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Aina Prat Blasi
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In the main menu write the following passwords (if the cheat has been entered correctly, you will be notified by a message from a Marine in uniform and the autosave will be disabled; the codes must be entered every time at the beginning of the game):

Unlock Japanese Plans

Unlock all floors

PlayStation 2

The following codes must be entered from the main menu

L1, R2, L2, R3, R1, L3
Cheat menu

Circle, R2, L1, L2, Left D-Pad, Up D-Pad
Unlock Japanese

Analog pad right lever Up, Analog pad right lever Down, Analog pad right lever Left, R2, L1, Analog pad right lever Right
Unlock plans and missions

L1, Left Analog Pad Right Lever, R2, Right Analog Pad Lever Right, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Down
Update Plans


Enter these codes in the main menu:

Update Plans
L, Right with left analog, R, Right with right analog, White, Y

All missions
Up with right analog, Down with right analog, White, Black, Left with right analog, Right with right analog

Unlock Japanese Plans
White, Black, L, R, Up with right analog, Left with right analog

Cheat menu
Y, L, Left D-pad, R, Right D-pad, White

Heroes of the Pacific pc
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Exit date: 23 September 2005

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