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Valheim, indie developed by the Iron Gate studio, is a survival open world full of surprises and rich in content that will take you to explore a world of Viking inspiration.

During our adventures around the game world we will stock up on loot and it will sometimes be necessary to sell it, for this reason it will be important to find Haldor the merchant, an NPC that we will examine in detail in this guide.

  • Utility of Haldor
  • What sells
  • Where to find it

The utility of Haldor

Our friend Haldor

As already anticipated, Haldor will be our reference NPC when we have to sell our loot, moreover he will also have extremely useful items for our journey for sale, from here it is easy to understand the importance of finding him as soon as possible.

Inventory of Haldor

Where to find Haldor

Finding Haldor will not be an easy task as the only known information about him is that he can be found in the biome. Black Forest, explorable after defeating Eikthyr, the first boss of the game.

Fortunately, there are three methods that can make it easier for you to find the merchant:

  • Focus your exploration in the Black Forest biome and notice the signs of its presence: during the exploration of the black forest it will be extremely important to notice the appearance of a bag-shaped icon, in this case Haldor will be close and you can concentrate your searches in a smaller area (within a radius of 2km).
  • Use the right seed: since the game world in Valheim is generated completely randomly (such as in Minecraft) just enter the right seed (HHcLC5acQt) to find Haldor within walking distance southwest of the spawn area.
  • Use the cheat menu: method "convenient" par excellence, if you are not interested in the adventure just press F5, type the command "iamacheater" and then write "spawn Haldor" to make the merchant appear in front of you. This method is highly discouraged as it may intersect with the map and not allow you to interact properly with it.

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