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Like any self-respecting new person, even in Persona 5 Strikers there is a wide variety of acceptable side missions, the completion of which will allow you to obtain useful rewards for the gameplay phases. These are the so-called "Requests“, And will be unlocked shortly before facing Nightmare Dragon Ango in Sendai Prison (date is 8/3).

Today we will see them all, also specifying useful data such as the rewards and the date by which it will be possible to complete them. If you want to learn more about the game or need a hand, please read our driving on Persona 5 Strikers.

  • What are the requests?
  • Velvet Room Requests
  • Sweeper requests
  • Sophia's Shop Requests
  • The Wishes of Morgana
  • Painful past
  • Challenges of a Thief
  • Powerful enemies
  • Other

What are the requests?

Before starting with the actual guide, I would like to point out a couple of information that will be crucial for you to complete all the requests in the best possible way.

First, remember that each Request will have one Expiration date", after which it will disappear and can no longer be completed.

Furthermore, some requests may be completed several times, although their unique rewards will only be given to you the first time you do so. You will still be able to recognize this category of Requests if they have a partially square icon.

Rewards for completing Requests will vary widely. The simpler ones will donate just a little bit of money, consumables and BOND experience points, while others will be able to donate Skill Cards, gear and even unlock new Personae mergers.

Additionally, for the serial platinists out there, completing requests will earn 3 trophies in total:

  • An outstretched hand (Bronze): Complete a Request
  • Ready to Help Others (Silver): Complete 50 Requests
  • What are friends for? (Bronze): Complete Phantom Thieves Special Requests

That said, we can get started.

Velvet Room Requests

These will be entrusted to you directly by Lavenza in the Velvet Room, and will require the fusion of specific Personae with the required skill.

Requests for Sophia's shop

Some requests will allow you to expand the inventory of the Sophia's shop, giving you access to increasingly useful items. These missions often require you to defeat a certain amount of specific Shadows, occasionally requiring the use of particular game mechanics or party members.

For a complete overview of what you can get from the store, however, check out our guide on this.

Requests of the Sweeper

The Sweeper's requests will require you to retrieve specific items for Ichinose from the various Prisons you visit, and will often reward you with exclusive equipment for the various characters.

They will also be one of the best ways to get money quickly.

Morgana's wishes

Once any prison is completed, particular types of prison will appear inside want hidden in the area.

The requests to find them will be entrusted to you directly by Morgana, however their precise position will not always be clear, so I will explain as best as possible how you can find them.

Past painful and Past painful +

Of requests in which you can face the final bosses of the various Prisons as many times as you want.

They will be repeatable several times if you want, even if the unique reward will be obtained only on the first completion. I recommend that you take a look at our boss guides to understand how to best address these challenges as well.

Also remember that Painful Past + requests will be unlockable only in the post game. You will also need to complete those of Alice, Ango and Mariko to unlock those of Akira and Demiurge.

Phantom Thieves' Requests: A Thief's Challenges

Challenges that will be entrusted to you directly by Phantom Thieves. They will often require you to reach a certain specified location without using fast travel or defeating certain Shadows, and can be repeated multiple times.

Requests for powerful enemies

You will unlock all these requests on the date 8/24, and completing them will allow you to unlock the special blend of shadows that you defeat.

The only request that you will not be able to complete immediately is "The Descent of the Angel of Contracts", as you can only accept it in the post game.

If you want to know how you can then merge these powerful allies, I refer you to our guide to the compendium and the best Personae in the game.

Remember that completing these requests and the various "Painful Pasts" mentioned above will allow you to bring up the optional boss the Reaper, also unlocking the Takeover mechanic.

All other requests

Shibuya requests

Sendai requests

Sapporo requests

Okinawa demands

* As mentioned above, Reaper will only appear after completing all requests for the Powerful enemies e Painful past.

Osaka prison

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