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Pokémon Go players, whether you are a budding coach or veteran gym leader, surely you will have had some doubts about the mechanics and operations of one of the most famous mobile games of recent years. We have therefore come to your rescue with one complete guide that can clarify every detail of the game, especially now that Pokemon Let's Go! is out and offers links to the well-known smartphone title!

How do I log into the game?

There are two ways to access Pokémon Go. The simplest is to use a Google account already exists. The second method is to use (or even create, of course) a Pokémon Trainer Club account. The latter mode also gives access to some privileges, such as a subscription to a monthly newsletter that offers codes to obtain rare Pokémon.

Can I create and customize my own manager?

Obviously yes! Nicknames must be written with letters and numbers: duplicates cannot exist, so Mr. Mario Rossi will have to compromise. In addition to the names, there are various customizable elements: the color of the skin, hair and various clothes to wear. You can change the look at any time.

Can I have a starter?

Yes, but let's see in detail how it works. For starters, once your trainer has a name, Prof. Willow will teach you how to catch a Pokémon. You will then not be given a starter, but it will be possible to catch one of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle that will appear nearby. Plus, there's a fourth hidden starter: Pikachu! To get the electric monster, however, it is necessary to do something unusual.

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To get started, you don't have to choose any of the other three Pokémon. After that, you have to move away (walking) from the area you are in, in order to make the three starters disappear. These, very insistent, will appear again in front of you. Well, he repeats all over again, until they disappear again. After doing this four or five times, Pikachu will also be in their company. We warn you: it is not a quick process, but it could be worth it, if you are big fans of Pokémon Yellow.

Can I name my Pokémon?

Of course. Also, don't worry if you don't do it immediately after capturing it - you can change it at any time.

How can I get new Pokémon?

The capture system is not fully explained in Pokémon Go. In order for a Pokémon to appear, you need to move around for a while and one of them will appear on the map and you can click on it to start the battle.

The battles, however, are not between two Pokémon, but between the monster and your ability to throw a Poké Ball in its direction. Once you grab a Poké Ball, a colored ring of varying size will appear around the opponent. Niantic himself said that you should wait until the circle is as small as possible to get more rewards.

Where can I find my favorite Pokémon?

The focus of Pokémon Go is to move and explore different geographic areas to find Pokémon that are appropriate for them. If you get close to waterways, you will find water monsters. At night, the ghost ones appear instead. Furthermore, the most famous places in a city make it easier to find rare types.

How many generations of Pokémon are there in the game?

At the last update, the first four generations. Missing are mostly some legendary Pokémon (such as Celebi).

Are there any items that can help me in the game?

There are a variety of items that can help you capture and upgrade your Pokémon. Poké Balls and the following items can be found in the shop:

  • Incense: Lures nearby Pokémon towards you for 30 minutes.
  • Lucky egg: Double XP earned for 30 minutes.
  • Egg incubator: allows the eggs to hatch while you walk; can be used three times and then breaks.
  • Attraction module: Lures Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes; other people present at a PokéStop can also benefit from it.

Each of these items costs PokéCoins which must be purchased for real money. Another way to get them is to remain the gym leader without being defeated.

But what is a PokéStop?

There are some special places nearby, represented by blue markers. By clicking on one of them, an image appears showing a building or public place. Swiping over the image with your finger often yields useful items such as Poké Balls or Pokémon Eggs which, once hatched, can give you a new adventure companion.

PokéStops are also a great place to go hunting for Pokémon. When you find a pink flower around it, it means someone has activated an Attraction Module - it's a great time to reach it and take advantage of the enhanced spawn.

 There are also gyms for coaches, right?

Pokémon Go includes gyms and clashes with gym leaders but not in the way veterans of the saga might expect. To start, gyms are around the map just like PokéStops. You also need to be level five to be able to start a battle with another player. You also need to be part of one of the three teams in the game (Prof. Willow will also introduce you to them): this determines the types of gymnasiums. The allied gyms, in fact, will be those headed by a coach from your own team. Those rivals will be captained by a manager from a different team. Quiet though, you can fight against both types of gym.

How do I win at a rival gym?

The goal is to lower the opponent's prestige level. You can understand what it is after selecting the gym: you also find out the name, level, types and power of the Pokémon present. The prestige level is located in the upper right corner and is normally a multiple of 1000.

The gym is defended by one or more coaches and, by defeating them, you lower its prestige. When the prestige level reaches zero, the gym can be claimed. To get to this point, however, it is necessary to fight. First you have to choose up to six Pokémon: possibly the ones with the highest power value but remember that the type is also important (it is not very smart to face a water opponent with a fire one, for example).


The attack mechanics are different from the more classic Pokémon games as it is no longer turn based. To perform a normal attack you have to click on the screen, while to use the special moves it is necessary to fill the appropriate indicator and then press and hold on the screen.


By swiping on the screen you can dodge. This is especially important if you have a Pokémon of a disadvantaged type compared to your opponent, or if you are of a lower level. It is not possible to heal yourself during battles, so you have to pay attention to the health of your monster, as well as that of the opponent.

