PGA Tour 2K21: here is the complete trophy list!

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Let's find out together, in this short guide, the complete trophy list of PGA Tour 2K21, the golf simulation title par excellence available for free in October for all PlayStation Plus subscribers 

Many of you will surely remember the guys from 2K Games exclusively for the NBA series, which has now become a reference point for all basketball fans. Obviously being an even more niche sport in Spain, the PGA Tour franchise has always remained even more muted, despite being practically one of the very few major exponents dedicated to golf. The 2K21 version of the title has been available since last year on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and has recently been added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection library. boundless green lands of golf, you can therefore do it for free. And maybe you can even think of platinating it! 

Before starting

PGA Tour 2K21's complete trophy list consists of 30 total statuettes, of which 17 in bronze, 5 in silver, 7 in gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Being a sports title, we avoid giving you our usual lecture on the possible presence of spoilers and we immediately throw ourselves into the fray. Follow us, trophy hunters! 

The bronze trophies | PGA Tour 2K21: here is the complete trophy list!

Let's start with the bronze trophies:

  • Nananana: Puts 5 putts in a row in putt practice without mulligan and without using Place Ball.
  • PGA TOUR event winner: Win a PGA TOUR event.
  • A challenger appears: Win a rivalry in PGA TOUR career mode.
  • scratch golfer: Get a Handicap Index of scratch (zero) or better.
  • Ferret: Sockets the ball from off the green on an official court.
  • Golden Ferret: Sockets the ball from a bunker at an official court.
  • Reliable businessman: Complete all objectives of a single sponsor contract in the PGA TOUR career.
  • Earn a living: Earn $ 10.000.000 in a single PGA TOUR season.
  • Fritto Misto: Complete an 18-hole course with clubs from at least 5 different brands in your golf bag.
  • Déjà Vu: Complete a putt longer than 10ft / 3m after using a Shot Preview that also pitted.
  • Team spirit: Complete an 18-hole course with three ghosts.
  • FIR collector: Always drive to the fairway on an 18-hole course on an official course.
  • Collector of GIR: Reach the green with at least two shots for par on an 18-hole course on an official course.
  • To me the power: Send the ball into a fairway at 350 yards / 320 meters with a swing at 103% or more.
  • True Legend: Make at least par on an official 18-hole course on Legend difficulty.
  • The stakes: Finish a Skins game.
  • Unequivocal victory: Finish a Scramble match.

The silver trophies | PGA Tour 2K21: here is the complete trophy list!

Let's continue with the silver figurines: 

  • Play with others: Finish a round in Matchmaking.
  • By invitation only: Finish a round in a Private Match.
  • Plus ten: Get a Handicap Index of +10 or better.
  • THE PLAYERS Champion: Vinci il THE PLAYERS Championship.
  • Pack leader: Defeat the latest rival in the PGA TOUR career.

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy | PGA Tour 2K21: here is the complete trophy list!

Let's see below the gold trophies: 

  • Fast delivery: Win the FedExCup.
  • Brand loyalty: Achieve maximum progress with any sponsor in the PGA TOUR career.
  • Blue blood: Win the Royal Championship.
  • A masterful performance: Win the Legends Championship.
  • The Regent of the North: Win the Northwest Open.
  • It is a Major: Win The Golf Club Championship.
  • Ace: Get a Hole in One on an official court.

Finally, let's find out together the title of the PGA Tour 2K21 Platinum Trophy:

  • Per TOUR: Collect all Trophies.

Have fun!

The complete PGA Tour 2K21 trophy list ends here. Hoping to have been useful we ask you: will you take advantage of this month of PlayStation Plus to recover the title? Are you a golf enthusiast? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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