Resident Evil Village - Weapons and Upgrades Guide

Resident Evil Village - Weapons and Upgrades Guide

Today it is finally out Resident evil village, the latest chapter in the most terrifying saga of Capcom. As the developer has always accustomed us to, the title is littered with a lot of collectible content that is not always easily traceable. Precisely for this reason we want to give you some little advice to proceed quickly to the conquest of the Platinum trophy. In this short guide to Resident Evil Village, we want to help you find all the 16 weapons and all 22 upgrades to upgrade your equipment.

Before continuing, we anticipate that some weapons or parts of them must be forcibly acquired by the trader. For this eventuality we want to specify that the total cost to complete this trophy is £ 1.061.000 for upgrades and 601.700 for weapons. Probably they can all be acquired in their completeness only after the 2 runs, also because some will only unlock once a new game has started.

The text does not contain spoilers on the Resident Evil Village plot, but you may run into some previews on the various locations, so continue carefully.


LEMI gun (2 accessory slots)

In the Village, by going to the eastern historic center: this weapon will be automatically assigned to you as the story progresses.

Shotgun M1897 (1 accessory slot)

Also near the Eastern Old Town: During the werewolves ambush, the rifle will be placed on the table in the house directly west of the Old Town West label, which you will read on the map.

Gun Accessory LEMI - Recoil compensator

Kitchen: In the hallway after the kitchen there is a metal box with this weapon part inside.

Dimitrescu Castle

Fucile F2 (3 slot accessorio)

Attic: You will find this shotgun on a chair, it will be difficult to miss it because you will find it directly in your path as you are about to leave the attic on the roof.

Second visit to the Village

M1911 pistol (2 accessory slot)

Workshop: In the same cabinet where you will find the handle

Back from home Beneviento

W870 TAC Shotgun (2 accessory slots)

Garden: On the way back from Beneviento, always near the village, you cross a garden with a hut inside. Well right inside the hut you will find this rifle. If your inventory is full, you can sell some items / weapons directly to the merchant.

Third Visit to the Village

F2 Rifle Accessory - Increased charger

East Old Town: With the key to Luthier's house that you found in the garden, go back to the house with the missing owners. In this area you will find a locked wardrobe inside the room, use the code: 27-09-17 (the code is shown in the painting of the birthday party that you will find in the corridor).

Moreau area

Lanciagranate GM 79

The building marked with the treasure icon on the map is accessed using the appropriate key.

Accessory M1911 - Increased charger

After raising the shutter to lower the water, follow Moreau, this will be in the next building inside a drawer.

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum (2 accessory slots)

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum (2 accessories). This weapon is none other than Moreau's treasure.

Fourth visit to the Village

W870 TAC Accessory - Ergonomic stock

After Moreau, with the crank in your inventory go back to the lonely road and use it to lower the bridge. He gets into the boat, turn around and follow the river. You will find a silver case on the right.


M1851 Wolfsbane Accessory - Long Barrel

After obtaining Heisenberg's key, go through the door to the left of the car. You may have previously noticed a locked door that was not accessible due to a power failure. Now you can open that door, and it's located where it says "Operating Room" on the map. An enemy will break through a wall and behind him in a briefcase is the weapon part. Make sure you grab it before taking the elevator and using Heisenberg's key, as doing so will lock you into a boss battle with no chance of returning.

Here all weapons unlockable after completing the title for the first time, available for purchase from the Extra Content Store:

WCX (2 accessory slots)

Cost: 30.000 Lei. Also required for the Veteran Gunsmith trophy.

Karambit knife

Cost: 10.000 Lei. Recommended for Speedruns armed with a knife only, not necessary for veteran Gunsmith.


Cost: 20.000 Lei. Not necessary for Veteran Gunsmith


Cost: 30.000 Lei. Not necessary for Veteran Gunsmith.

Cannon PZ

Cost: 60.000 Lei. It is not necessary for any trophy.

Flare gun

Cost: 80.000 Lei. To be able to purchase it, you must complete the game on Village of Shadows difficulty!

Below, all the weapons that can be purchased at the Emporio del Duca:

V61 Custom (3 accessory slots)

Cost: 120.000 Lei. Required to obtain the Veteran A1smith trophy.

SYG-12 (3 slot accessory)

SYG-12 (3 accessories). Cost: 180.000 Lei. Required to obtain the Veteran A1smith trophy.

S.T.A.K.E. (2 slot accessorio)

Cost: 300.000 Lei. Required to obtain the Veteran A1smith trophy.

Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 DLC Bonus Weapon:

Cost: 200, only available with Trauma Pack DLC by purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

LEMI accessory - Increased charger

Cost: 9.000 Lei

Accessory M1911 - Ergonomic handle

Cost: 12.000 Lei

V61 Custom Accessory - Long barrel

Cost: 56.000 Lei

V61 Custom Accessory - Drum Loader

Cost of charger per battery: 70.000 Lei

V61 Custom Accessory - Soccer

Cost: 35.000 Lei

Accessory M1897 - Single action trigger

Cost: 8.000 Lei

W870 TAC accessory - Improved Stock

Cost: 64.000 Lei

Accessorio SYG-12 – Long barrel

Cost: 64.000 Lei

Accessorio SYG-12 – Electronic Viewfinder

Cost: 42.000 Lei

Accessorio SYG-12 – Drum Loader

Cost: 88.000 Lei

WCX Accessory - Electronic Viewfinder

Cost: 140.000 Lei

WCX Accessory - Ergonomic stock

Cost: 80.000 Lei

Rifle Accessory F2- Telescopic viewfinder

Cost: 15.000 Lei

Accessory Fucile F2 - Cheek rest

Cost: 20.000 Lei

Accessory M1897 - Increased Capacity Cylinder

Cost: 100.000 Lei

STAKE accessory - Increased charger

Cost: 180.000 Lei

STAKE accessory - Ergonomic handle

Cost: 120.000 Lei

That's all for this guide, but before leaving you, we thank the PowerPyx channel for the video on the cover of the article, we refer you to our complete guide, containing many insights on Resident evil village and of course if you haven't done so yet, we advise you to read our in-depth review, which you will find by following this link.

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