Resident Evil Village: how to unlock Mercenaries mode

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In this new guide dedicated to Resident Evil Village, we explain how to unlock the Mercenaries mode

The new and highly anticipated Capcom survival horror video game is finally available to be played by everyone. May they be fans of the saga now run in or new explorers of the genre, Resident evil village represents a demanding videogame challenge. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to write a series of for you guide to accompany you in the first steps in this terrifying world. We have already discovered how to make quick money and a good amount of survival tricks. Today, however, we will see how to unlock Resident Evil Village's fan favorite arcade action mode: the Mercenaries mode.

Let's find out how to unlock Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village

It's time to find out how to unlock the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village. In this fast-paced attack mode in time, the player is catapulted into a combat arena, forced to clear the area by enemies in the shortest possible time. Based on the final position reached in the standings, the player will be rewarded with prizes and items. The first thing to do is complete the main story. This is how the Extra Content Shop is unlocked, a shop present in the main menu in which players will have the opportunity to unlock the Mercenaries mode at the price of 10 CP.

The player will start with one safe room, from which he will have access to the Duke's shop. Here, the player has the opportunity to purchase their own weaponry and customize the equipment as desired. Once this step is complete, he will be catapulted into a stage and set before waves of enemies from to defeat within a time limit. Just eliminate each enemy to proceed towards the goal to complete the level. Eventually, one is awarded standings based on the performance shown during the phase and, the user, will earn Awards based on its location.

Although initially it is only available a stadium, as you progress you can unlock others by receiving a certain rank in the previous stages. The first phase, The Village, requires an A rank upon completion to unlock the second stage. Next to the Duke's shop you can see in advance, set out in a document, the scoring requirements for each grade in the starting area of ​​each phase. In total there are 8 levels and, having obtained the SS rank on all of them, the secret weapon will be unlocked LZ Answerer for use in any game mode.  Resident evil village it is definitely a very complex game with a long trophy list but, now that you know how to unlock the Mercenaries mode, you will surely have an edge.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X e Series S, available at affordable prices on Instant Gaming. What will be our next guide dedicated to this dark world? Stay with us on Holygamerz to find out!

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