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The thirty-first hero of Overwatch has recently been presented, let's see in this guide how to use Sigma to the best of its possibilities

Overwatch has been a game on the crest of the wave for many years now. It is one of the most played multiplayer titles in the world. This success is also due to the great variety of content that Blizzard is continuously able to offer to its community. Many modes, many maps and many heroes, the last of these is Sigma, let's see in this guide how to use it best. Meanwhile, I refer you to our previous article focused on the presentation of this new character.

An anomalous tank

Before we start with the guide on how to best use Sigma, let's briefly introduce this new hero. Sigma is a 62 year old astrophysicist who hails from the Netherlands. His real name is Siebren de Kuiper. Released a few hours and has already been tagged as a anomalous tank, because? Although he is a fairly static character, he is able to offer movement thanks to his abilities, above all Experimental Barrier which can also be placed at a certain distance and not necessarily close. In addition, he is able to offer a good interaction with the environment, especially in the case of Hypersphere, of Accrescimento and its Ulti. No more chatter and let's find out more about how to use Sigma.

Hypersphere - Overwatch: how to use Sigma

Let's start right away with one of Sigma's most interesting and important skills or characteristics: the Hyperspheres. The Hyperspheres represent the main blows of this hero. They are capable of inflicting 60 damage on impact, hitting with both balls the total damage will be 120. It seems that the Hyperspheres are not further effective in the case of a headshot so what we would like to recommend is to shoot without paying too much attention to accuracy.

Furthermore, the total damage is nothing more than a sum between damage to impact and damage to area, so it is important to emphasize that the Hyperspheres also do damage to the elements in their range of action (very small). The reload of the shot is not very short but not very long, so you won't have to wait too long before you can fire again, in the amount of time between hits, we recommend that you place an Experimental Barrier or use Accretion.

Experimental Barrier - Overwatch: how to use Sigma

La Experimental Barrier it is a real floating barrier that Sigma can launch at any moment. A key feature, which manages to give you an idea of ​​how interesting and strong this new hero is, is that this barrier is basically spam. You can place it, eliminate it and replace it as many times as you want. This shield can be placed both very close to you and at a certain distance, everything is based on pressing the button: the more you hold down the more the shield will be placed further away. This ability makes Sigma an anomalous tank, precisely because it is able to defend itself both up close and at a distance. Our advice is to make excessive use of this shield, considering the speed with which it is possible to use it.

Kinetic Grip and Enhancement - Overwatch: how to use Sigma

La Kinetic grip is another of the skills of the XNUMXst Overwatch hero. It consists in transforming the bullets that are about to hit you into shields. This skill, however, requires a very long recharge and for this reason we would like to advise you to use it very sparingly. In this case your intuition will be very useful, try to understand at what moment you feel most in danger and most threatened, it will be in that instant that Kinetic Grip will come in handy. Sigma has no escape ability, which makes his Kinetic Grip even more important.

Growthinstead, it consists of the ability to collect various debris or rocks present in the map and transform them into a mega-sphere that can be used as a projectile. Needless to say, how useful it is to use this ability when recharging Hyperspheres. In such a way as to alternate the type of blows inflicted on your enemies. There mega-sphere that will be created will deal around XNUMX damage and knock your enemies back.

Gravitational Flow - Overwatch: how to use Sigma

We now come to the Ulti of this new hero. With Gravitational flow you can really have fun! Once selected, Sigma will float and then activate an area hit that will send all enemies in that area into orbit and then crash them to the ground. The total damage dealt will be approximately 200. Our advice is to use this special ability in the most agitated situations, in order to involve as many enemies as possible. To do this, however, a good knowledge of the maps will also be useful, in this way you will know which are the most “trafficked” areas and those in which your Gravitational Flow can be most effective.

A quick recap and have fun

These were all our tips for using this hero to the fullest. Let's briefly summarize all of Sigma's abilities:

  • Ipersphere
  • Experimental Barrier
  • Kinetic grip
  • Growth
  • Gravitational flow

These were the skills and our main tips on how to use Sigma. Let us know yours by taking advantage of the comments section. To stay up to date on all the news from the videogame world and more, stay tuned to Holygamerz.

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