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As in all the other chapters of the series, also in Resident Evil 3 Remake you will find many files to be recovered during your nice relaxing walk in the streets of Raccoon City. These files are substantially documents, which broaden and deepen the lore of the game, going to outline and detail the cutscenes and dialogues present in the game. These collectibles are present in almost all play areas and are sometimes clearly positioned on tables or furniture, other times they are a little more hidden. Let's try to understand where they are located together.

Jill's house and Subway

The first files can be found inside Jill's house as soon as we start the game. The first is on the wall with the investigation reports ( Open envelope), another can be found on the cabinet nearby ( Note investigative), the third next to the pizza in the kitchen (Report di Jill) and the last on the right side of the chamber (Message from a colleague). As soon as you arrive in the subway with Carlos instead, go out and immediately on the bench you will find another document (Guide to creating UBCS ammunition). Go up the stairs you will find one among the newspapers of the newsstand ( first page tabloid). Continuing to move forward, still in the metro area, on the top floor you will find the last file of this area, next to the typewriter (UBCS Herbal Field Manual).

Town center

In this area you will find 6 other files. You will find the first by climbing the stairs of the pharmacy (the diary of the owner of the PharmacyIn the Metro offices you will find another file ( Metro Manual) and one more on the table in the other subway office, next to the shotgun ( note from a metro employee). In the same building a little further on, after a corpse, you will find another one ( Training diaryOnce back outside, near the spot where you will find some ammunition you will find the fifth row of the area ( UBCS suicide message) while the last one you can get shortly after, keeping close to the right wall ( Note from the electrician)

Substation and toy shop

In the substation area you will find 4 documents, the first on the cabinet in the typewriter room ( Fax from the head of the substation). Once out of the room with the save point, go down the stairs and at the bottom of them you will find the second file ( Green herbs, they work!). Next to the "High voltage" sign you will find the third document hanging (Note inside substation). Subsequently, during the reactivation of the various switches you will have to go up some stairs, at the top of them, on the ground, you will find the last File in the area (Chad's note). In the toy shop you will find only one in the jewelry box next to the Mr. Charlie poster (Charlie dolls).

Sewers, construction site and return to the station

In the fetid area of ​​the sewers you can find 5. Before entering it you will have to cross a metal bridge and next to the door to be opened by the battery you will find the first file (Increased sewer safety). On the table in the sewer office you will find the second document (Assistant research diary). Next, next to the grenade launcher you will get the third document (Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo). Once you pass the Hunter Gamma you will enter a room with a refrigerator. On a table in there you will find the fourth row (Note from a sewer worker) while the last one can be collected once you have passed a small waterfall, near the gunpowder (Love letter).
In the construction site you will find only one, during the escape, when you can save with the typewriter. Right next to it you will get the file (Note of the postponement of the demolition).
Once back at the station, and especially after killing the upgraded zombie on the way back, on the bed you will find the only document in the area (Raccoon Times)

Police Station

In the iconic Raccoon City Police Station you will find 7 files to collect. You will find the first one next to a poster in a room with the radio, in front of the main entrance (Mail list). The second will be found on the bench in the room opened by Tyrell ( ID Card security protocol). The third document can be found in the west office, on Marvin's desk ( Report of arrest). The following will be on the desk next to the typewriter near the darkroom (Internal circular). The fifth row will be on a shower bench on the second floor ( Note to a friend). On the third floor, in the locker room, on the blackboard you will find the sixth document (Combination Locker third floor). The last file instead you will get it after a cutscene in Wesker's office (Report on the incident at the villa)

Underground gallery and clock square

In the gallery you will find a document in the save area (Info New UBCS Weapons) while the only document in the area of ​​the clock square you will find it immediately before arriving there, on the red bench near the river (Brochure).

Spencer Hospital

In the hospital you will find 9 documents. You will get the former by looking in the broshure door in the corner near the locked reception door ( Brochure). The first of the 3 Nurse Diaries will be found in the waiting room, shortly after the cassette player. ( Nurse's Diary, September 25th), the second is in the archive, on one of the shelves ( Nurse's Diary, September 27th) while the last diary you will find it in the staff rooms on the second floor ( Nurse's Diary, September 29th). In this room, near the door next to the lockers, you will also find another file (Note from the administration). You will get the next document by going to the nurses' station. It will be placed on the desk (Note on the voice recorder). Near the operating table in the operating room you will find the next file (Lost Items) and after using the voice recorder to advance past the locked door you will find the eighth document ( Invitation to the gala dinner). The last file is an email that you will find inside the computer with the Umbrella logo in Dr. Bard's office ( Email da Nathaniel Bard).

Underground structure

You will find the first file in the room with the save point, after going up with the freight elevator (Note on the lift). Once you have the first of the fuses, in the narrow room next to the safe room in the basement warehouse you will find the second file ( Note from the employee). In the surveillance room, interacting with the computer, you will also get the last document in the area (Activity log not completed).


In the laboratory you will find the last 10 documents. On the trolley of the first room you will find the map of the NEST, which is the first document ( NEST employee adjustments 2). At the end of the corridor on the second floor you will find the second file ( Diary of Isaac Graves) while in the dormitory, on a bed on the right you will find the third ( Information on vaccine synthesis). After opening the first door with the USB stick, you will enter a room with a group of Pale Heads, the hairless and naked zombies to understand, and once defeated you can safely retrieve the document lying at the end of the stairs ( Shipping notification). Going up the stairs and entering the laboratory, near the point where you will get the culture sample you will find the next file (Weapons authorization request). Under the stairs, next to a corpse you will find the next document ( Note from a dying scientist). After inserting the generator into the wall, on the desk near where you will get the tube with liquid, you will get the following file ( Note of a concern). In the room where you will be after having prepared the vaccine and having seen the video, together with the many ammunition, you will also get document number 8 ( Waste disposal). The last 2 files can be collected after killing the Nemesis. The first on the left shelf next to the save area ( Weapon specifications), while the second one you will find on the right staircase, before entering the door ( Suspicious contract note).

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