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Autumn Ring
Win the High Speed ​​Race

Deep forest
Win the Trial Mountain race

Dodge dealership
Win the Special Stage R5 race

Grand Valley Speedway
Win the Clubman Stage 5 race

Special Stage R5
Win the Grand Valeey East race

Subaru Dealership
Win the Deep Forest race

Toyota Dealership
Win the Autumn Ring race

TVR Dealership
Win the Grand Valley Speedway race

Bonus machines

Complete the licenses to win the Bonus machines:

Dodge Concept Car
Complete your driving license B

We are not 400R
Complete the AI ​​license

TRD 3000GT
Complete your license A

Bonus FMV sequences
In Arcade mode, finish all tracks in first position with all cars. This must be done in Class A, B, C.

Bonus machines

Corvette Camaro Z28
Win the Clubman Cup

Mazda Demio A-Spec
Vincete la Sunday Cup

Toyota Soarer LM
Vincete la GT Cup

Unlock High Resolution
Win all 8 tracks in hard mode

See the final movie
Vincete la GT World Cup



Background music selection
Completa le sfide "Block B Driving"

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Exit date: October 1, 2009

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