How to disable Auto-audio for Facebook Video

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How to disable Auto-audio for Facebook Video. A while ago, Facebook made the videos in your news feed start automatically. It was terrible. Fortunately, Facebook has given users a way to turn off auto-play for videos.

A new Facebbok feature is rolling out for users and it will be auto-play videos with sound. Previously, users had to tap on a video to get the sound. Now, the videos will automatically play with sound.

Thankfully, users have the option to turn off auto-audio for Facebook videos.

That's how.

This new feature is slowly coming out in the various Facebbok updates.

If the videos in your news feed don't play audio automatically, you haven't received the update.

If you haven't received the update, the option to disable auto-audio for Facebook videos will not be available.

Open the Facebook application on your iPhone or Android. Tap the More button at the bottom right of the screen on your iPhone. On Android, the More button is at the top right.

On iOS Scroll down on the next screen and tap 'Settings'. Select "Account Settings".

On Android, you will see the 'Account Settings' option in the main menu. Touch it.

On iOS, tap 'Sounds' and turn off the 'Video in News Feed start with sound' option.

On Android, look for the 'Start Video News Feed with sound in' option on the 'Account Settings' screen and turn it off.

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