go down one floor, take the green crate, place it on the elevator and start climbing again. Place the crate on the switch, causing a boss battle to begin - remember to throw the missiles at him, so he is stunned and you can pick him up and launch him. Right, escape the mine and proceed to the Royal Envy.

Mixed Combat Showdown!
During the first round, you will be prompted to perform a triple combo in mid-air - you'll first have to jump up, then lock onto the enemy in mid-air three times in a row - remember to catch him as soon as he begins to descend to the ground. Moving on to the second round, you will have to defeat the three mice in the space of a minute - remember to throw them at each other. Third round, you have to defeat the monster without being hit once - the key to succeeding is to "throw back" the rocks that are thrown at you by the monster; after a while, Cyan will get angry and fight you on his own.

Container Contest
You will need to reach the mission start area near the residential areas of East Ward, then clean up everything within the maximum time limit of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Pie Delivery
This is the umpteenth race; you will have to complete it in 1 minute and 45 seconds to make the cake reach the customers; the quest will be considered complete as soon as you reach the final line - there's not much to say, run as fast as you can and you should do it.

Temp Miners Wanted!
Immediately begin drilling into the rocks, throwing the ore fragments towards the chest. As with explosives, minerals cannot be destroyed in any way. Make sure you can see the "Thumbs Up" sign when you throw the ore into the chest to be sure it ended up right inside. To be able to get the detonator, you will have to jump from the robot and proceed towards the detonator itself. As soon as the boy tells you "the next room is the last", use the mine cart below to get there. Collect the sparkling rock, place it in the chest along with the rest of the minerals scattered in the area.

Chapter 6 - An Alluring Trap

Royal Envy
You can identify the rooms according to the light outside them: if it is red, you will have to defeat all the enemies inside. If it is green, you can proceed without delay. When / if you see panels full of spikes, which you cannot attack, you must promptly cannonade them using the "orbs" that the neighboring monster is loading near the panel. By throwing three, you can continue without problems.
Once you reach the connecting corridor, go up the ladder. Examine the locker in cabin A to get the key to the engine room, and the diary on the table to get the passwords to access the storage rooms (first and second). Talk to the guards in cabin B and C (this is accessible by climbing the ladder). Unfortunately they won't let you into the engine room. Near the raised part of the stairs you will notice a door leading to the top floor; enter the code for the warehouse. Down the stairs, you will notice a door that you could not access before, use the engine key on it. Get rid of the enemies upstairs, then enter the code in the back door. Proceed forward; Louis will flee again, you will have to try to get him back. You will then be prompted to go to the ballroom.
Go back to the main engine room, throw some enemies inside it. As soon as it starts to explode, continue to the left. Save your game, go back to the previously blocked room, near the central stairs. So check it out with Opera - the battle can be considered as a test of endurance, as you will have to dodge several shots in green along the way. Having finished work, you will have to proceed towards Basset.

Aid In The Search
Talk to Flo inside the house, then to Amelie. The goal will now become to locate clues for missing items. Proceed to the bed on the right, examine the closet until Amelie mentions the recording, then go back and talk to Amelie again. Go back to the bed again, examine the table next to it. Amelie will mention tea, talk to her again, examine the stove. Amelie will therefore talk about the apron, talk to her again, then wait for the sound that indicates an opening in the wall. Go and examine the play area, you will notice that the responsible is a cat. Proceed outward trying to catch the cat, they will then become four. Locate them along the sewers to complete the objective.

Protect Cargo Again
This time you will be given a turret, which you can use to hit the ships positioned around you. First get some ammo, throw it into the gun, then jump on it and start shooting. As soon as the ammo runs out, jump down and place another round of ammo. Keep repeating this procedure until you have rejected all subjects in the area. So shoot the huge ship in the center of the play area; when it sank, you can focus on the rest of the smaller ships around you.

