Pokèmon Sword and Shield Guides - All the useful characters of the Crown Rift

During your trip to the Crown Rift of Sword and Shield Pokémon you will come across several characters who will give you useful items, Pokémon and various other bonuses. In this guide we will bring them all back, also specifying gradually what we can get from them and where to find them.

Where to get Cosmog and the Corona Galarnoce

Entering a Freezedale the first character that you will be interested in checking will be the peddler, as he will be able to offer the player a series of useful items such as Pokèball, camping tools, etc., all for the price of a few handfuls of Pokédollars.

Also in Freezedale you can enter a house on the left where the player has to save a lady from steeds of Calyrex, and she gives her his to thank the player Cosmog.

Also in Freezdale, after completing Legend 1, it will be possible to obtain the legendary of the seventh generation Cosmog talking to the old lady you saved during the story (you will find her in the house with another lady and a Spheal next to you).

Returning to the game map, exploring it well you will easily come across an area called Fragormare cave, inside which you will find an elderly lady who will be able to weave 15 Galarnoce branches to create a Corona Galarnoce.

This tool will be needed if you want to evolve your Slowpoke Galar form into Slowking forms Galar, so remember to collect the various Galarnoce Branches scattered throughout the Corona Land to get this new exclusive variant of the expansion.

The Dynatana Max salesman and the Watt Shop

As you face the various Dynamax Adventures of the game, you will notice that you can accumulate a new currency specific to this expansion, the Rocksmax.

These can be spent by one specific vendor in the Dynata Max, who will offer you the following items:

  • Exp. Candies L (1 Rock max each)
  • Exp. Candies XL (3 Rocks max each)
  • Caram. Dynamax (2 Roccemax each)
  • Desioblocco (3 Roccemax each)
  • Rockwork (3 Rocksmax each)
  • HP-Up (2 Rocks max each)
  • Protein (2 Rocks max each)
  • Iron (2 Rocks max each)
  • Calcium (2 Rocksmax each)
  • Zinc (2 Rocksmax each)
  • Fuel (2 Rocks max each)
  • Premier Ball (1 Rockmax each)
  • UC Ball (150 Rocks max each)
  • Silver Cap (25 Rocks max each)
  • Skill Capsule (50 Rocks max each)
  • Skill Patch (200 Rocks max each)

For more information on how to easily farm this new resource, I refer you to our guide on this.

One last NPC that can come in handy will be the one running the Watt Shop in the Snowy Valley, which will offer you several common items typical of these shops (such as Pokéballs, various DTs, Desioblocchi and Iperpozioni) and a special that will change every day, all in exchange for Watts.

As for the useful characters of the Landes Corona that's all, but if you want more information on this new expansion and the rest of the game we refer you to all our guides on the subject:

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