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    Pile Up !: the complete trophy list of the curious platformer revealed!

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    Let's see together, in our short guide, what is the complete trophy list of Pile Up !, curious platform of Seed by Seed recently arrived also on new and last generation consoles 

    We have already spoken extensively about Pile Up! in our review, which you can find by clicking here. The curious platform of Seed by Seed managed to fully conquer us, despite some small technical flaw, with his colorful and well-kept style and mechanics that, although simple, manage to entertain for many hours. The title has recently landed from PC on current and last generation consoles, including Nintendo Switch, and we are working for you to bring you the "port" of our original review. Today, however, we want to turn to you, trophy collectors!

    Before starting 

    The complete trophy list of Pile Up! It consists of 38 trophies in total, including 24 bronze statuettes, 9 silver, 4 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Even if we are talking about a 3D platform, we remind you also in this case that, although the descriptions of the trophies are exclusively the official ones given by the developers, these may contain spoiler on the evolution of the game. For this reason, we do not recommend reading to all those who do not want to receive any kind of preview on Pile Up! That said, let's get started. 

    The first part of the bronze trophies - Pile Up !: the complete trophy list revealed

    Let's start with the first half of the bronze trophies: 

    • First steps: Play the tutorial;
    • Explorer: Explore all Boxling Square;
    • Simple stack: Stack 5 boxes;
    • Upper fleece: Stack 10 boxes;
    • Ultra saw: Stack 20 boxes;
    • Clean space: Throw a stack of 10 or more boxes into the water;
    • Friend cube: Carries an item through 10 consecutive rooms;
    • Hey, come back!: Build a flying box;
    • Retro Gaming: Play every arcade game;
    • High jump: High jump - powerful momentum and jump !;
    • Long jump: Long jump - momentum and jump !;
    • A great casino: Destroy a pile of at least 10 boxes.

    The second part of the bronze trophies - Pile Up !: the complete trophy list revealed

    We finish the bronze trophies with the second half: 

    • Back stage: Put on a new dress;
    • Fish food: Fall 100 times;
    • Statue: Pose on a pedestal;
    • Concerto: Listen to a musical performance of slimy friends;
    • Heat wave: Open all umbrellas;
    • Cinema: Watch a movie with friends upside down;
    • Mash the vegetables: Crush every vegetable in the game
    • Fireworks: Enjoy the fireworks with your spiky friends;
    • Go out: Move the wall of boxes to another room;
    • Theater: Watch a performance of colorful friends;
    • You're a monster…: Do something horrible ...
    • Now what?: Jump from a trampoline… to a trampoline!

    Silver Trophies - Pile Up !: complete trophy list revealed

    Let's continue with the nine silver statuettes: 

    • Aracnofilo: Scare every spider in the game;
    • Lighthouse keeper: Open the bonus route in Ranipelago;
    • Crabeat: Complete Ranipelago at 100%;
    • Speleologist: Open the bonus path in Caveman;
    • Movie star: Complete Caveman at 100%;
    • Climber: Open the bonus path in the Forest Fair;
    • Birthday: Complete Forest Fair at 100%;
    • Clothes!: Open the bonus path in the Piuma Theater;
    • The curtain falls: Complete Feather Theater at 100%.

    Gold Trophies and Platinum Trophy - Pile Up !: complete trophy list revealed

    Below you will find the four gold trophies: 

    • money box: Collect every collectible in the game;
    • Faster than developersComplete the game faster than the Seed by Seed highscore;
    • fashionista: Buy each costume;
    • Hydrophobic: Complete a world without falling.

    Finally, let's find out together the title of the Pile Up platinum trophy! 

    • Boxling: Unlock all other achievements.

    Have fun! 

    Here ends our guide with the complete trophy list of Pile Up! Have you already tried the title? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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