Capitolo 7 - The Door...Opens

Hermit Crab Hunting
Try to catch something from the area below you. As soon as you see a crab moving to the left, push to the right, and vice versa. Then continue to press A, while avoiding that everything overheats. After you have recovered the fish, Collie will tell you to proceed to the orphanage, where you will find another fishing area. Go up the stairs, go right, follow the path, then go left along the hall. Talk to the two children in the garden, then to Director Fraisier to get the key to the abandoned ship. Now proceed west, locating the ship on the left. Keep going straight, hit the gear using the robot to eliminate the crabs. You will therefore be provided with a harpoon, necessary to retrieve another crab: pay attention to its very high sensitivity to overheating. Having taken the crab, visit the sanctuary at the back, recover the crystal stone, thus the key to the half-destroyed ship.
You will open your way to an area located behind the orphanage. Entered (automatically), continue straight until you reach a huge engine, hooked to two bolts. Hit the two bolts to complete the procedure.

Aiming For The Top
First of all, get rid of the Trashing, there are two of them, you will necessarily have to deal with them one by one. Moving on to the second round, you will have to deal with the Hunterz, of the Raging type. The last round will see you take on the Thefor - they will throw a rock at you, you have to run and go get it from the side, then throw it back at the crab. In case the crab goes to hide inside the shell, take this shell and throw it immediately. A shellless crab can be defeated in a "standard" way instead. Then walk the entire ship, reaching a door where you can retrieve a Beast Master (always using the fishing), or the big mouse you fought in Spinon.

That Peculiar Ship
To be able to locate Galvan you will have to enter the pension, go up using the ladder, proceed inside the door. At the bridge, continue first south, then west. You will find a garbage can blocking your progress. Throw the dumpster to the side, proceed beyond the door, always continuing forward. After passing several rooms, you will find yourself in front of a green chest. Take it with you and go up the stairs, reaching a platform. Keep climbing up to the fish, retrieve the first crab, then head to the ship. Follow it, then jump from the robot to be able to enter the last door. Examine the chest in the center of the last room, thus returning to the guesthouse.

Metal Crusher
Throw the pieces of metal repeatedly until they are destroyed - they will have to be thrown (each one) several times. Beware of the steam coming out of the ventilation ducts, it can cause damage. Attention also to the coloring of the metals, they will periodically become an intense red, cling to them only when this phenomenon stops. Repeatedly throw the metal at other types of pieces to speed up the reaction.

Capitolo 8 - Holy Quarter of Betrayal

White Flower Bouquet
Collect the first flower near the entrance to the forest, then proceed inside. You will notice another flower right in front of you. Keep going down, also recover the flower on the right, before reaching the stairs. Another will be visible on the platform below, go down using the vines to get it. So go back to Marianne, completing the conversation with her.
Now proceed to the north forest, recovering the idol along the way. Inside it will be clearly marked "idols", which you will have to recover in sequence, and then place them on the pedestals around you. Beware of the birds that densely populate your path, try not to walk along the path they have made unless it is essential. When you get close to the storm, you will have to deal with Beluga. This is a very fast and powerful opponent; we recommend repelling the bullets towards him, then approaching him and hitting him after he has thrown a red bullet.

Wild Beast Battle
During the first round, you will be confronted with the Crustacrabs, two at the same time - we recommend trying to move one of the two to the sides of the screen, so that you can hit it harder, while confusing the other. The second round sees you face off against the Bladebeest, enemies you have already defeated. For the third, you will face Biggant, also a boss that you have already eliminated previously.

Reinforcing Patrol
You will have to overcome another race here. Remember that, in case you lose, you will get the money in any case - so it is enough to stay within the path to be able to complete it successfully. With the victory, you will also get five crystals.

Forest Weeding
You will proceed inside the east forest - you will notice how all the trees appear as bushes. Remove all weeds by literally pulling them out of the ground. Then defeat the insects in the room; at the end of the path, you will have to deal with an insect of considerable size, but with little HP - you will finish it without problems.

