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Press the key combination (depends on the version if European or American) ~ + Ctrl + Alt or + Ctrl + Alt to open the console during the game, enter the code you want to activate and finally press Enter

give item_health_mega
Increases health from 100 to 200

g_showplayershadow #
Adds (1) or removes (0) shadows

com_showfps #
Add (1) or remove (0) the framerate from the screen

pm_thirdperson #
Add (1) or remove (0) the third person view

give all
All weapons with full ammo, maximum health, maximum armor

com_allowconsole 1
Allows the console to be opened and closed by simply pressing the ~ (or) key

Closes the game and opens the map editor

Commit suicide

Create a new light source where you point the mouse

Game benchmark

give weapon_dmg
Dark matter gun with ammunition

give weapon_grenadelauncher
Throw ammo grenades

give weapon_hyperblaster
Hyperblaster with ammunition

give weapon_lightninggun
Lightning gun with ammunition

give weapon_machinegun
Machine gun with ammunition

give weapon_nailgun
Nail gun with ammunition

give weapon_railgun
Railgun with ammunition

give weapon_rocketlauncher
Rocket launcher with ammunition

give weapon_shotgun
Shotgun with ammunition

give weapons
All weapons without ammunition

give ammo

give all weapons
All weapons

Get information about the video card

pm_noclipspeed #
Setting how fast you can move in noclip mode

pm_crouchspeed #
Setting how fast you can move while crouching

pm_speed #
Setting how fast you can move when running

pm_jumpheight #
Setting how high you can jump

Exit the game immediately

give armor
Maximum armor

give health
Maximum health

Removes all monsters and non-player characters from the current level

Removes the "testlight"

screenshot XY
Put in place of X and Y with 4: 3 screen resolution, such as 800 600 or 1024 768

Save a demo of your game in an AVI format file (basically make a movie)

spawn char_marine
Spawn a marine who helps in combat

spawn char_marine_medic
Have a medical marine appear who can heal

spawn char_marine_tech_armed
Spawn a mechanical marine who can fight and restore armor

Enable / Disable the noclip mode which is used to fly and cross solid objects

Enable / Disable invincibility

Enable / Disable invisibility

Weapon Mod Codes
Activate the console by pressing the usual key combination (CTRL + ALT +) and enter the following codes:

spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_homing
Adds guided missile functionality to the rocket launcher by right clicking

spawn weaponmod_lightninggun_chain
Allows the lightning shooter to jump into nearby enemies

spawn weaponmod_hyperblaster_bounce1
Allows the hyperblaster to bounce off walls

spawn weaponmod_machinegun_ammo
The ammo clip of the machine gun becomes 80 rounds

spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_burst
The rocket launcher fires three rockets in quick succession

spawn weaponmod_nailgun_ammo
Increases the damage and hit range of the nail gun

spawn weaponmod_nailgun_rof
Increases damage and hit range

spawn weaponmod_nailgun_power
Increases damage and hit range

spawn weaponmod_nailgun_seek
Homing nails with scope

spawn weaponmod_railgun_penetrate
The railgun does more damage

spawn weaponmod_shotgun_ammo
The Shotgun reloads using the bullet magazine, rather than one shot at a time

Xbox 360

During the game, press the BACK button to access the game objectives window. Enter the codes very quickly otherwise they will not activate

B, A, X, Y, Left, Right, Left
All weapons have a full tank of ammunition

B, A, B, A, Up, Up, Down, X
Restore 100% health

Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Right, Left, Right, Y, X, X, A
Health never drops below 1

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
Get it all

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Exit date: October 20, 2005

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