Halo Infinite - Complete guide to all skulls

Halo Infinite - Complete guide to all skulls

Halo Infinite is finally available to all users Microsoft, we told you about the title in our dedicated review but, at least in this article, we want to offer you a guide to find all the skulls hidden in the game. With chests, collectibles and hidden objectives scattered throughout the game world, exploration will be key.

The Halo Infinite skulls are one of those collectibles that they allow you to change certain aspects of the game when you equip them. Whether it's increasing the overall difficulty or modifying some smaller and less impactful aspects of the experience. However, we are sure that collectors will go in search of these precious items to test their effects.

Where to find all the Halo Infinite skulls? Here is the guide 

The skulls of Halo Infinite are 12 in total, but they are particularly hidden, if you have problems finding them we have also thought of inserting a video of the Halo Canon channel, which we thank for the content.

Skull Boom

You will find it in the first mission, when you have the task of locating the deck of the ship to deactivate the stasis beam, you will come across a two-level corridor and you will have to go up to the second compartment, at the end of the corridor you will find the skull.

Double the range of explosions while active.

Cowbell Skull 

You will find it during the second mission, when you see the images of the ghost children running through the corridor. After this scene you will reach a dialogue box, roll your eyes to see the skull hidden between two ships.

It will speed up recovery from explosions.


This skull is exclusively a Craig easter egg. At the start of mission 4, use the grappling hook to climb to the top of the building. You will find Craig's memorial and the skull resting on a red chest.

Skull Catch 

You can find it in the north of the map, along the main route. You will have to use a flying vehicle to get there. Search in a crack in the cliffs, you will find the skull next to a tree stump.

Enemies drop grenades upon death.

Skull Fog 

You can find it west of FOB Alpha along the edge of the ring. It is located in a cave set within the hexagonal structure.

Disable the motion detector.

Famine Skull 

It will be easier for you to get this skull if you use a Banshee. Just off the southeastern coast of the map you will find a small island with a high peak. Climbing it will put you face to face with a dead Elite, as he grasps the Skull of Famine in an almost Shakespearean way.

Halve the ammo gained.

Blind Skull 

It is located southwest of the map, in the block region. In this area you will find a large gap between two cliffs. Walk along the edge of this space until you find a metal platform that reflects the light below you. The skull is at the bottom.

Disable the HUD when equipped.

Thunderstorm skull

It can be found between the Reformation and Cemetery areas. Its location is on top of a Forerunner column.

Increases the difficulty of almost all enemies in the game.

Black Eye Skull 

You find it in the central part of the Reformation, hidden behind the waterfall just southwest of the outpost.

When you hit enemies with melee attacks the skull will recharge your shields.

Mythical Skull 

Obtaining this skull is complex, we suggest you watch the video.

Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo in them.

Grunt's birthday skull

As in the previous case, obtaining this skull also involves some steps. We advise you to rely on video.

Headshots to enemies will have "surprises" in servant.

Skull Bandana

You will find this skull during the final mission, in the first Sentinel room. Don't kill them and continue until you reach an activation switch for two light bridges. Cross both bridges and you will find the Skull in the next room.

Provides unlimited ammo and weapons, as well as grenades and resets crew load times.

This was all about Halo Infinite Skulls, we hope we have been useful to you.

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