Capitolo 9 - Hero, and Fool

Golden Roar
Pay attention to the rotating electric saws, which you can observe from the first moments of the game, along the stairs. Having walked through them, you will notice two small alcoves, one on the right and one on the left, along with some barrels - use these two barrels to restore your HP level, while continuing to jump to avoid the electric saws. When you get to the machine room, you will notice some green lanterns - grab them and take them to the rooms to the right and left. Bring the green chest with you too: you will need it to jump on it and reach the nearest enemies, then hitting the lantern at the top. So continue forward, place the two lanterns in the appropriate areas. In the room on the right, go up the stairs, go through the door and retrieve yet another red lantern. Take it back to the machine room, place it on the brown platform in the center. Play with the red switch, noting how it moves the platform across the room. You will have to make sure that the red lantern and your own robot are positioned on the platform in question, then hit the red switch to send them forward, proceed into the room on the left, go up the stairs, pass the door, go down the ladder and go up on the your robot.
Once you pass another door, take out the nail on the left so you can climb towards the enemies. When they are gone, return to retrieve the red lantern, taking it with you through the door. Get rid of the two enemies that appear, then run along the room characterized by electric saws and flames.
After the next cutscene, you'll have to go through two more rooms to reach the save point. You will then have to deal with Opera, the boss - the battle will be quite complex. Dodge the green energy bubbles by jumping as they approach you; then throw items at the enemy, taking advantage of the assistance of Calua and Gren. Calua will launch missiles positioned as a "fan" at you, while Gren will jump and attack you repeatedly, and then leave suddenly. When / if Calua appears again, grab the missiles he fires at you and throw them back at Opera. If it's Gren, run towards him and hit him before he attacks you, then throw him towards Opera. Repeat this procedure until Opera's life points are exhausted.

Pirate Hunting
Get rid of the Howlers, then throw the debris sideways and proceed upwards. Throw the bombs away at maximum speed, given their enormous quantity that makes it highly probable that they will explode in your immediate vicinity.

Chapter 10 - Final Solution

Proceed to the second room, arriving at a moving platform. Repel the enemies that attack you. You will therefore find yourself near a room associated with a strange pulsating object. Jump from the robot, hit the object with the Stungun. Go through the next room, defeating the enemies. Proceed further, save the game by avoiding fighting the enemies (it would be useless). You will now have to deal with Bruno.
Avoid directly facing one-eyed subjects that fire lasers - we recommend focusing on throwing objects at Bruno. Each blue object that is thrown at you can be returned to the sender without problems; pay attention instead to the red objects, which must be forcibly dodged. Destroyed the enemy, continue forward by opening the gates and arriving at the Core, where you can view the ending of the first part of the game.


Below, the second part of the set of missions that you will have to face.

Capitolo 1 - Rondo of Black and White

Machinery Repairs
Proceed to the main terminal, entering the room on the right. Go up the stairs, enter the blue train. Repair the cars and defeat the rats; for each machine, you will have to get off the robot and press the red switch, at speed. After completing both rounds 37 and 38, get rid of the flying enemies, hook onto the blue flames and push them back to complete the level.

Freight Inspection
Repeat the way of the previous quest. Once on the train, get off the robot, open the gate on the right. Talk to Diamundo; go back to the car and get off the robot. Go down the ladder, examine the locker on the left. Go back to Diamundo, talk to him, go back outside and go up the stairs to the golden train. Get rid of the other enemies, then try to open the cage on the right. Failing to do so, swerve to the left and talk to the Pilot. Having taken the key, open the previously closed cage. Continue to the frozen car. To get rid of the robot, you'll have to grab it and throw it when you don't see the electricity flowing around it. Repeat until you defeat him, then easily get rid of his two assistants.

Capitolo 2 - Fragments of Time

Test Simulation
The goal will be to protect Elh from insect attack. Throw them and pick up an insect from the left, then throw it at the insect that will come out from the right. Keep throwing repeatedly, always trying to cover at least one side of the room.

