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Follow this guide to find out where to find and be able to collect all the Rosary Beads in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it is not possible to increase the characteristics, as was the case until the last signed masterpiece FromSoftware. The title, in fact, is entirely based on the player's ability to control the main character, the Wolf who, armed with a katana, will make his way through enemies and dangers of all kinds.

But it is possible to increase the life bar and force of our protagonist: defeating a certain enemy, for example, will reward you with a Rosary grain, very useful object that, every time it is collected 4 times, will allow you to increase the amount of health of the Wolf. It won't be easy to find them all and 40 i Rosary beads present in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but with the help of this guide you will be able to collect them all!

Obviously, it is good to say this immediately, this guide will contain spoilers about locations and bosses.

Important notes - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 1)

After defeating the Corrupted Nun in the Abyss of Ashina and the Guardian Monkey in the Gorge, the old mini-bosses present in the Ashina Castle will disappear to make way for new battles. This way you will not be able to collect the Rosary beads from the missing mini-bosses - so be sure to collect them before you get to this point!

Don't worry though: this guide is structured in chronological order, so you can get all the Grains available as soon as possible. This will make it easier for you to fight, as once you have collected 4 fragments, you will get an increase in the life bar, allowing you to be able to take more damage.

However, remember that some of them may have been missed as you progress through the final stages of the game, and you will need to unlock the Final Purification to take all Rosary beads. In fact, in the title they are present four different endings: choosing an ending other than Purification will make you impossible to recover two grains, linked precisely to this path.

Finally, remember that if you failed to collect all Rosary beads in a single game, you can retrieve them with the New Game +.

That said, let's start with this guide, which will focus on the areas of the Surroundings of Ashina, Hirata estate, Ashina Castle e Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo.

Surroundings of Ashina - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 1)

As you advance into the first play area, you will come across the at some point Generale Naomori Kawarada: a mini-boss not too difficult, albeit dangerous as it is the place at the beginning of the adventure. After reaching theIdol of the Sculptor placed near the door of the external walls, you will find waiting for the General a little further on. An effective tactic is to take out the enemies in the area so that they cannot help the general with their pesky attacks. The fight will begin when an enemy life bar appears on the left side of the screen: you will have to execute him twice to be able to defeat him. You can easily take a bar off them if you manage to attack him in stealth mode: in this way, the fight will be relatively easier. Block his attacks and try to destroy his posture, in order to win the fight. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a Rosary grain.

As you continue in the surroundings of Ashina, you will find yourself having to fight with another mini-boss: theChained Ogre. He is an enemy vulnerable to fire, so be sure to retrieve the Fire-breathing barrel, obtainable in the Hirata estate. Thanks to this prosthetic tool, the clash with the Ogre will be much easier. The enemy will attack with great force: dodge his holds, be careful of his kicks and you should be able to defeat him quickly. The fight will reward you with a Rosary grain.

After the previous fight, you will find yourself in a courtyard full of snipers: taking them out will make it much easier for you to fight with the mini-boss that will come. The Generale Tanzen Yamauchi it is dangerous, but not impossible to defeat: after taking out the enemies around you, scatter your tracks so that your enemy loses your tracks. Subsequently, you can attack him in stealth mode: you will be able to take away an entire bar of life, facilitating the battle.

After defeating the boss of the Surroundings of Ashina, that is Gyoubu Oniwa on the horse, go to the opposite side of the arena where there are stairs. Walking through them, you will arrive in a place with a friend samurai who will want to talk to you: ignore him for now, but with the help of the grappling hook climb the wooden beams. At the top, you will have to jump to be able to reach the top of the building: you will find waiting for you, if you can, a bright chest, inside which you will find a Rosary grain.

The last Rosary grain of Ashina's Surroundings can be obtained once the mini-boss is defeated Fiery Bull. You can't miss it: it's a mandatory battle to reach the Ashina Castle. He is very dangerous, and if his attacks are successful, he can put the Burn status on you. Jump to avoid his charges, but watch out for his gore which can reach you in the air too. Attack him and then run away: this way you will be able to avoid his attacks, and defeat him. Once the battle is over, you will get the last one Rosary grain of the Surroundings of Ashina.

Hirata Estate - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 1)

For a detailed guide to the Tenuta di Hashina, I refer you to first part and second part of the guide to the area. They are present at Tenuta Hashina three Rosary beads. Here's where to find them:

In memory, ours Wolf will have to face, moving forward on the path, Enshin of Misen, Shinobi Hunter. The fight can be challenging, but not too much: with a stealth attack you can take away a bar of life, making the fight easier. He'll be surrounded by bandits - taking them out first isn't a bad idea.

Entering the Main Estate, you will find yourself in a game area completely engulfed in flames. Here, in addition to some bandits, you will find a samurai who can help you in the next fight against Juzou the Drunkard. This huge enemy is very dangerous, as he can poison his weapon to inflict the Poison status on you. Attacking and walking away can be a good tactic to defeat him.

