Pokemon Sun and Moon: Village of Lili, departure for Akala

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The guide to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Inside not only the guidelines regarding the whole storyline but also tips, tricks and much more. We resume our journey from Route 3

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: introduction, starter, first fight

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hau, RotomDex, Trainer School

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: the First Test

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: Village of Lili, departure for Akala

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: towards the First Test of Akala!

NB. The guide was written using the game version Pokemon Luna, there may be some inconsistencies with Pokemon Soleconcerning exclusive pokemon and more. All these cases will be reported, thus indicating the differences between the two versions.

Path 3

Released from the Undergrowth cave after carrying out the first test, we should search Lillie. Let's go into Route 3 where we could find one Superpotion turning right at the sign. Going back to the left instead we could carry out the first challenge of Path 3 and after we could go down into the grassy area to find at the end of it a Cura Ball and another challenge. Arriving at the top of Route 3 we will find the Professor Kukui. Turning right and talking to the man near the tall grass could give us one Calmanella. A little further back we find the entrance to the Mele Mele Apples.

  • Phil (young hope) with Psyduck life. 13

  • Dorothy (young hope) with Petilil life. 13

Mele Mele Apples

After entering the Meadow and listening to the Girl's request, head south to find one Mega ball. Then cross the lawn and go up to the opposite platform to find one Ball Network. Once on the other side, overcome Nebuline, pass the yellow flowers and you will find a sphere with Velenaculeo. Go back and talk to Nebuline to finish your search.

Path 3

As soon as we return to route 3, Hau will want to test our strength with a challenge.

  • Hau evaluation with Pikachu life. 13 e Starter life. 14

Defeated Hau, cross the bridge to find a new challenge.

  • Christian (Young Hope) with Growlithe life. 13

Once you have defeated this trainer, go back and, near the bridge, you will find a trainer dressed in blue. You will only be able to challenge him after beating all the coaches on Route 3. Be careful! This trainer uses Cartelrosso, a tool that causes our pokemon to retreat from battle every time we attack one of his. Cartelrosso will also be the prize for winning the challenge.

  • Samuel (fantallenatore) with Rockruff liv 13 e Slowpoke liv 14

Crossing the bridge again. Before the coach, on the right, you will find one Superpotion. Before leaving the area talk to the guy in yellow on the right who will ask you to catch one Rockruff on Diecicarati Hill, the prize will be 3000 pokecoins. If you look, however, in the grassy area behind him you will find some Berries it's a Minor Ball.

Lili Village - Challenge with the Kahuna

Return to the Village by the blocked road that overlooks the Path 1. Once you arrive, talk to Hala and get ready for your first challenge with a Kahuna. Hala uses type pokemon Lotta, it won't be hard to beat him. You can use Quick claw them to attack first and beat him in speed. Beware! Hala will use the power Z  which will almost certainly KO one of your pokemon.

  • Hala (kahuna) with mankey Liv 14, Makuhita Liv 14 e Crabeawler Life 15

Once you beat Hala you will receive the Luctium Z, the Z crystal of the Struggle. You will also receive, again from Hala, the Pokepassaggio evaluation with Tauros, so as to be able to break those bulky stones encountered in the previous paths. The professor will give you instead MT54 False finish.

Now go talk to the Mamma before leaving for a long journey to the other islands. Then you will be free to choose whether to leave immediately, go to the Diecicarati Hill and capture a Rockruff or go back through the paths and use the Pokepassaggio to get other tools.

  • Path 1: entering it from the village of Lili, destroy the rocks at the bottom right, continue until you find at the end of the path a Pepita.
  • Path 2: enter from the commercial area of ​​Hau'oli. Go up the hill and break the rocks to find one Powderstella at the end.
  • Path 3: enter from path 1, cross the bridge and break the rocks on your right. You will find the TM83 Nagging.
  • Undergrowth Cave - Arena del Dominante: Break the rocks to get MT46 Theft
  • Diecicarati Hill: Accessible only by breaking the rocks southwest of the Professor's Laboratory. As soon as you enter you will find a Attack X in the corner. Moving forward, at the top, you will find one Superpotion it's a Ultra Ball.
  • Diecicarati Hill - Caldera Recondita: Go outside to collect one Megaball, a Hard Rock, a Pepita it's a Anti-scald. Go through the grass to the right to collect the TM62 Acrobatics. Here you can capture Rockruff.

Now you can head to the Port of Hau'oli to talk to the Professor and leave for the second island: AKALA!

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