Simulation Lv. 1
You will have to deal with two enemies that you have already faced, namely Nero and Blanck.

Simulation Lv. 2
Here you will have to face Beluga, in practice for three consecutive times, since it is able to regenerate the level of its life points. We recommend a highly aggressive approach to avoid losing excessive time and, consequently, life points.

Simulation Lv. 3
Proceed straight along the first rooms. You will then see a blue block on the left, where you can jump to get to the top and continue. A little further on, there will be a room with floating blocks. Jump to the first, then to the platform on the right, and only then to the second; then on the platform on the left, and then on the third. From here, you can continue straight to the fourth and fifth. Once you have completed the walk, go to Basset and talk to director Fraisier inside the orphanage garden.

Bodyguard Duty
Retrieve the first car, placed in front of your eyes. For the second one, go up the stairs until you reach the main terminal, then walk along the blue car on the left. Go up to reach the park. Proceed to Fashion Street on the right. Talk to the girl next to Iggy, then go back to having a conversation with Cocona. Proceed to the main terminal, talk to Barry near the vending machines.

Pharaoh Trivia Contest
You will have to accurately answer the questions that are asked of you. To the first, answer "Cocona". To the second, "Fat-Juice". Third, "Three". Fourth, "City Viewpoint". Fifth, "21".

Capitolo 3 - Like Mother and Child

Basset hound
Talk to Fraisier near the orphanage garden. You will need to locate the four children. Two of them are located along the main corridor - go up the ladder and visit the upper right corner, beyond the lockers, to find Charlotte. Then walk to the upper left corner and examine the back of the bookcase to find Biscotte. Then go down using the ladder, go through the door, reaching room A. Locate Arzane behind the bookcase. Back along the ladder, enter the door on the right to get to room B; Albert is behind the bookshelf.
Return to the port where Asmodeus was, then right along the ship. Dive into the lake and swim; to return to the mainland, you will only have to jump when you are a short distance from the edge, to avoid falling back into the water. Once in the next room, you'll need to jump over the crab rather than use the Stungun. So walk along the platform where the bolt was, follow it to the left, walk along the path to the save point. Save and go through the door to locate Arzane - however, Nero awaits you in the area. Jump on it, and start hitting the purple bolts, throwing them at Black; they will initially attack, then explode, causing a significant amount of damage. In the meantime, however, you will have to remember to dodge all the attacks that will be launched, since the explosion will take place with a certain delay.

Exciting Match
During the first round, you will have to deal with the Kurvaz infantry. However, you will not be able to jump, which is problematic as you can see a flamethrower spinning and moving quickly on the ground. We do not recommend "taking" the enemy and throwing it towards the opposite side, you would remain stationary for too long. During the second round, you will be confronted with Kurvaz's infantry.
You cannot be "caught" in any trap; however, you are allowed to skip repeatedly. Since, in this case, you can not help but take the enemy and throw it, we recommend proceeding at maximum speed around the flamethrower, so as to buy some time and exhaust the enemy, so that it opposes more resistance to the actual moment of the launch. .
Once you are waiting for the enemy to explode, keep moving to avoid being caught inside by the flames. At the last round, you will see it as usual against the Kurvaz infantry. Avoid being "caught" by the flames, which this enemy is able to shoot from the mouth. In case the quest is difficult, you will need to improve your mobility level.

What's Truly Important
You will be taken to Davern Islands. You will reach it from its raised part, then you will have to go down to the lower level, using the ladder. Enter the town hall, talk to Vanielle. You will be allowed to proceed to examine the house. Scan the desk in the center, then the one on the back, locating a map and key. We recommend that you retrieve the map with the utmost preference. After speaking to Vanille again, you will be told that the box is kept inside a vault. Reach it and stop near the huge metal door. Use the key to enter. Fly to the rafters, so look around (on foot) once you reach the top. You will then locate the chest near the closet.