How to gain control of the gym and keep it

Once you have zeroed the prestige of the gym, you have to claim it. To do this, it is necessary to leave one of your Pokémon "on guard": it is better not to choose the best of your team, but for sure it is necessary to opt for a very strong one. From now on, other players will attack your Pokémon in an attempt to gain control of the gym.

There isn't much you can do at this point, other than hope that a very strong trainer doesn't pass right in front of your gym. The player's only duty is to keep Pokémon from allied gyms motivated. The level is indicated by a heart: if it is empty, it means that it is not motivated and will therefore become weaker. To keep a Pokémon motivated, you need to feed it a Berry: this also gives you some Stardust and experience.

But the allied gyms? Can I deal with them?

Yes you can. The difference is that they are useful for training: regardless of victory or defeat, you get some experience. Before facing enemy gyms, therefore, it is advisable to train at allied ones. Also in this way you will fortify the Pokémon in the gym, making it more difficult for them to be beaten. Defeating allied trainers in the gym will increase prestige.

Gaining enough prestige, you can leave a single Pokémon to defend the gym. In case they are defeated, at some point, they will come back to you. It's always best not to select your best Pokémon, though.

What is the point of winning fights in gyms?

In addition to upgrading their Pokémon, remaining gym leader causes you to get items, day by day (PokéCoin and Stardust). In addition, medals are obtained, categorized according to the following level of rarity: base, bronze, silver, gold. They are achieved in many ways, not only by winning, but also by motivating Pokémon. Having more medals allows you to get more items.

Can I fight with my friends?

Of course! In the game there are Raid Battles, or multiplayer events related to gyms. There are both public and private groups. Raid Battles are group battles in which a boss Pokémon is attacked: if you defeat it within a time limit, each player will have the opportunity to capture that Pokémon for their team. It is important to know that the game allows you to face only one Raid Battle per day in free format. To get more, you need to pay for a premium pass.

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There are also some Exclusive Raid Battles that require an invitation. To get one, you must regularly win Raid Battles in the same area. These special events take place at a specific time and place, so it's important not to be late - it's also the only way to get the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

If you're wondering: no, you can't face your friend directly.

How do I make my Pokémon stronger?

Using tools, mainly. Each captured Pokémon gives you Stardust and Candies: useful for enhancing their fighting power. As mentioned before, Pokémon can also be upgraded by competing in gyms.

Can I trade Pokémon?

Pokémon Go has both a Friendship system and an Exchange system. Friends registered on your list can trade Pokémon, as long as they are in the same area. However, the exchange costs Stardust, the amount of which decreases as players become best friends.

How much battery does the game consume?

Many players over time have complained that Pokémon Go drained the battery: surely having to keep the screen on for long sessions, the consumption is high. There are some power saving options in the game though.

What about data consumption?

It is difficult to say: surely it is always better to take advantage of a Wi-Fi, since it is necessary to always keep the connection active, in addition to GPS.

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What are candies?

Candy is an item obtained by catching Pokémon or hatching eggs. Each monster has its own type of candy, complete with a well-specified name. The candy is used to upgrade and evolve Pokémon. The number of candies to evolve a Pokémon is high and it is good to accumulate them. Evolution, of course, makes them even stronger.

The Star Dust, on the other hand?

Stardust is a useful item to power up Pokémon. Cannot be purchased and is obtained by catching Pokémon and at Gyms. Furthermore, unlike candies, Stardust is not linked to one type of Pokémon but is common and usable on all. Of course, the amount required varies by creature. The upgrade process, however, always requires at least one Candy, so you have to think carefully whether to do a power up or not, if you are trying to evolve your Pokémon.

What are eggs?

Eggs allow you to get new pocket friends. They can only be obtained by looking for them on the map: a common place to find them is a PokéStop. The Pokémon obtained from hatching an Egg is random. In a sense, we could say that eggs are the loot boxes in this game. To make them hatch you need an incubator, which we talked about a little while ago. After that, just walk a sufficient number of kilometers: remember that driving is useless, Pokémon Go does not take into account too high speeds.

How does Pokémon Go Plus work?

Pokémon Go Plus is a device external to the app, sold separately. It allows you to play without having the smartphone screen turned on and uses Bluetooth to connect to your device. You can wear it as a bracelet. Count the steps, useful for hatching the eggs. It also warns you when you approach a PokéStop - it will vibrate and glow blue. By pressing the button in the center, you can collect eggs and items. To find out what has been collected, simply open the coach's diary.

Pokémon Go Plus also helps you catch pocket monsters without using your phone. If a Pokémon is nearby, Go Plus will light up. If the light is green, it is a monster that has already been captured. At that point it is possible to press the button to launch the Poké Ball: if the capture is successful, it will vibrate three times and then it will light up with different colors. If it goes wrong, it will vibrate and turn red.

However, if the light was not green, but yellow, it would mean that the Pokémon encountered is new and therefore at that point it is necessary to use the smartphone. Also, remember that the Go Plus will only use regular Poké Balls and not the more powerful versions (e.g. Mega Balls), so the stronger monsters will easily escape.

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These were all our tips for becoming the best trainers in Pokémon Go. We hope they have been helpful. Tell us: what is your favorite Pokémon? Have you already caught it in the game?

Pokémon Go convinced Nintendo to evolve its mechanics and create Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

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