Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Even in Sackboy: The Big Adventure, the new video game Sony Interactive Entertainment, could not miss the trophies. The hunters will have to take care of grabbing 30 bronze trophies, 10 silver, 3 gold and naturally, 1 Platinum. No one is missing, someone is linked to history and someone to online. Now let's take a look at the guide to understand what to do in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Before leaving to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers about Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as regards some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

Sackboy Bronze Trophy: A Big Adventure

Promising squire - You faced the Rumpel lord on Prominent Peak. Trophy linked to history.

Metameric ailment - You have rid Gran Canopea of ​​its parasite problem. Trophy linked to history.

Hit and sunk - You have defeated the herald of nightmares at the bottom of the ocean. Trophy linked to history.

Turn off and on again - You have cleared the NAOMI Trofeo code linked to history.

Victory over Vex! - You triumphed over the evil Vex at the center of the DIY world. Trophy linked to history.

Daydreamer - You have repelled the Ruckus for the first time. Trophy linked to history.

Dream book - Collect all stickers in a single World. Each world has two pages of stickers, collected in the sticker book, which is always accessible from any world. As you level up you will collect the dream orbs. If you get them all in one level, a new sticker will be added to your collection. To unlock for this trophy, the first world in which the stickers can be completed is the third.

Investiture - Discover the trials of the Knitted Knights. Trophy linked to history.

Out of the ring - Collect and throw 30 Vex henchmen by eliminating them. Stun the minion and then pick him up and throw him out of range, do it 30 times and you will get the trophy.

Palombella shooting - Defeat 30 Vex minions from a distance. To kill the minions from a distance you need the Whriltool, a weapon that you will obtain during certain levels of the story. At the second level it will be easier to take them out.

multitasking - Defeat multiple minions at the same time 10 times. This trophy will be obtained as you unfold the story.

Sprung - Defeat 30 Vex minions by bouncing on them. It is just a matter of jumping over 30 Vex minions.

Up there - Stun 30 Vex minions. Press the circle button against 30 of them.

Stylish - Get your first costume. As you play you will get your first costume.

Remix master - Earn a gold in a remix level. The remix levels are time trials, it will be enough to play the first remix level already.

Gold knight - Earn a gold in a Knight Knight trial. At the end of the third level you will collect your first chivalrous energy, which will unlock the first Knight Knight test. Since these are also time trials it would be preferable to play them at the first level.

Cut it out - Complete Follow the Light… without casting the Reel.

Drift - Over the course of your adventure, collect 3.000 points as you glide. This trophy is obtained simply by playing.

Comic binge - Get a complete sequence of timed score comics 30 times. Throughout the story you will find various comics that you can collect. One type of these will trigger a timed scoring chain.

Acrobatic gymnastics - While in the air, perform four consecutive moves before you hit the ground. You have to perform a sequence of consecutive actions on the keys of the controller, which would be the X key and hold it down while you are in the air, then the Square key, the Triangle key and finally the Circle key. You'll see Sackboy flit, spin, slam and dodge before hitting the ground again.

ARGH! FIRE! - Collect and hold a buuumbi hive for 60 seconds. Take and hold a beehive of buuumbi for a full minute.

Internal competition - In multiplayer, get the best score on the leaderboard 20 times. The easiest way is to use a second controller and perform a series of steps which are: create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the two players, enter the level, whoever wants the trophy must finish the level and collect more other player's bubbles. So the second player can simply lower the controller, while the first player will go through and complete the level itself. Finally repeat another 19 times to unlock the achievement.

Histrion - Create your own custom emotion in the Zom Zom shop and show it to the world, Unlocks when you arrive at the Zom Zom shop. To create and save a personalized emotion in your wardrobe you have to open the wardrobe and go to the appropriate tab. Here, choose one of the D-Pad buttons to start customizing. In this new section, select any facial expression and any emote. Then exit the Zom Zom shop and enter any level. Press the D-Pad button you customized and you will have the trophy.