After the fight with Juzou the Drunkard, you will need to enter the estate, where you can also find a Idol of the Sculptor. Here pay close attention to the walls: you will find a wall with a figure: side by side with it, to reveal a secret passage that will take you to a room with many treasures, including a Rosary grain.

Ahina Castle - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Grains | Guide (Part 1)

ATTENTION: Continuing the story, after defeating the Corrupted Nun and the Guardian Monkey, some of the Ashina Castle mini-bosses will change, replaced by others who will not reward you with the precious item.

The first Rosary grain of the zone is obtainable after defeating the Generale Kuranosuke Matsumoto. dall 'Idol of the Sculptor of the area, head to the upper area, where you can find four snipers and the mini-boss. Kill the enemies, then quietly approach the enemy - you'll be able to take away a life bar this way.

After entering the Ashina Castle area, head up the path to the left, open the gate and hang from the ledge. In this way, you will find theIdol of the Sculptor of the area, to which to return in case of defeat. After resting, with the help of the grappling hook, jump on the branches on the left to land in an enemy camp, between a sniper and another enemy. You will recognize the area: is that of the prologue, where, together with Lord Kuro, you managed to escape from captivity. If you go back to the building where you found the Dear Lord, you will find an enemy, Sette Lance di Ashina, Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi: surprise him from behind to take away a bar of life, then face him in the duel, destroying his posture in the shortest possible time.

From the Idol of the Sculptor of Ashina Lake, you will find a couple of branches on which to project yourself with the grappling hook. Landed, head right up the slope - use the grappling hook to cross the ravine and you'll land in an area with a friendly NPC on the edge of a moat. Drop down to find the miniboss Lonely Shadow with Greatsword, a quite dangerous enemy but which, with detours and attacks on the stance, you can take out. Upon his defeat, you will be rewarded with the Rosary grain.

Near theIdol of the Sculptor located in the Abandoned Entrance, you will find a merchant which will sell you a Rosary grain at the price of 1400 coins. To get to the Idol, go back to Ashina Castle. From the Idol of the area, jump down to the left of the bridge and use the grappling hook of your prosthetic arm to eavesdrop on two enemies on another wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path in front of you to reach the Abandoned Entrance.

Continuing along the main path, you will find yourself atIdol of the Sculptor located in the Anteroom. Going into the next room, you will encounter a new enemy: a samurai armed with two katanas. Two of them patrol the area, while the other two will sit in the room to the right. Go towards the sitting samurai, defeat them and you will notice, on the wall, a figure: stand near the wall to reveal a secret passage, which will take you to a room with a chest. Inside, you will find a Rosary grain.

The last Rosary grain Ashina Castle can be obtained by defeating the miniboss Elite Ashina, Saze Jinsuke. To find the enemy, go back to theIdol of the Sculptor of Ashina Castle, take the path to the right and jump over the rooftops. You will notice smoke signals - follow them to enter the tower in the center of the area. Once you enter the tower, a few katana-wielding samurai will be waiting for you. Defeat them, then go to the room to the right, where you can use your grappling hook to overcome a chasm in the ground. From here you can follow the main path that will lead you to the fight and the Rosary grain.

Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo - Sekiro: where to find all the Rosary Beads | Guide (Part 1)

The first Rosary grain of the area can be obtained once the miniboss is defeated Armored Warrior. You can find it by continuing into the area, after the second Sculptor's Idol. The enemy is guarding the bridge and any attack against him will be useless. To defeat the mighty enemy, you will have to destroy his posture near the sides of the bridge: By making the attack, you will throw him off the bridge, straight into the moat

Coming to the third Idol of the Sculptor of Senpou Temple, you will have to follow the path full of enemy wolves and aggressive monkeys: the latter will throw bombs at our Wolf, so be very careful. Climb to the roof of the temple, then drop to the right side of the building, land near a minor temple. On its top, you will find a small entrance, where you will find the miniboss Centipede Arms-long Sen'un. By making a jump attack from the top of the area, you will be able to take away a life bar. Once defeated, you will receive the Rosary grain.

The third Rosary grain of the area is impossible to recover on the first visit of the area. You will need to defeat the Corrupted Nun story boss to get the ability that will allow the Lone wolf to dive into the water. In fact, returning to this area, you will find a body of water in which some swim Carpe del Tesoro from which to obtain the precious ones flakes. With the press of a button, you will be able to dive deep, where you will find a Rosary grain on the seabed.

On to the second part!

Here ends the first part of the guide on where to find all Rosary beads present in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I refer you to the second part of the guide, which will focus on the areas of the Cover, Abyss of Ashina, Sorgente Palace and on final bars of the title.

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