(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

So, you want to know how to make a heart with your phone keypad? You recently got closer to the world of technology and finally bought your first smartphone as well. You're already starting to let yourself go and have no difficulty texting friends, surfing the Internet and performing other basic tasks.

Now, however, you have encountered a small major drawback: you would like to know how to make a heart with a cell phone keyboard, because you can't find this symbol (or rather, this emoji, among the characters you see on the WhatsApp screen and in the other messaging apps used to communicate with others).

Do not worry: if you want, I'm here to help you. In the following paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will explain how to make the heart with the phone keyboard using the emojis included in Android and iOS. After that, if you are interested, I will provide useful instructions on how to make a heart using old emoticons, ASCII codes or, again, creating heart-shaped emoji compositions.

How to make a heart with the keyboard of an Android phone

(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

If you have an Android phone at your disposal, you should know that making a heart with the phone keyboard is not complicated at all: just press any field where you write text (for example the one in a messaging app or a text document), access the emoji keyboard and touch one of those that represent a heart. Let me explain in detail how to do this.

To begin, start the app you are interested in (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.), tap the inner writing field and press the button to access the emoji keyboard (usually represented by the smiley icon and located at the bottom left or bottom right).

At this point, you should see the heart emoji. To do this, keep in mind that the vast majority of Android keyboards (and not only) organize emojis by themes: there are those that refer to nature, objects, daily activities, etc..

Usually, the section where the heart emojis are present is the one that includes the moods (and is usually represented by a smiley face): then press the button that represents it, scroll through the series of emojis that are proposed to you, locate the heart symbol you prefer (for example, red heart a broken heart a colorful heart a beating heart, etc.) and that's it.

Unfortunately, I cannot be very precise in giving you instructions to identify the section of the keyboard that includes the heart emoji (as it depends on the keyboard you are using).

How to make a heart with the iPhone keyboard

(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

Do you want to know how to make a heart with the iphone keyboard? In this case, know that what was said in the chapter on Android is valid: first you must activate the iOS keyboard, go to the emoji keyboard and then select the symbol that represents the heart, among those available.

First, then, start the app of your interest (eg. WhatsApp, telegram, note, etc.), tap the writing field you find inside and presses the button to access the emoji keyboard or the icon of the little face that if located in the lower left corner of the screen.

In the new keyboard section that appears, press the Symbols button located at the bottom right (the icon representing the musical note with the symbol y and % ) and select one of the heart symbols among those available: the red heart, the colorful heart, a heart with a bow, a broken heart and so on.

Alternatively, if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10 or later, you can get Heartbeat with the default keyboard set up on the iPhone by simply typing the word "heart" and tapping one of the symbols on the right. Easier than that?

Note: if you have disabled the emoji keyboard on the iPhone and therefore you can not follow the instructions I gave you in the previous lines, go to the menu Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Keyboards > Add new keyboard... and select the emoji item from the screen containing the list of available keyboards.


(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

The heart, most often the red one, is one of the most used and sent emojis on WhatsApp. But how to make a little heart on WhatsApp? How to send a red heart, symbol of love, without sending the big one that beats? In messaging applications, it is always a matter of nuances when sending messages, so you should know the ways to send certain messages.

After all, in a historical period in which many of our relationships go through instant messaging systems and very often it is necessary to rely on a message to indicate a mood or a reaction, the heart is one of the most important emoji.

So let's now see how to send a little red heart in a WhatsApp message, without necessarily sending the big one that beats. The procedure, as always in these cases, is simple and quick:

  • Let's open the WhatsApp application.
  • Let's start writing a message.
  • We choose, among the emojis, the red heart.
  • Before and after the heart we write the _ or underscore
  • Send and we will see that the heart arrives small.

HOW TO MAKE a big heart in WHATSAPP

(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

If you want to know how to make big heart on WhatsApp with iPhone or Android, you're in the right place. Often in chats and groups that you frequent, emoticons are shared that look like stickers, as they are larger. The one that caught your attention the most is the red beating heart. It is an animated emoji, unique for the moment, which is used to express love, friendship, feelings and emotions. Chances are you didn't figure out how your friends beat it. So, you went online in search of this trick. And here you are.

In this guide, I will explain how to make WhatsApp a big heart. I show you how you should proceed to share the beating heart emoticon and the enlarged red heart emoji within a conversation. So, if you can spare me a few minutes, let's get started right away.

When you are wondering how to make WhatsApp a big heart using an iOS or Android device, the first thing you should know is that this emoji, in order to appear or enlarge, should never be inserted into a text message. Moreover, as far as the beating heart is concerned, it is not even possible to share it together with an emoticon.

To make WhatsApp a big heart and simply see it enlarged, open the Emoji Keyboard, go to the Symbols category and double tap the red heart. You have to share at least two and up to a maximum of three. If you exceed the limit, the red heart will have a standard size, identical to the one shown when you associate it to a text message.

If you want to see the big WhatsApp heart beating, join a chat or a group. Then, open the Keyboard emoji and go to the Symbols category. Among the many emoticons that will appear, there will also be the red heart. Just tap it once and press Send. As you can see, the red heart will start beating and it will be much bigger than usual.

I reiterate that the red heart, at the moment of writing, is the only emoji that "comes to life" in the chat. Therefore, do not try to animate the black heart or other emoticons, you will only waste your time.

Another way to get to make the red heart beating is:

  • Open the chat in which you want to send the red beating heart;
  • Go to the penultimate page of emoticons or search for it using the appropriate field (click on the magnifying glass and type "heart");
  • Select the red heart and send it.

At this point you have sent the big red beating heart. I want to clarify that if you send it together with a portion of text or other emojis you will not get the same result, but the little red heart will appear.

If on the other hand you are wondering what is the meaning of the beating heart emoticon in WhatsApp, you should know that it is generally used to express the feeling of love towards the loved one. Alternatively, it can also mean a gesture of affection addressed to family members, relatives or friends.

Other useful solutions to make heart with the phone keypad.

(🤎❤️) How to Make Heart with Mobile Phone Keyboard: Guide to Making All Hearts.

If you want, there are also other useful solutions to make heart with phone keypad. In the following lines, for example, I will explain you how to do it using a text symbol, ASCII characters and applications that allow you to use heart-shaped emoji compositions. Have fun!

Heart Emoticons

A fairly simple and straightforward way to get the heart from the cell phone keyboard is to use the emoticon that represent it, ie.

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