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    Gears Tactics: Guide to the game's classes

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    We discover in this guide all the classes of Gears Tactics, the spin off of the famous Gears of War series, fully inspired by XCOM

    Gears Tactics is the new video game developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Games Studios that brings the series to the world of turn-based strategy-style XCOM. However, chainsaws, covers and other components of the game guarantee the typical aggressive nature of the series. There is also a lot for fans of the plot, as the title takes place twelve years before Gears of War, narrated thanks to the highest quality cinematics that have nothing to envy to the main series.

    Here we won't have a base to manage like in XCOM, but the team can be organized to our liking with famous soldiers and other random, fully customizable ones. To give more depth to the gameplay, we find five classes with different uses and abilities, Gears tactics seems to have nothing to envy to the founders of the genre as we will see in this guide.

    The return of our trusty chainsaw

    On Gear Tactics a, unlike XCOM, the movements of the characters are not linked to a grid, but automatically adapt to the conformation of the map. It is also possible to put the soldiers in watch positions by choosing the size of the cone area that will trigger theirs surprise attack on the enemy. Depending on the width of the cone we will gain or lose precision.

    As free shares, the executions they are another fundamental part of the game that manage to donate action points to the team. Useful skills that, however, must be used in synergy between all the classes of Gears Tactics, we see in this guide the role of each and the impact they can have on the battle.

    Support - Gears Tactics: Guide to the game's classes

    The first of the classes that we are going to describe in this guide is the Support by Gears Tactics. Its purpose, as its name implies, is to help the team with passive command medications or upgrades. In its skill tree we can find different types of buffs to our skills, each one specialized for a specific use.

    The part dedicated to the Surgeon increases the guardian capacity of the stim, while the Combat Medic is for those looking for a hybrid game style between attack and healing making the most of the classic Lancer with chainsaw. Finally Strategist and Paragon are for those who want a leader support class to guarantee passive and active bonuses to the whole team. A handy skill that you can make use of is the Stim Granade which enhances allied units within a specific area of ​​effect.

    Machine Gunner - Gears Tactics: Game Class Guide

    This is the right class to wreak havoc on the enemy under the blows of your heavy weaponry. This is one of our biggest sources of damage and will spend a lot of time on the front lines. Face to face with the enemy makes use of the Vulcan Gatling Gun, which thanks to its special passive bonus can compensate for its typical lack of precision. The Heavy, firing from a standstill, can in fact accumulate the bonus in turns Anchoring, which guarantees him greater precision. It therefore becomes important to find a good placement and move this class as little as possible. Also, the closer you are to the enemy, the more likely you are to hit.

    Sniper - Gears Tactics: Game Class Guide

    The Sniper obviously focuses on long-range attacks, being in the rear he must be able to do his job in peace. It is important to move this class to make sure that the accuracy percentage is as close to 100% as possible. It must therefore be moved to the rear and if necessary move it to high places to improve their chances of hitting. Like all soldiers, he has four branches of skill: Marksmanship, Hunter, Assassin e Stalker. Many of his skills also serve to improve accuracy and stun the enemy thanks to concussive attacks.

    Scout - Gears Tactics: guide to the game's classes

    The Scout is the typical reconnaissance soldier, to be used then to discover the map and attack enemies up close when you least expect it. It can indeed go Invisible to get close to the enemy with ease and strike with a lethal attack but with a long cooldown. This is a noisier version of the classic sneak attack, brought to fruition thanks to its faithful shotgun Gnasher. It's a very useful class for lobbying and flanking the enemy.

    Vanguard - Gears Tactics: Guide to the game's classes

    Finally we find the Vanguard, the last of the Gears Tactics classes that completes this guide with its tank skills. As such, his job is to attract the enemy's attention and take most of the damage in place of others. All of this is possible thanks to its ability to distract enemies and self-sustain, making it resistant to hits that would kill other units. As a weapon it makes use of the Lancer with bayonet to be effective even in close combat. Among the characters of this class we can find Sid Redburn, a veteran soldier on our main squad.

    Turn-based but always hectic

    With the guide that we have provided, you now know the main mechanics related to the classes of Gears Tactics. In case you have any doubts or questions about this turn-based game developed by The Coalition, ask us your questions below in the comments or take a look at our trophy guide or suggestions for many other games.

    Will you try this title or is it your first time approaching the series? We inform you that Gears Tactics will be available from April 28, 2020 for PC, soon also on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass. I also invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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