To Samoyede
As can be guessed from the title, you will be led to Samoyede. You will have to play hide and seek with the kids, but this time it will be much more difficult to find them. Once in the forest, proceed to the left, locating the area where you found one of the idols. Before taking it, examine the tree next to you, especially the root positioned above, where you can find one of the children and take him with you. Then press "A" near the tree to go get a cookie (it will be found by Red). So retrieve the idol and take it with you to the pedestal. You can therefore locate Albert beyond the foggy area. Proceed to the next room, mow the grass on the left to locate Charlotte. Also retrieve the grass in the upper right corner to find Arzane.

Find the Lost Girl
Proceed to the port. You will be told that Charlotte went to Airedale. Keep talking to the subjects around you, to be led to the East Harbor by climbing the stairs. You will therefore have to deal with several enemies inside the warehouse. When Charlotte is back in the area, you will get a monetary reward and some crystals. To get back, don't forget to jump back to your robot.

Capitolo 4 - Aiming for Earth

Talk to the people near the port, then turn to the Totem on the right. Right again towards the giant statue, talk to Ozir. Go back to the quest supply to start the quest in Mau.

Message Delivery
Approach the Totem, turn left, proceed forward. At the training area, talk to the guy in the area. Continue straight to be intercepted by a man named Steven, who will tell you to go talk to his rival, Chuck. Once you reach the windy bridge, you will have to take advantage of the updrafts. To be able to "catch" them you will have to "walk" rather than jump. Avoid moving up or down to avoid falling "out" of the current. It is preferable to move to the left or to the right. However, instead of proceeding directly to the next room, we recommend that you proceed to the right, then climb the bridge, continue towards the back and use the current to carry you to the elevated bridge. Follow the path in the area, talk to Chuck, then to Steven.
Follow the road that opens to the north. Dodge the logs with the spikes as you proceed forward. Then show the talisman to Ozir, who will let you pass through the ruins behind him. Keep going straight; you will notice a bridge - quite precarious - that you will have to cross. This time the wind is powerful, so we recommend avoiding direct contact with the birds, they would only slow down your progress. After crossing the bridge, you will have to read the mural to complete the first test. The second test is exactly the same as the previous one, the length of the bridge is however greater. When you reach the last room, you will have to fight against a golden bird: to defeat it you will have to take the eggs that he throws at you and throw them back in his direction.

Flaming Death Match
The level consists of a sequence of fights, with no time limits of any kind. We recommend that you focus your action on immediately retrieving the flamethrower positioned in the center of the play area. This strategy will allow you to easily win all fights.

Recover The Transport!
As soon as you see one of the flying orange machines appear, you will need to pick up the booms from the ground, wait a few moments and throw them at the enemy - making sure they explode when they are exactly adjacent to the opponent. It will also be necessary to "fetch" the cats that run along the various rooms; pay attention to the flamethrowers, try to move in such a way as to keep them as far away from you as possible. After completing this section, head back to the bridge and get ready to re-throw the bombs at Alicia's flying balloon. Don't worry if you notice that a lot of bombs go wrong - that's completely natural. In addition to the monetary rewards, you will also get the "Secret of Cats" photo.

Harsh Training
Here a time limit of 2 minutes is imposed on you, which is rather small. We therefore recommend - before starting the mission - to improve your Mobility level, trying to raise it up to the maximum possible. You will therefore have to pay the utmost attention not to interact excessively with enemies; when possible, avoid combat, preferring instead to dodge them and continue at maximum speed. One exception: when you reach the group of birds near the ravine, it is strongly recommended that you try to defeat them before continuing, otherwise you would most likely be hit by them.

