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Follow this guide to find out where to find and be able to collect all the Rosary Beads in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

We had left, with the previous part of this guide, ai Rosary beads obtainable up to Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo. This second part of the guide on where to find all the Rosary Grains present in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will consider the areas of the Cover, the Abyss of Ashina, Sorgente Palace and final bars of the title.

As always, it is good to specify that this guide will contain spoilers on enemies and game areas.

Important notes - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 2)

Il Sorgente Palace it is an optional game area: as such, it is easily missed and retrieved in the New Game +. The zone is in fact linked to the type of ending you will choose: the Final Purification is the one recommended to get the two Rosary beads otherwise irrecoverable.

To unlock the Final Purification, you'll need to stay loyal to Lord Kuro: after defeating the Corrupted Nun and Guardian Monkey, go back to Kuro's room, inside the Ashina Castle. When you find yourself Owl in front, you will have to select the second dialogue choice: by doing so, you will have access to the Source Palace. You will then have to talk to Lord Kuro several times to exhaust the dialogue lines, after which you will have to teleport to the Sculptor's Idol present in the Abyss of Ashina and enter the tent here. Doing this will get you to the Sorgente Palace.

That said, let's start the second part of the guide on where to find all Rosary beads present in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

Forra - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 2)

The first Rosary grain area of Cover you can retrieve it starting from the first Idol of the Sculptor of the area. From here, go straight up the hill, grapple over the ravine, and once you land, you'll find two enemies waiting for you. Take them out, then jump to the nearby wall. Hang on the wall and move until you get to the other side of the wall: drop and you will find in the snow the Rosary grain.

The second one Rosary grain it will be possible to obtain it once the mini-boss is defeated Shirafuji Snake Eyes. From the second Idol of the Sculptor area of Cover, you will have to go down the ravine and hang from the branches with the grappling hook, otherwise you will fall to the bottom. Then, you will find the mini-boss waiting for you: at first glance he may seem like an enemy armed with a rifle, which he will use, if forced, also as a spear. He's a tough enough foe to defeat, but with a good amount of reflexes you'll be able to take him out.

You will have to defeat the mini-boss Centipede Arms-long Giraffe, battle impossible to miss as it is part of the main story. The defeat of this enemy will grant you a Rosary grain as a reward.

After defeating the mini-boss from earlier, drop into the chasm that appeared in the same area. Now you will have to crouch down and enter an underground passage, where you will take the path to the left inside the tunnel. From here, hang on the ledge on your left: you can then reach other holds with the help of the grappling hook. Follow the right path to the end, until you find yourself at a standstill, with some enemies and poisonous lizards. Once these enemies are defeated, you will have a few items to collect: the Rosary grain is among them.

Abyss of Ashina - Sekiro: where to find all Rosary beads | Guide (Part 2)

After reaching the Sculptor's Idol in the area, you'll find yourself in an area full of poison. To reach the Abyss of Ashina, you will have to start from the Idol of Ashina Castle: in the area where you defeated the mini-boss Lonely Shadow with Greatsword, you will notice a well you can swim in, until you reach a dark cave. Here you will find a woman in prayer; jump down into the abyss and use the grappling hook to launch yourself from branch to branch. You will reach the end of the path, and you will find the area Abyss of Ashina: Here you will find the mini-boss waiting for you Shirahagi Snake Eyes. Upon defeat, you will get a Rosary grain.

After defeating the mini-boss from earlier, you will find a tunnel on the left, just before reaching the circular room. With the grappling hook, climb up to the head of the statue, located in the center of the poisonous pool: on its top you will find a Rosary grain ready to be picked up.

The third Rosary grain you can get it by defeating the mini-boss Tokujiro il Ghiottone. It is the main enemy of the area: a foggy area, where you will find numerous enemies that will attack you. Tokujiro il Ghiottone He will be waiting for you at the base of the area, and defeating him will allow you to obtain another of these precious items.

Fourth Rosary grain of Abyss of Ashina you can get it once you defeat the mini-boss O'Rin of the Water. After reaching the Sculptor's Idol located at the Mill, you will find a woman intent on playing an instrument. Once you get past her, she will turn out to be hostile and attack you - kill her to get the Rosary grain.

On the path leading from the Mill to the fight with the Corrupted Nun, you will find a building full of enemies gathered in front of it. You will be able to overhear their conversation, after which you will have to crouch down and enter, via the path to the right, into the building itself. You will find a panel to lift, after which you will enter the building: here you will find a small temple, where you will find the Rosary grain.

