Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

In this guide for Minecraft we explain how to find the mysterious Heart of the Sea and use it to build a Conduit

Mojang's work was the protagonist of one of the most exponential growth in the world of video games. Today it is present on almost every existing platform and Microsoft has contributed significantly to its spread. Part of this success is certainly in its simplicity, but in large part thanks to constant support and numerous updates. In 2018 in particular, the Aquatic Update has revolutionized marine exploration. Many objects were added and some of these initially without a specific purpose.

The seas had become more interesting and you almost certainly happened to find a Heart of the sea, Minecraft object useful for building a Conduit. Let's find out how to do it together.

What is this mysterious object?

As previously mentioned, the Heart of the Sea was added in the first phase of the Aquatic Update. At that first moment it was of no useother than being nice and taking up space in our inventories. Only with the arrival of the second phase it was discovered that it could be used to form the powerful Conduit.

In this guide we will show you how to find a Heart of the Sea in various ways in Minecraft, and we will give you the tools to be able to build a Conduit and defend the seas. Let's not procrastinate any further and begin the search.

Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

Let's go in search of treasure chests - Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

Hearts of the Sea can be found inside buried chests scattered around the map. The latter are automatically generated by the game and distributed throughout the world, but only if you are playing on a map where the "Generate structures" option has been marked when the world is created. Chests can be found more commonly on the beaches or sometimes on the bottom of the seas. However, if found by chance it could happen that inside there is not the much coveted Heart of the Sea.

Minecraft knows this, in fact there are better methods to tackle this quest. Just find one map of Treasure inside the chests located in the Oceanic Ruins, or inside the shipwrecked ships. Boats can be more complex to locate, but trying to feed and follow a dolphin may lead you on the right track.

Once you have opened and found the piece of paper, just open it and head towards the goal marked with a red X. In that place you can be sure that you will find a buried chest with 100% a Heart of the Sea inside. Now that you have found the precious Heart of the Sea, let's continue using it to create a Conduit in Minecraft.

Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

Let's put the pieces together - Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

The tool we are going to form, works similar to a normal headlight, however, it can be used under the sea. Will provide us upgrades, increasing our speed or granting more damage done with melee weapons. They are also perfect for those who want to explore and dig underwater, as in its vicinity we will have infinite oxygen, underwater night vision and increased digging speed. Its power extends as far as it can damage any enemy in its immediate vicinity and also providing some additional light.

To build a Conduit you need to own 8 Nautilus shells (easily found by fishing or inside drowned enemies) and the previously discussed Heart of the Sea. By placing these items on the workbench you will have made a Conduit. However, it does not end here, after having recovered the Heart of the Sea and having made a Conduit in Minecraft, now we need to understand how to make the defense systems and upgrades work.

Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

How to place them - Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

After the hard work in finding a Heart of the Sea and building the Conduit, you are rightfully hoping to be able to use it in Minecraft already. Unfortunately, you are not done yet. It is indeed necessary erect a structure around him in such a way that its influence of effect can be expanded. The Conduct must therefore be positioned in the sea and a sort of barrier made of at least sixteen blocks of Prismarino or with Marine lantern. The Prismarino is a type of block that can be found at the bottom of the sea near the Ruins and Monuments, while the Lanterns are sources of light that can also be found at the bottom of the sea.

The width of the frame that you have built around the Conduit has a direct influence the distance in blocks which can achieve empowerment. If a frame is built with a minimum of sixteen blocks, the effects will reach up to thirty-two blocks around the structure. The effective range then continues to increase by sixteen blocks for every additional seven blocks. When you have erected the building, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Condotto.

Minecraft: how to find a Heart of the Sea and make a Conduit

Back to digging

With the information we have provided you should now know how to find a Heart of the Sea and build a Conduit in Minecraft. In case you have doubts or want clarifications on the famous Mojang video game published by Microsoft, ask us your questions below in the comments.

Minecraft is available on almost every platform out there: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. In the meantime, we invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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