Capitolo 5 - Friends

Go back to the east area of ​​the caves, proceed to the left to retrieve the pearl of honey, then to the right to give it to the Ladyshroom. Fly along the ravine, grab another bead and proceed north this time, to locate another Ladyshroom, flying upwards. Give the bead to the Lady, so you can deal with another boss. It is not as big as the previous beetle, so we recommend using the casts frequently. Having defeated him, proceed to the left and talk to Frantz. You will now have to go back to examine the west caves, at the back of the chief's house. You will then reach an area where you cannot proceed forward. Go back to the head of the village, then to Dahmon, slightly further, then back to Frantz, and finally back to an area where it will no longer be possible to proceed further.
You will therefore travel using the scarab, only to be released in an area where you will have to fight a boss, rather powerful. Start the battle by rejecting the boomerang-shaped objects that he will throw at the sender; then pay attention to the attack that will be released after the boss starts "flashing": his entire back will fly towards you like a sort of Shruiken, and when / if you are hit you will suffer enormous damage.
So grab the fin before it comes back towards you. The boss will return with his tail in hand, ready to hit you again when / if you throw him - despite the looming of his blows, what you have to do is just throw him, and then prepare to dodge a speed the counter attacks that will be directed towards you. you; immediately after the dodge, the boss's guard will be lowered and you can throw the fin at the enemy one last time, dealing a great deal of damage!

Calua Strikes!
Combat without constraints to be respected. All the fights will be against subjects you have already met, and no upgrade of your skills is necessary to be able to successfully overcome them, so we recommend an aggressive approach to finish the mission quickly and effectively.

Wassup It's Me!
Here you will have to face Rookie. It is a frenetic character, but with poor defense: you should therefore have no problems in eliminating him. Unfortunately you will then have to deal with other opponents, but of the "standard" type: as for the previous mission, do not skimp, preferring a strongly offensive approach to avoid wasting time.

Cave-In Accident
Proceed forward dodging the boulders that fall from the roof, talking to every miner you see inside the cave, thus trying to save them all. In some cases the miners will not let themselves be saved unless you take care of the moles first - often this will require the use of a drill, the security officer will provide it to you. However, having walked the entire corridor and saved all the miners, you will have to defeat one last monster before you can declare the mission as definitively over.

Infiltrate And Recover
The whole quest will see you face several pink colored enemies; the real challenge is to be able to fend off all these enemies, without letting your life points go to zero. Hit and open all the crates and barrels in the area, thus locating the meat that allows you to increase your health points and proceed forward. When you reach the train, enter the room on the left and press A near the center console, making the train move forward. So get off the train when it reaches its destination, eliminating the eleven enemies around you.

Fire Drill!
It is not necessary to answer the questions correctly: choose the one that suits you best. Then repeat the commands that will be indicated on the screen to carry out the evacuation. It will therefore be necessary to pass a special course for the rescue of workers. Also in this case, all that remains is to follow the instructions on the screen, speeding up your operation. Also, don't forget the flower in the area, as you will never be able to go back for it. After completing the quest, you will get both money and some useful crystals. Jump back to the robot before leaving this play area.

Capitolo 6 - Messenger from Earth

Proceed to the left along the fish path. Talk to the cautious man, then to Kouglof. He will tell you that he doesn't want to help you unless someone accepts a quest from him. So go back to Flo, and respond to the announcements he throws at you.

Fish Tank Fishing
You will have to repeatedly jump and retrieve the fish, but only do it while you are in midair: otherwise, they will slip away and you will have to repeat the entire procedure. You will then have to talk to Kouglof again; it will lead you to an area where you can fly up to the storm in the middle of the sea. Attention, as before, to the islands surrounded by coral: you will not have to stop, thus avoiding excessive risks. When you reach the storm, you will see a monster, but we advise you not to fight it: in fact, Black will arrive on the scene, and it will be he who will have to fight! It is a match identical to the one against Nero.