Style icon - Save a custom costume in your wardrobe. This trophy also unlocks when you arrive at the Zom Zom shop. To create and save a custom made costume in your wardrobe open the closet and equip the following items which are the Skin Sackboy from the Full Costumes section in the Costume tab, Big Eyes from the Face tab, and any items for the skin, torso and body. life from the Body tab. Finally, go back to the Costume tab and choose Save Costume in the Functions section.

Hands up - In multiplayer, unleash a group dance with your friends. Also in this case it will be good to use a second controller and then proceed as follows, and that is create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, enter any level, press the Down key on both controller to start a dance.

Give me five! - In multiplayer, high-five a friend. You must, as required, simply high-five a friend.

Bad winner - In multiplayer, hit one of your friends after winning. Again it is preferable to use a second controller and then create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, enter any level, complete the level by collecting at least enough comics to get the bronze on the board, and finally to the board, holding the cup, press the Square button to hit the second player with the cup.

To the thief! - In multiplayer, snatch an object from another player's clutches. Equip yourself with a second controller, create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, enter any level, play the level using the second controller and collect at least enough comics to get the bronze on the board, at the game board, while the winner is holding the cup, press the Square key to steal it.

Stereo slap - You slapped each other simultaneously. Always with a second controller, create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, enter any level, place the two Sackboys facing each other, simultaneously press the Square button on both controllers to perform one slap.

Soma animals - In multiplayer, get a gold in a Knight Knight test while carrying another stuffed toy. Equipped with a second controller, create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, enter the second trial of the Knight Knight, the first player must now take the second player. Press and hold the R2 button. To earn the gold rank, you must complete the time trial in under 40 seconds.

Fun to the stars - In multiplayer, complete a cooperative level. You just have to do what is required.

Capitalist - In multiplayer, get the most bubbles in a level 20 times.

Argento Trophies

Real victory over Vex! - You defeated Vex, destroyed the Ripper and saved the DIY World! Trophy linked to history.

Rescuer - In multiplayer, save your fallen friends from a certain fate! Use a second controller again, create a Guest user on your console, return to the game and join the second player, choose a level where you will actually lose lives, go for example to the world of The Kingdom of Crablantis, at this point the second player must kill yourself until the life counter shows zero, then the first player must get to the next checkpoint without dying and taking lives. To avoid spawning life, ignore all enemies, mushrooms, or any other destructible items. Once at the checkpoint, you will revive the second player and unlock the trophy.

Naturalistic - Find all of Gerald's secret corners. They are hidden areas that are only found in certain levels. In these areas you can find Gerald asking you for help.

Inveterate player - Find and collect every fish, brush and cocktail umbrella along the way.

Master of mastery - Complete 30 levels without dying. With a little good will you will get there.

Immortal friends - In multiplayer mode, complete 10 levels by earning all achievements. Help yourself with a second controller.

Walk-in closet - Fill your wardrobe with 300 costume parts. They can be found in every level, so you'll get the trophy just by playing the story.

Dry match - Get a gold badge by completing all objectives in a level. It's like the Multiple Talent silver trophy.

Multiple talent - Achieve all objectives in 10 different levels. In each level different goals can be achieved. One can be achieved by getting all the rewards within a level, another for completing it without dying. There is also another objective, which is only found in certain levels and which can be achieved if you collect the chivalrous energy.

Friends forever - You played as a team to take out the Ripper.

Gold Trophies

Wonderplane scavenger - Dispose of the last shreds of Putiferio still lurking. Once you've beaten Vex, you'll unlock four new levels that you'll need to play.

Golden Boy - Earn gold on the leaderboard in 50 different levels! To earn a gold rank on the board you need to collect a fair amount of comics.

Perfect series - Get gold in the Wonderplane Ultimate Challenge! To unlock it you will have to play all the trials of knighted knights without dying, completing the level in less than 10 minutes and finally earning gold.

Sackboy Platinum Trophy: A Big Adventure

Great adventurer - Not even Scarlet got all the trophies, you are a true Knight Knight of legend. By earning all trophies, the Sackboy: A Big Adventure Platinum will be yours.

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