Persona 4 Golden Guide - Complete Guide to Fox's Social Link (Hermit)

One of the main features of the new Persona series titles are the so-called Social Link, i.e. relationships with various characters within the game to which different tarot cards are associated.

Spending time with them will rank the associated Social Link, allowing us to obtain various bonuses useful for gameplay

In this guide we will explain how to easily advance the Social Link of the arcane Hermit, associated with the Tatsuhime Shrine Fox.

Personal profile

This strange character has no real name of his own, and is instead simply a very particular animal that the protagonist will encounter during the initial stages of the game.

Its name derives in particular from the sanctuary to which it is associated, because, as per Japanese tradition, it is a sacred animal that resides there.

Taking up the Japanese folklore, in fact, Persona 4 Golden presents this character as sentient, and who can interact with humans he deems worthy.

It can be recognized by its appearance, and in particular by the apron rose around her neck, full of many little white hearts.

Her task is simple: she wants to increase the offerings of her sanctuary, and to do this she will ask the protagonist to fulfill the wishes that have been delivered to her.

His Social Link will consist mainly of the solve the problems of the inhabitants of the city (the side quests, in essence), and in return, the fox, who will decide to help the Investigation Team, will take care of the SP of party members, reducing their prices based on the level of the Social LInk.

Availability and location on the game map

You will find the Shrine Fox in his small sanctuary, a right of the North Section the Shopping District. His Social Link, however, will be different from that of other characters: you will lose time only once you complete the request he makes you.

What you have to do is receive the assignment, complete it (it takes a few days, but does not use game time) and only then can you advance in Rank with this Social Link.

Only when you advance in rank will you waste time in the context of the game (it will become Evening, for example). It is not possible to interact with the fox on rainy days and on some special days.

This Social Link is available from May 6th, and will start via an automatic event in the previous days. (You will be asked where to go after Golden Week, and the answer is "Tatsuhime Shrine")

Services and discounts

In Persona 4 Golden the SPs (the mana points in this game) are one of the more useful resources while exploring, but it is very difficult to find or receive items that heal them.

To help do this, the fox arrives, who will enter the world of TV together with the protagonists precisely to treat their SPs for a fair amount.

The price of its services will be very high, especially in the first steps of the game, but by advancing with the Social Link, you can reduce the installments of this service, making it easier for you to explore dungeons according to this scheme.

At the maximum level you will have a big discount on the price to cure SPs missing from the party, so it's best to rank this Social Link as soon as possible.

Guide to all Fox inquiries

So here are all the requests that the fox will make, with the solutions to the various side-quests.

I remind you that we also have one complete guide to all aspects of Persona 4 Golden that could help you in your games.

Once this Social Link is completed, you will receive the item Gratitude Ema, which will allow you to merge the Ongyo-ki person.

  • Fellow Athletes (Strength)
  • Yumi / Ayane (Sun)
  • Adachi (Jester)
  • Dojima (Hierophant)
  • Nanako (Justice)
  • Ai (Moon)
  • Eri (Temperance)
  • Sayoko (Devil)
  • Hisano (Death)
  • Fox (Hermit)
  • Igor (Judgment)
  • Marie (Aeon)
  • Margaret (Empress)
  • Naoki (Hanged Man)
  • Shu (Tower)

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