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    Hyper Scape: tips and tricks to start playing

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    Facing a new type of battle royale could be confusing, so discover in this guide some tricks and tips to start playing Hyper Scape

    Hyper Scape is the new battle royale from Ubisoft, which came out almost out of nowhere and that aims to revamp the genre with some interesting ideas. It could therefore catch many players off guard who will then be faced with a significant amount of chaos. Speed, collaboration and knowledge of the basics of the game is therefore essential. With this guide, the intention is to provide you with precisely these tools, through some simple tips and tricks to start playing Hyper Scape.

    Not everything is as it seems

    The main novelty of this game is all in its extreme dynamism which forces players to always be on the move and with their reflexes always active. If a meditative and defensive approach is possible in Warzone, here it becomes almost impossible given the map with its small size and dynamic abilities. This is a video game that indeed looks more like Apex Legends forcing players to work as a team. Let's not hesitate any longer and see the best tricks and tips for playing Hyper Scape.

    Know the map - Hyper Scape: tips and tricks to start playing

    As in all battle royale knowing the game map by heart is a fundamental part of winning. From the very beginning of the game, when you are in the game lobby with all the other players, you just have to look around to see the entire game map.

    From this position you could almost carry out a briefing with your team on the various best areas where you can land. It is in fact divided into various sectors each with its own color and name to identify them, just like in Warzone. Each location has its own peculiarities, whether they are historical architectural elements or very high futuristic towers, everything you need to be able to orient yourself in the best possible way.

    Generally in very open spaces and without buildings there is very little loot and their name on the map is marked in blue, so look for large houses or buildings with bright yellow entrances which act as an entrance to the richest areas of treasures. These are the areas that you absolutely must identify and are marked in yellow / orange on the map. In addition, to better navigate the map, try to take advantage of the launch bases whenever possible or the anti-gravity enhancement provided automatically and rarely by the game.

    Upgrading Weapons and Hack - Hyper Scape: Tips and Tricks to Start Playing

    In this case, Hyper Scape does things slightly differently from its competitors. Each player has neither weapons nor skills set at the beginning of the game, everything must be found on the field, thus being able to handcraft combinations of hacks (for simplicity we will also call them skills) and firearms that are always different and unique. However, don't think you can easily get to the end of the game without upgrading them. To do this you will need to carefully explore the map look for duplicates of your equipment and press F when you are in front of it.

    Your weapon or equipped power will then acquire a new level, by increasing the amount of ammo it can carry or by reducing its cooldown. There are three levels of upgrades and we strongly advise you to upgrade them as soon as possible so that you don't find yourself at a disadvantage against other better equipped teams. However, it is also good to pay attention to yellow boxes, as they can sometimes contain fully upgraded weapons or abilities. To find them, pay attention to their typical background noise, a bit like the treasures of Fortnite or the chests in Warzone. In short, Hyper Scape is a game that requires a constant search for equipment to stay ahead, let's continue now with other tricks and tips.

    Which Hacks to use - Hyper Scape: tips and tricks to start playing

    During the first few sessions and moments of play you will spend a good part of your time using what you will find on the pitch. However, trying to have an idea of ​​how to build your character from the start will help you out in the final stages. This because there are no classes already in the game in Hyper Scape, but this does not mean that everyone in their team cannot fill a certain role thanks to the acquisition of specific Hacks.

    In all there are nine hacks that you can find, some of them are more useful in specific situations. If we were to divide them into categories it would be these:

    • Defense: Armor, Wall e Ball
    • Attack: Mine, Slam, Teleport and Invisibility
    • Support: Heal and Reveal

    You can equip two at a time and the coupling depends on your play style. However in our experience we have found that Hack less useful are Ball and Armor, as Slam and Invisibility could easily fill the same role with greater effectiveness. And if you should die, the next of the Hyper Scape tips and tricks will be very handy.

    Make the most of your death - Hyper Scape: tips and tricks to start playing

    As often happens recently in battle royale, death is no longer final, but it has become a way to further enliven the gameplay. Hyper Scape is no exception, in fact as soon as you are shot down by the enemy you will simply become invisible to the enemy and unable to attack. To return to the field you will then have to find a respawn location marked on the map, press F and wait for a teammate to return you. However, it will not always be convenient to be resurrected, since it is an action that puts your teammates at risk.

    While you are waiting for the best time to ask for the return, you will in fact be able to freely navigate the map and report the presence of enemies to your companions using Mouse 3 (the click of the wheel). Extremely useful for making sure your mates stay alive and encouraging constant teamwork. Finally, let's move on to the last of the tips and tricks for Hyper Scape.

    The collapse of the sectors - Hyper Scape: tips and tricks to start playing

    In Rush to the Crown, the game's main mode, various sectors of the map will begin to collapse with a non-circular pattern that gradually reduces the arena. The mechanism is similar to that of other battle royales, but more casual and less punishing for a few reasons. When the collapse of a sector begins the game announcer will warn the players in time within that area. Furthermore, no damage is taken immediately by remaining inside but only when each building has almost completely lost its "consistency" and visibility.

    At this time, opponents who are outside the collapsing sectors can see you from through the invisible walls and spot you more easily. So have at least one defense skill ready so you don't get caught unprepared.

    And this is all

    With the information we have provided you now know the best tricks and tips to start playing Hyper Scape. In case you have doubts or want clarifications on this battle royale made by Ubisoft, ask us your questions below in the comments or check out our other guides: the complete list of Hack skills, guide to the best weapons and what to know about the new Ubisoft battle royale.

    Hyper Scape is available in closed beta until July 9 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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