Outriders - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Outriders - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Despite some initial problems in the launch phase, Outriders is now stable and many players are having fun in conquering the planet Enoch (you can find our review of the first hours of the game at this link). Despite some rather clear tutorial glories, however, some sides of the game may be less intuitive than others, and tips for getting started in Outriders can always do well. We therefore want to present to you today in this guide what we believe are the 10 best tips to get started in Outriders, hoping they can help you enjoy this developer experience to the fullest People Can Fly.

We specify that in the following lines you will not find any spoilers on the plot of the game, as we want to talk to you about some tips to start that will be useful only to approach the Outriders experience, and to make your way in the first hours of the game, avoiding finding yourself confused. and making "mistakes" that could slow down your progression process.

Here are the top 10 tips for starting your Outriders adventure

Keep an eye on the class

As specified in our guide to which class to choose (available at this link), your initial choice immediately after the tutorial phase is important, since thehe class precludes some mechanics you might love within the adrenaline-fueled fights. We therefore advise you to try them all before continuing with one, as you would otherwise risk advancing in the adventure of repenting later. When you have finished the tutorial phase for the first time and create a new character, the game will allow you to immediately jump to the class selection phase, significantly speeding up this process.

Outriders - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Offense is the best defense

Unlike some similar shooters you might be used to (one above all, The Division), Outriders don't reward staying behind cover and passive play. However, you may not be particularly aggressive, especially with classes like the Technomancer, but if you do not attack the enemy using your skills you will not be able to heal yourself. If you can't get through some phases, also consider changing your style of play, which will allow you to advance with more peace of mind and have even more fun.

Don't neglect the mods

When considering which gear to use, pay close attention to mods, as they will allow you to create exciting combos. You can prefer one piece of equipment to another just for its abilities, or maybe change one of yours to adapt to some upgrades found, or finally dismantle a piece to transfer its mod to a more powerful one (paying only a minimal cost of Leather. or Iron). So don't just look at the numbers that indicate the level and power of the objects, but also pay attention to the unique possibilities they offer.

The Skill Tree is your friend

Although it may seem complicated at first, the Skill Tree is an essential component of the Outriders adventure, and you will have to use it to proceed smoothly in your gaming sessions. You can reset it when you prefer, at no cost and very immediately, so don't hesitate to try different combos, even as you go, and to evolve your style of play as you choose the way you enjoy the most, perhaps adapting your mods to what your passive skills allow.

Outriders - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Grab the loot

Loot in Outriders is essential, from Leather to the most useless objects, everything is broth and will help you in the progression. You will need to dismantle some of the equipment and sell more to upgrade properly, especially in the endgame, but it is important that you never throw anything away and take as much loot as possible. From the settings you can activate a button to take all the loot on the map, and the minimum rarity that is automatically collected in case of death or change of scenery, which we advise you to set to the minimum.


Are side missions useful?

While they are well done in many cases and interesting to delve into the history and lore of Outriders, the truth is that Outriders' side missions and activities don't do much for progression purposes. By completing the campaign alone you will almost already reach 30 (maximum level), and accumulating more experience will not be of any use. With more activities you will instead raise the World Level, which will hardly reach the maximum of 15, and will in any case be overwritten by new mechanics in the endgame phase. However, you can accumulate loot and power up through side activities, even if the Shipping of the endgame will be more useful for this purpose.


How does the World Level work?

Speaking of World Level, how is it structured? By playing as hard as possible you will have stronger enemies against, and you can aim to level them up, which will allow you to find (and use) stronger items. By playing hard you will complicate your experience, it is true, but you will find yourself at an advantage once you reach the endgame, as your items will be stronger and will allow you to easily get by in Expeditions. Also, you will be better used to the level of challenge that the latest Outriders missions present. We also remind you that deaths bring down your accumulated experience to the World Level, which can return to 0 but never go down an entire level (once you reach a milestone, you will not be able to go back to the previous one, even if you die repeatedly).

Outriders - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

The covers are deceptive

Although the idea of ​​having fun behind a cover may be tempting, as well as now standard for what video games of this genre have accustomed us to, it is better not to fall into too much temptation. The AI ​​of Outriders' enemies is well crafted, and these will still be able to hit you or go around you, cornering you in no time and killing you. It is good to take advantage of the tactical covers properly, but abusing them will prove to be a double-edged sword.

Better to dismantle or sell the items?

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer, as both activities are essential. Accumulating currency will serve you to buy titanium and upgrade your items, and also buy the latest type of resource in the endgame phase, but dismantling the items will leave you with their mods, materials and fragments for individual stat upgrades. So try not to overdo it on either side, in order to find yourself at an advantage when your adventure is over and you need to power up to complete the latest challenges.

Other players are a danger

While Outriders is a game meant to be played in co-op with up to 3 players, it's good beware of who peeps into your lobbies. As the number of players increases, the challenge also becomes proportionately more difficult, and if you have adopted a build to play alone you will find yourself less advantaged than expected, especially if you have a dead weight on your side. If you don't want to run the risk of missing some missions, plan well with the other players you want to cooperate with, to avoid complicating the experience for both of you. The co-op experience is, however, a lot of fun, and well-studied combos will instead guarantee you many advantages that you could not get alone.

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