NBA 2K21: how to earn VC fast

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Do you want to improve your player quickly or form a great team? So here's how to earn VC fast on NBA 2K21

Virtual Currency (or VC) is by far one of the most important things in NBA 2K21. This type of currency in fact allows you to empower your player in My Player mode to compete at the highest levels in the Neighborhood. Also it is the necessary currency for make purchases in My Team mode. So let's find out in our guide how you can quickly earn VCs within NBA 2K21.

A universal currency

VCs can be used for a multitude of activities, from enhancing your avatar to purchasing lots of cosmetic items like shoes or clothes. One of the ways to have many VCs in a short time is certainly to buy them in the store by spending real money. In our guide, however, we will show you how with a little attention you can avoid spending money and earning VC just by playing NBA 2K21.

To do this, My Player mode is essential. By making the right choices you can start your career on the right foot and get an enviable loot in no time. This way you will be able to upgrade your player immediately after a few games, making the rest of the season a joke. Furthermore don't leave anything behind, even the smallest bonuses will yield a huge amount of VC in the long run.

Play quality basketball - NBA 2K21: how to earn VC fast

Let's start with a simple but fundamental advice. During the games you have to play good basketball to get high ratings and earn the most VCs available. Be careful though, playing quality basketball does not mean scoring many points. Rebounds, assists and steals are just as important. We strongly advise you to play the easy way, without forcing the most difficult plays.

Turnouts or forced shots and fouls will lower your score and cause you to lose VC. So think about playing a well-rounded basketball, without forcing your hand to score lots of points and you will see your ratings increase exponentially. Try to maximize the rank of teammates to earn bonuses at the end of each game. But evaluation isn't the only way to get VC.

Entering the world of pros - NBA 2K21: how to earn VC fast

The career of this latest iteration will make you live the career starting from the high school years. The path before entering the world of professionals is essential to earning a lot of VCs in NBA 2K21. Particularly be among the top picks of the NBA draft it's a real godsend. The highest positions in the draft allow you to receive the highest salaries for a freshman, let's talk about maximum figures around 1.000 VC per game. This is a safe and quick gain, as you may initially find little space on the pitch.

Another key moment is people's Choice that will follow you in your career. We recommend that you choose Harper Dell, which will make you earn less, but will allow you to access the highest paying sponsors much faster. Dell is especially recommended if you like maximize your player's stats in the shortest time possible.

Taking care of business relationships - NBA 2K21: how to earn VC fast

As you increase your fans, you will have access to trade deals that will provide you with incentives. The latter are gods internal challenges in a match, such as capturing a certain number of rebounds or scoring a minimum amount of points, which if you pass will earn you bonus VCs. Try to study your play style according to the challenges to overcome if you want to focus on gaining VC.

But let's also talk about the net salaries of trade agreements. It is indeed possible to negotiate the contracts that are offered to you by these partnerships. The only trick you need to have is to don't be too greedy in bargaining. If you exaggerate asking for too much money, companies may lose interest and you will be forced to accept a lower than expected offer. In the worst case, you may not even strike a deal, so be careful.

Don't waste any opportunity - NBA 2K21: how to earn VC fast

The Visual Concepts title presents you with tons of opportunities to earn small amounts of VC, which could make a difference in the long run. Then play the Daily Spin every day not to miss even once the daily bonus of this discussed minigame. You can find the Daily Spin at Jeff's 2K Arcade inside the Neighborhood. Another way to pick up some VCs is definitely see 2KTV and answer the quizzes correctly that are proposed to you. For a basketball fan it could also turn out to be quite enjoyable and interesting.

Finally NBA 2K21 allows you to to bet, with virtual currency of course, on real games taking place in the American League. Unfortunately, the upheaval of the season due to the current pandemic has put a spoke in the wheel for this function. At the moment it is not possible to bet on the playoffs in progress and will have to wait for the start of the next season, set for December. By hitting the winning teams, you will earn handfuls of VC which will be very useful.

Get rich in no time

As you can see, the methods of acquiring VC are many and they will pay off a lot if you do things right. There will be no need to spend real money to purchase additional ones via microtransactions, you just need to take advantage of everything that the game makes available to you. Here ends our guide on how to earn VC fast in NBA 2K21. Our coverage of the game does not stop there, in fact you can find the guide on how to improve player statistics or specific builds to become a very strong point guard. In the meantime, keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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