GTA V: here is the list of all the tricks available on PC

In this guide we will list all the tricks that you can use in the PC version of GTA V to get different advantages

That of GTA is one of the video game series most famous in the world and now has countless fans around the world. GTA V is the last chapter published by Rockstar and today has sold over 100.000 copies, achieving resounding success.

Since 1997 with the first GTA, the tricks have always been a recurring element in all chapters of the series. Over time this feature has become very dear to gamers and many fans were happy to see it also in GTA V. If you are interested in trying some tricks, in this guide we will list you all the codes that you can use in the PC version of GTA V to get several advantages.

Activate the cheats

The cheats have been part of the GTA series since the release of the first chapter in the now distant 1997. At that time the cheats had to be inserted within the space dedicated to the name of the character, but now on PC you can use a special console. To access the console of GTA V on PC and enter the tricks, all you have to do is Press the button " ", usually located at the top right of your keyboard. We also remind you that you can use the tricks exclusively in single player and not in GTA Online.

Vehicle Cheats - GTA V: PC Cheats List

In this paragraph we will list you all the tricks of the PC version of GTA V related to vehicles. Before entering these codes make sure you have enough space, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to spawn and you will receive an error message.

Makeup effectCode
Spawn a SanchezOFFROAD
Spawn a CometCOMET
Make a Stretch appearVINEWOOD
Spawn a TrashmasterTRASHED
Spawn a StuntplaneBARNSTORM
Spawn a Rapid GTRAPIDGT
Spawn a BuzzardBUZZOFF
Spawn a PCJ 600ROCKET
Spawn a DodoEXTINCT
Spawn a CaddyHOLEIN1
Spawn a KrakenBUBBLES
Spawn a Duke O'DeathDEATHCAR
Spawn a DusterFLYSPRAY

Generic Cheats - GTA V: PC Cheats List

Now instead we will list the codes to activate the other tricks of the game. Some of these tricks have multiple layers that modify the effect and to switch from one to the other, all you have to do is enter the code several times. Also know that if you enter a code without levels for the second time you will deactivate it. Here is the list of all the other tricks of the PC version of GTA V.

Makeup effectCode
Health and armorTURTLE
Special skill reloadPOWERUP
Invincibility for 5 minutesPAINKILLER
Receive weaponsTOOLUP
Incendiary bulletsINCENDIARY
Explosive bulletsHIGHEX
Explosive melee attacksHOTHANDS
Raise Wanted LevelFUGITIVE
Lower wanted levelLAWYERUP
Slow motion (3 livelli)SLOWMO
Slow aim (3 levels)DEADEYE
Drunk modeLIQUOR
Get a parachuteSKYDIVE
Fall from the skySKYFALL
Super jumpHOPTOIT
Car without sealSNOWDAY
Lunar gravity aboard vehiclesFLOATER
Change weatherMAKEITRAIN

Time to have fun!

Here ends our guide on the cheats of the PC version of GTA V. Now you can finally get the vehicle you want immediately or go around Los Santos to wreak havoc without worrying about the consequences. In case you are interested in other articles on GTA V, we refer you to the other guides on our site, such as the one on how to make money.

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