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Game Boy Advance


Press and hold L + R + A (in the Pause screen)
Exit the current level

Hold L + R + B, press Down (in Pause screen)

Press and hold L + R + B + Right
Play with Mina or Drew

Hold L + R + A, press Up (while playing)
Go to the next level

Arene in Multiplayer
To unlock arenas to play in Multiplayer, you must defeat the boss of the corresponding area in single player mode.

Atlantis arena
Defeat the Atlantis Shadow creature

Castle arena
Complete the game

Cemetry arena
Defeat the Cemetry Shadow creature

Clouds arena
Defeat the Clouds Shadow creature

Desert arena
Defeat the Desert Shadow creature

Factory arena
Defeat the Factory Shadow creature

Garden arena
Defeat the Boss Garden Pumpkin

Temple arena
Defeat the Boss Temple Dragon

Village arena
Defeat the Village Shadow creature

Unlockable characters

Beat the game with the rank of Crystal in each level

Finish the game once

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Exit date: October 4, 2002

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