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    Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds

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    Let's find out with our guide which are the best builds, complete with Heroic Moves and Heroic Statistics, which you can use for all the characters at your disposal in Marvel's Avengers

    Marvel's Avengers has been in our hands for a few days now, and we promise the arrival of a review as complete and comprehensive. The title born from the collaboration between Square Enix and Crystal Dinamics has already made sparks and has catalyzed the attention of audiences and critics since its announcement, initially announced in 2017 with a trailer on the official Marvel Youtube channel, and only two years later. confirmed with release date by Square Enix, at E3 of the same year. The title finally came out on September 4th, and everyone seems extremely excited about it. It will then be necessary to see how Marvel's Avengers, conceived as a "game as a service", will evolve over time. 

    Waiting for our review of Marvel's Avengers and before starting our guide to the best builds for the various characters, we remind you that here on Holygamerz you can find a long list of guides on the title. For example how to get and unlock all characters, the complete list of story missions, the complete list of trophies, the checklist on PS4 and Xbox One, how to unlock Harm Challenges, how to change characters, how to play multiplayer with friends, how to improve equipment and much, much, much more. Find everything in the tag dedicated to Marvel's Avengers by clicking here! Let's begin. 

    First of all

    With this guide, we want to give you an overview of what the best build options are, for us, for each of the heroes you can play in Marvel's Avengers. We will list, for each character, the ones that for us are the best Heroic Moves, accompanying them to the Heroic Stats that best connect. Whether you prefer to use Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk or Black Widow, having a powerful character in the party will allow you to have a privileged path against all the enemies that will stand in front of you. Let's start with him, Iron Man. 

    Iron man - Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds 

    Iron Man is a very good offensive character, so our basic advice is to equip skills that greatly enhance its offensive power in combat. These skills are: 

    • Laser beam- a rather famous and desired skill by any player, which will allow you to focus lasers and fire a more powerful beam at the designated target; 
    • Photonic Samurai: a great sweeping attack that uses lasers to stun enemies; 
    • Searing Blow: an ability that allows you to immediately use a laser attack after dodging incoming enemy shots; 
    • Powerful Dive: an ability that allows you to grab enemies in the air and knock them to the ground, stunning even anyone in the vicinity; 
    • Mast Attack with Thrusters: a skill that allows you to quickly get close to an enemy to throw them into the air and break their shield. 

    As for the stats, however, if you want to have an Iron Man devoted to attacking you should focus on all those that allow you to inflict a large amount of damage. For this we recommend statistics such as Might and Value, which increase melee damage, but also critical damage. If you want to further raise your Iron Man's Critical Chance, you can consider increasing it Expertise

    Captain America - Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds 

    Another hero, just like Iron Man, who prefers the offensive side in combat. Equipping them with the best Heroic Moves and Heroic Stats will make your Captain America a real war machine. Let's start with the skills: 

    • Strike with Shield: an attack that will allow you to chain a series of shots to unbalance your enemies. Once the enemy has been staggerated, therefore, you can continue your offensive by annihilating him; 
    • Sweep with Shield: a combo attack that is followed by an additional one that knocks enemies to the ground. Best for stun enemies for a few seconds, making them vulnerable; 
    • Seeker: a very useful skill that will allow you to hit up to five different enemies. 

    As far as statistics are concerned, a good Captain America must see equipped Power and Precision. Both will increase your melee damage, as well as the hero's two charges. 

    Hulk - Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds 

    Hulk, as might well be expected knowing the character, it's a great tank as it can absorb quite a bit of damage. With this guide to the best character builds in Marvel's Avengers, you can turn your big green man into a damage sponge, making him even more resilient and more ready to be thrown into the fray. Let's start, as usual, with the skills: 

    • Fury Horn: an ability that enormously raises the energy of the intrinsic rage meter when you dodge a hit; 
    • Unstoppable Ferocity: increases the maximum energy value of the intrinsic rage meter by 15%;
    • Devilish Massacre: a skill that allows you to increase the energy of the intrinsic rage after a takedown; 
    • Survival instinctWillpower's recovery increased by 100% when the Hulk is in a rage; 
    • Controlled Chaos: cost of fury reduced by 20%. 

    Being the Hulk a character based on defense, you will need to increase the armor and the Support Heroic Charge. The statistics are therefore important Resilience, Over which Determination, which instead increases the Maximum Willpower and the effectiveness of Willpower's recovery. 

    Black Widow - Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds 

    Black Widow is more functional as a support character and is devoted to ranged attacks. The best skills will therefore be: 

    • Rain of Bullets- an ability that increases the size of Auto Shot magazines by 20 rounds; 
    • Big Caliber Shots: a particularly powerful gun that manages to stop enemies;
    • Automatic Shots: automatic weapon that you can use to rain bullets on targets; 
    • Stunning Shots: A skill that increases the stun damage of bullets fired with Full-Auto by 15%. 

    Black Widow will need excellent precision to perform. In this case, therefore, it will be useful to have a Heroic Stat Precision, which increases damage with ranged attacks and the Assault Heroic Charge rate. 

    Kamala Khan - Marvel's Avengers: guide to the best character builds 

    Another heroine, another supporting character who also works very well as defensive character along with the Hulk. Kamala has many unique abilities useful for attacking the enemy and stunning him… to hit him again. These skills are: 

    • Double kick down: When in midair, you can break through the enemy guard and knock them to the ground with a kick. This will stun the enemies and make them vulnerable; 
    • Sweep: a spinning attack that hits enemies around you. The best way to make yourself some space, to breathe; 
    • Rotating Beat: an attack that will allow you to get up in the air hitting enemies with different struts, shooting them in the air; 
    • Arpione: a good skill that will allow you to grab smaller enemies; 
    • Willing brilliant: an ability that regenerates Willpower by 4% every second while polymorph is active. 

    Kamala being a defense-oriented support, as well as the Hulk, the two best Heroic Stats from equip are Resilience and Determination.


    Have fun! 

    End our guide to the best builds for Marvel's Avengers characters here. What do you think about it? Are you already playing the game or are you waiting for our review to be able to make a final decision? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! 

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