Hitman 3: here is the complete list of trophies!

In this guide of ours we want to explore with you the complete list of trophies of Hitman 3, the latest effort by IO Interactive and the conclusion of the adventures of Agent 47

That we liked Hitman 3 is quite evident in our review, which you can read clicking here. Although there are "only" six maps, the one created by IO Interactive is a real world of replayability, richness and fantasy. You will have a real arsenal, both physical and tactical, of methods, weapons and strategies to kill your targets. The superb level design and the settings full of details go to surround a chapter dedicated to Agent 47 that perfectly closes, if it were not for some smudging, his adventures. We do not want to bore you further, we have already widely expressed ourselves in a very verbose review full of technical and non-technical details. In this article, however, we want to dedicate ourselves to the more playful side of IO Interactive production: let's talk about trophies. 

World of Assassination

The Hitman 3 trophy list consists of 48 total figurines, of which 30 bronze trophies, 16 silver, 1 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Completing Agent 100's adventure 47% is not particularly difficult, our basic advice is to always play online, to make things even easier for you. In addition, you will have to replay the various missions a few times to be able to get all the trophies, but we assure you that it will not be tedious at all: the fun is guaranteed. We remind you, as always, that the list may contain spoilers so do not venture further if you do not want to know absolutely anything about Hitman 3

The first part of the bronze trophies - Hitman 3: here is the complete list of trophies!

Below you will find the first part of the bronze trophies: 

  • Countdown from 47: 47 takes another nap; 
  • Bullet train: Kill a guard with a silenced pistol, one with a shotgun and one with a machine gun; 
  • Wicked wine club: Attend the Providence Secret Gathering; 
  • Ripe at the right point: Vidal in the crusher, a poisoned goblet of Grand Paladin to Yates and eliminate them with gas; 
  • Mark the territory: Discover all the hidden areas of Mendoza; 
  • The last tango: Complete "The Farewell"; 
  • Console cowboy: Use Royce's terminal to fry the central system; 
  • The shock of the future: Eliminate Hush in his "relaxing chair", electrocute Royce and shoot them both with a bullet; 
  • Master of surveillance: Discover all the hidden areas of Chongqing; 
  • NEXUS-47: Complete "The End of an Era"; 
  • Ornithological art: Photograph the yellow bird; 
  • Really high: Tremaine has a rifle accident, Thames with a crane and Montgomery and Banner turn on the club; 
  • Follow the tracks: Discover all the hidden areas of Berlin; 
  • Death at the party: Complete "Superpredatore"; 
  • Family feud: Help Emma eliminate Alexa.

The second part of the bronze trophies - Hitman 3: here is the complete list of trophies! 

Below, however, you will find the second part of the bronze trophies: 

  • Up and down the stairs: Eliminate Alexa in her private room, shoot her from the roof and push her to the grave; 
  • Try them all: Discover all the hidden areas of Dartmoor; 
  • Landlord: Complete "Family Mourning"; 
  • Keep your eyes open: Slide and fall a target while evacuating in a paratrooper suit; 
  • Unfair architecture: Eliminate Ingram with the model, push Stuyvesant from a parapet and eliminate them in flight; 
  • Dune predator: Discover all the hidden areas of Dubai; 
  • Death from above: Complete "On Top of the World"; 
  • Stylish assassin: Get 10 different play styles; 
  • Invisible killer: Eliminate a target without being detected; 
  • A new profile: Complete a featured contract; 
  • First in class: You have passed the highest score in a contract; 
  • Creative assassin: Complete the “Contract Creation” tutorial; 
  • Take the opportunity: Complete a Mission Story in "The Final Test"; 
  • Authorized to operate in the field: Complete "Final Test" in the Prologue; 
  • The result of the training: Complete "Free Training" in the Prologue. 

The silver trophies - Hitman 3: here is the complete list of trophies! 

Below, however, you will find the silver trophies: 

  • Last stop: Achieve proficiency level 5 in the Carpathian Mountains; 
  • Surfing on trains: Complete all “Untouchable” challenges; 
  • Virtuous vineyard: Reach Mastery Level 20 in Mendoza 
  • Abundant harvest: Complete all the Stories of the “Goodbye” mission; 
  • Hack the planet: Reach Mastery Level 20 in Chongqing 
  • Icebreaker: Complete all Stories of the “End of an Era” mission; 
  • Warehouse veteran: Reach Berlin Mastery Level 20; 
  • Last chance: Become the owner of the club and have an interview with the ICA;
  • Open spaces- Reach Mastery Level 20 in Dartmoor 
  • Sold out: Complete all the Stories of the “Mourning in the Family” mission; 
  • Lord of the stars: Reach Dubai Mastery Level 20 
  • Get up: Complete all Stories from the “On Top of the World” mission; 
  • Tools of the trade: Eliminate targets with gunshot kills, crashes and explosions; 
  • Ladder-trainingComplete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set at the ICA Base 
  • Silent killer: Complete "Final Trial" undetected and eliminating only Knight by hiding his body. 

The gold and platinum trophies - Hitman 3: here is the complete list of trophies! 

Below is the title of the Hitman 3 gold trophy: 

  • Fuel of nightmares: Complete "Untouchable". 

And finally, below, the title of the platinum trophy of the latest work by IO Interactive: 

  • World of assassins: Complete all 47 trophies. 

Good murder! 

Here ends our guide dedicated to the trophy list of Hitman 3. We remind you that the title is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia, while the version for Nintendo Switch is arriving later in the year. What do you think about it? Have you already played the latest work of IO Interactive? How are you up to trophies? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news and guides on videogame and tech! 

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