Legends of Runeterra: tips and tricks to start playing

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Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games' card game based on the League of Legends universe will debut in beta on January 24th. To better prepare you, here are some tips and tricks to start playing

Riot Games, software house producer of the now famous and award-winning League of Legends, has announced two other games set in the same universe. Legends of Runeterra, the card game that follows in the footsteps of Heartstone, was available for a limited time in preview. Once you've tried it, we're here to offer you some simple tips and tricks to better prepare you for the game's release.

Are you ready, Summoners?

The second preview patch of the game allowed us to get an idea of ​​what Legends of Runeterra will be. There are currently six regions of interest, with 24 champion cards to choose from to build and optimize your deck. Anyone who has played Heartstone, Artifact or Gwent will feel at home despite the subtle but substantial differences that set Legends of Runeterra apart from other TCGs.

Although past experience can help players understand the mechanics of the game, they will still need to understand and get used to the basic mechanics, card combos, synergies and how to fight the most popular strategies to overwhelm your opponents. Fortunately, we are here to rush to your rescue with some simple but useful tips and tricks on how to best prepare for the launch of the game. Let's start!

Every deck is country - Legends of Runeterra: tips and tricks to start playing

Currently, there are six major regions in Legends of Runeterra: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover and Zaun, Ionia and the Shadow Isles. Each region is home to its own exclusive samples and their followers, which players can choose to build their own deck. Each deck consists of 40 cards with which to set the style of play that you want to adopt. For example, you can build your deck around a specific champion, or decide to join another ally in order to give your game an edge. For this reason, knowing the regions and the potential synergies that could be created between the cards, is fundamental to start off on the right foot.

Like the most competitive card games, Legends of Runeterra has certain cards and decks that stand out above others in overall power and combo potential. Eg, Anivia e Tryndamere of Freljord have a "resurrection" mechanic that allows them to return to play if they take lethal damage. This skill is incredibly useful and powerful when used in combos with "board wipe" cards such as Avalanche, Ruination, o She Who Wanders. These cards deal heavy damage to all characters on the playing field, leaving your opponents helpless and their Nexus. discovered. Don't be shy in experimenting with new combos and synergies to always be one step ahead of your opponents!

Do your homework - Legends of Runeterra: tips and tricks to start playing

It is well known that keeping up to date with some research, is always good. In Runeterra, those who do their homework are rewarded like in any other card game on the market. Stay informed about the most active and played decks of the meta, learn about every champion, skill, spell and every card in the game, before to throw yourself into the fray. Of course, it is easier to learn and memorize this information by playing, but informing yourself first will drastically lower the risk of being found. unprepared from your opponents and then succumb to their blows.

Websites like Mobalytics allow you to take a look at the meta's most popular decks, formulate your decks, study the cards and their effects, and finally provide you with details on specific playing strategies. For this reason, be sure to check regularly these sites to stay up to date with the trends of the moment. If you take the time to study every strength and weakness of your decks, your chances of winning will only grow dramatically.

The importance of Level Up - Legends of Runeterra: tips and tricks to start playing

Exactly as league of legends, Legends of Runeterra gameplay revolves around its beloved champion park. Currently there are 24 champion cards to choose from in the beta and each of these brings something different to the game board. While these cards are much more powerful than other unit cards and follower cards, you have to pay attention how to use them, especially if you want to exploit their full potential. Each champion card has its own specific level up requirement, and some are easier to obtain than others.

For example, Teemo needs to plant 15 or more mushrooms in the opponent's hand to level up while Fiora must kill at least two enemies. Once you reach the goal, your champion cards will get a increase of strength, defense and improved skills. Cards upgraded up to the maximum level are not only incredibly effective, but they can allow you to turn the tide of a match already decided. In any case, before throwing your heroes into battle, think of a way as effective as it is safe to use them, to prevent your opponent from eliminating them from the field prematurely.

Upgrading your cards and leveling them up as soon as possible will allow you to start matches with one head and shoulders on the opponent, having access to an ace up his sleeve capable of delivering the right blows to decide even the most suffered matches.

Game of mana, game of ... villain? - Legends of Runeterra: tips and tricks to start playing

Each card has a specific mana cost to play, so you'll have to think carefully before playing the right one. Often the temptation to fill the board with cards that cost little mana is strong, but save mana to take advantage of a spell card that can turn the game in your favor is sometimes essential. The mana saved at the end of the round will be preserved and may come in handy later for strategy to get to victory, so don't worry if you don't have any cards to play in your hand. You can save a total of 3 mana and will be consumed every time you cast a skill.

Just like in League of Legends, spells can be offensive (to deal damage) or defensive (to protect you from enemy attacks). Remember that yes, having offensive spells can help you destroy the opposing Nexus quickly, but it is useless if they are rejected by the opposing defense cards. So have a bunch balanced which contains both offensive and defensive cards is the best move, especially if you are aiming to protect your key cards. Keeping track of decks with many spell cards can be difficult, so take advantage of this advice: take advantage of theEye of the Oracle When possible.

The Oracle's Eye is that blue sphere placed between the two Nexus to the left of the table. The eye, usually hidden, opens when it can provide the outcome of your choices. If you're not sure how to play the next round, don't hesitate to use this valuable resource whenever possible. This will allow you to set the perfect event combo to destroy your opponent and achieve victory.

Are you ready to enter Runeterra?

Well, quickly recapping our tips and tricks to start playing Legends of Runeterra at their best they are:

  • Build your deck carefully, choose the cards carefully and prepare combos and synergies
  • Keep up to date on the meta, you know the cards and what their effects are on the game
  • Give importance to Level Up of your champions, to have an advantage over your opponents
  • Balanced attack and defense spell cards, to always be prepared for the fight. Take advantage of the precious Oracle's Eye, when available

With these tips and tricks in mind you should have no problem starting your adventure in the world of Runeterra on the right foot. Build your deck wisely and arm yourself with patience, foresight and a long eye to get the better of even the most difficult opponents and make your way to glory until you become legend.

We remind you that the game will be available for download from January 24, for devices Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. In addition, we recommend that you stay updated on Holygamerz for more news, guides and much more on the world of video games and more. Until next time, Summoners!

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