Gren On The Warpath!
Quite simple mission, given the absence of time issues. For the first round, you'll have to deal with some Howlers, no major problems. After that, you will have to switch to the Kurvaz infantry - unfortunately it will only be possible to throw objects, not to manually move the infantry, so we recommend an offensive approach so as not to waste an excessive amount of time. The last round places you in front of Gren.

Protect The Idol!
Quest based solely on combat, it is not possible to provide a precise strategy, if not a general advice, that is to use all the experience points at your disposal to improve your statistics. Only then will you be able to finish the enemies with ease.

Errand For Dahmon
To the first question you will have to answer "Are you serious? Make it cheaper!". To the second: "I'll wait for the next shipment". For the following you can answer as you like, the quest will be considered completed anyway.

Phantom Sky Fish
Rotate the camera and survey the surroundings, locating the fish. In case you are too far away, approach promptly by flying across another of the islands. Near each of them there will be a "stop"; we recommend never stopping if there is purple coral around the island, in order not to risk excessively. But when you reach a "papabile" island (ie all the islands that are not surrounded by coral), examine the fish and try to rotate the camera in such a way as to see them coming towards you. In this way, you will be able to position yourself perfectly to capture them, that is, perpendicular to their angle of arrival.

Capitolo 7 - Guardians of the Star

Pick up the music point near the entrance, another next to terminal A, another near terminal B. Also get the information, then proceed to the second room and examine the objects left and right. In the third room you will have to solve a puzzle: immediately return to the previous room, recover the blocks on the left and right, leaving the one in the center intact. Back to the next room, place the left block near the light, follow the path to the southwest platform. Take the left block, and take it back to the main path. At the entrance again, remove the "left" block from the light, placing one of the blocks taken from the right there. So take a left block, place it on the next light. Take the central block from the platform in the center, place it on the last light, go through the door. Continue forward to the library.
Place the right block on the right light, the middle block on the next. Walk along the paths thus formed. You will find yourself on a platform with a block on the left and two side lights. Take the block and place it on the light on the right. Then follow towards the northeast platform. Retrieve another block here; do not place it on the light on the left, but bring it back towards the entrance. Place it on the light on the left near the entrance. Therefore, the central block will have to be placed on the next light, along the same path. Then, the right block that starts the previous path will have to be placed on the next light of the new path.
Walk along the north platform, place the blocks on the nearby light, and walk beyond the door. After your conversation with Yurlungur, quickly make your way back to the elevator. Save your game, then go up the elevator. You will see it with Shade; similarly to other bosses of this type, you will often be hit by fireballs that you must necessarily repel to be able to finish the boss - they are your primary mode of inflicting damage. After some more conversations, you will need to retrieve the objects from the left and right areas of the room. Proceed to the edge of the room itself, press the A key to retrieve the CODA fragment, then repeat everything for the room on the opposite side, thus completing the procedure.

Special Match
For this goal, we recommend maximizing your mobility level, as the flamethrowers will prove to be extremely powerful. For the first round, you will have to deal with the Smallants, you will have to win within a minute: if your mobility has actually been maximized, we recommend a strongly offensive approach, unique that can make you win this objective. The second round is against the Beetlers, you will have to be able to win in two minutes, without taking damage - the time is less tight here, so you can continuously use "normal" throws to be able to get a good performance.
The final round requires you to win within one minute; try not to run into any trap, and to avoid any kind of jump (these would brutally expose you to enemy attacks); also remember that the fire of the flamethrowers is synchronized, so you can walk "between" them to be able to escape to the opposite side, in case the enemies have managed to enclose you in a specific delimited area.

Stamp Rally
You will have to travel around the world to locate the stamps scattered around the area. Some of them may not be very easy to find, so we will provide a list of all their locations. For the first stamp, go to Airedale and talk to the fortune teller in front of the man who gives you the quests - keep talking until he gives you the stamp. For the second, go to Basset, then talk to Collie; he will ask you to go get a crab, but even if you fail he will give you the stamp.
For the third, go to Vizsla and talk to Dahmon in the room on the left. He will ask you for your password - which is "How you doin '?", Then gives you the stamp. For the fourth, you will need to go to the village chief to the left of Dahmon's residence area; enter the house, go up the stairs and take a look at the bookcase on the left. For the last stamp, you will have to head to Samoyede and enter the north forest, locating the idols on the various pedestals; run to the end of the forest, until you notice the vortex on the ground. So look at the pillar on the right. Talk to Ozir to get the reward.