To the right of the Mibu village, where many enemies patrol the area, you will find a lake. Immerse yourself in its depths: on the seabed you will find the last one Rosary grain of the Abyss of Ashina, but the ability to dive into the water can be unlocked once you defeat the Corrupted Nun.

Palazzo Sorgente - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 2)

The first Rosary of the area will be obtained once the Bull Cherry blossoms in the palace. You can find it once you defeat the enemies who try to curse you: exit the building and go up to the roof. From here, looking down, you will find a mighty bull: an attack from above will inflict damage equal to half its life total. But be careful: it is a fairly difficult enemy to defeat.

As you continue your adventure, you will find yourself facing the mini-boss Shizu Leader Okami. He is an enemy particularly easy to defeat: he will attack with lightning bolts that you can easily avoid and, once you get close, you can attack and finish him in no time. His defeat will reward you with a Rosary grain.

After defeating the aforementioned enemy, you can safely jump into the lake: here, diving, you will find a chest on the right side of the lake. Inside you will be the last Rosary grain of Sorgente Palace.

Final measures - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 2)

After defeating the Corrupted Nun and the Guardian Monkey, new mini-bosses will replace the previous ones, making it impossible for you to receive the Rosary beads as a reward for defeating them. You can decide whether to take out the new enemies, or wait for the story to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice conclude. By doing so, before selecting the New Game +, you will be able to return to the places you have visited, to defeat the remaining enemies. The choice is yours!

In Abyss of Ashina, at the poison tank, you will be able to find a new enemy: the Headless Guardian Monkey: a fight that you have already won, so it will not require special attention, knowing it. Arrived at the second bar of life, one second Guardian Monkey, smaller, will appear alongside the main enemy. Thankfully, both are neither fast nor too aggressive, and have a reduced amount of health. Defeat your enemies to get ben two Rosary beads in the same instant!

Return to where you defeated the mini-boss Elite Ashina, Saza Jinsuke or near the room where you met Lord Kuro at Ashina Castle. Here you will find theOmbra Solitary, Mano Infida. He is a mandatory enemy to defeat in order to continue with the Final Purification, and his defeat will reward you with a Rosary grain.

In the Ashina Castle area, you will find another one Chained Ogre, placed at the base of the upper tower. It is no different than what you have already fought: its fire weakness will allow you to take it out quickly. His defeat will reward you with a Rosary grain.

From the Old Graveyard Sculptor's Idol, where the Great Serpent Shrine Idol used to be, you will find the mini-boss Lonely Shadow, Masanaga, La Zanna astiosa. Defeat your enemy to get a Rosary grain.

A further Rosary grain it will be given to you when you manage to defeat Sette Lance di Ashina, Shume Masaji Oniwa. As the main storyline progresses, you will notice that an area around Ashina is on fire. Right in front of the Sculptor's Idol of that area, this new enemy will appear. If the area is not on fire, then you will need to complete the main story, placing your loyalty in Lord Kuro.

From the Old Cemetery Idol, head up the stairs which will lead you to a bridge: the latter wasn't there the last time you were here. Cross the bridge to find a new mini-boss in the courtyard: Shigekichi of the Red Guard will appear. Defeat him to get another one Rosary grain.

From the Idol of the Dojo, located in Ashina Castle, go down to the floor below and turn around: behind the stairs there is a paper wall that you can destroy. You will then find a secret passage that will lead you to clash with Ujinari Mizou. Defeat it and you will get a Rosary grain.

Returning to where you found the Owl, on your first visit to Hirata estate, now you will find a new discount waiting for you: Lonely shadow, Masanaga, the hateful Zanna will be waiting for you to start an arduous battle. But be careful, its appearance, as mentioned, is linked to Wolf's choice to pay loyalty to Lord Kuro. By defeating your enemy, you will be given a Rosary grain.

The last Rosary grain it is very easy to miss, as it too is linked to the Final Purification of the title. It will be given to you after the defeat of Juzou the Drunkard, located in the same spot where you first defeated him at the Hirata Estate.

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If you have followed this guide, divided into two parts of which the first part can be found here, you will have managed to collect all Rosary beads present in Sekiro, 40 overall, increasing your life bar 10 times. Your persistence in finding all the collectibles will be rewarded with theobtaining a Trophy or Achievement, depending on the platform you are playing the title on.

Should for some unfortunate accident a Rosary grain not delivered to you, you can find it in the form of an offer to Ruined temple: an indicator light will indicate that an object is waiting for you!

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