Venom Barnacle Problem
Grab and throw the small volcano-shaped objects to pass the first part of the level. When you reach the inside of the aquarium on the third floor below, the location of the objects could be more complex: one can be found behind the barrel next to you, another between the two eels, others in the back, and one hidden among the coral. near the raised platform.

Capitolo 8 - A Call of Fangs

Rescue from Rubble
The quest simply requires you to visit the two trains indicated on the map, while talking to every citizen you see in the area. Once this is done, the quest will be completed.

Bomb Retrieval
From Sparkle Park, proceed left onto the train. Exit using the opening on the back. Go up the stairs, hit the gear behind you. Grab the green chest and go through the door. Right, go down the stairs, until you find a red button. Drop the crate on it, then go through the door on the left. Go down the stairs, then right, reaching the lower right corner of the bay. Step onto the platform diagonally behind you. Then jump to the upper level, reaching a series of explosives. Go down the Grand Canyone and take the explosive to the lower level, then left, go up the stairs. You will find yourself in front of a green chest. Go up the stairs to the next room, proceed to the left, throw the explosives on the platform towards which the ladder proceeds. Get it back and head left, past the door. Black and Black will arrive on the scene, you will have to reuse the turret to eliminate them permanently.

Stop The Poachers
Follow the arrow, locating the yellow ships. Landing on top of the ship, hit the yellow object. After destroying three, a fourth will appear. Land on this one too, dodging the missiles that are thrown at you in the meantime, relaunching them towards the cannon of the ship in question.

Fisherman's Food
Your goal is to retrieve some items to go for a soup. By defeating enemies along the way, you will get clues along the way. On the first floor, we recommend taking the goldfish. On the second floor, recover the holy cape. On the third, catch one of the light blue fish. Back upstairs, get rid of the five enemies at the top, and place your pot on the burner next to Kouglof.

Capitolo 9 - Silence of the Dragons

Before reaching this area, we recommend that you save and restore (upwards) your life point level. Defeat all the enemies to easily go through the first game zone. Then jump down and use the shotgun to destroy the pulsing slime. In the next room, walk along the platforms along the lake, but try to dodge the acid that is thrown at you - it can cause you a significant amount of damage.
So you will see a kind of dead end. Eliminate the opponent to open the passage. Still ahead, increase the speed to the maximum to be able to cover the next area without problems, until its end. In the next room you will have to face it with still other opponents; even in this case, it will be necessary to eliminate them all to be able to open the way out.
Move to the moving platform, and eliminate the opponents here as well. After that, get past the pulsing slime and approach the save point. Get rid of the Core by retrieving the red orbs around you. Unfortunately, when you have defeated this first Core, its fictitious nature will be made explicit. You will therefore have to face a second fight, this time against the real Core. You will have to retrieve the balls that are thrown at you by the other opponent in the area and shoot them towards the "real" Core. Having defeated him, you can make your way to Tartaros.

Capitolo 10 - He Who Laughs Last

Try to fend off the enemies that try to attack you during the first sections of the battle. You will eventually come to a kind of angelic version of the Core. To destroy it it will be necessary to hit its central part. Having done so, you will have to deal with Baion himself. Throw the rocks towards you, paying attention to the flames and walls of fire positioned around you.
The opponent will then launch an attack that will cause an energy ball to appear in your vicinity. Quickly run to get it, avoiding getting hit, so you can easily cast Baion and damage it considerably. By repeating this procedure, you will reach the ending without problems.

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