Fortnite Season 7: the guide to the challenges of Week 5

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New round, new guide for Fortnite's weekly challenges: Season 7 continues to grind consensus and we have arrived at the challenges of Week 5, let's see them together 

Our Fortnite-themed guides return, with particular attention to what will be the weekly challenges of the seasons that will gradually follow one another in the game. The latest extended title patch has brought the new Season 7 into the hands of all fans, with a substantial update that also added a new graphics performance mode. In short, the news arrived are so many, in full Epic Games style. Let's see together, with our short guide, what are the Legendary and Epic Challenges of this week 5 of Fortnite season 7! 

Still aliens! 

We remind you that the legendary challenges will be officially available starting from Wednesday, as for every week, while for the epics you will have to wait 24 hours more. Furthermore, as always, this list derives from leaks and datamining, and has not been officially released by Epic. Let's start the guide by telling you that, as expected, even the challenges of this Week 5 of Fortnite Season 7 are focused on narrative. Last week the Steel Factor disappeared, this week Slone is back. As for the Legendary Challenges, many are obscure and meaningless for now. We can only tell you that you can find Challenge 1 Public Phones mainly near bus stations and little else. If, on the other hand, you want to get infected with an alien parasite, just meet a daring flying alien and have it planted in your head. Let's see the Legendary Challenges together! 

The Legendary Challenges - Fortnite Season 7: the guide to the challenges of Week 5

Below is the complete list of the legendary challenges of week 5, including experience points that can be obtained once completed: 

  • Receive Slone's orders from a pay phone 0/1, 15000 experience points; 
  • Interact with a local radio 0/1, 45000 experience points;
  • Place welcome gifts at Verdant Nursery 0/2, 30000 experience points;
  • Array Alien Nanites 0/1, 30000 experience points;
  • Dance next to Zyg and Choppy 0/1, 30000 experience points;
  • Get infected with an alien parasite and talk to Sunny 0/1, 30000 experience points. 

Aliens, OI Guards and much more - Fortnite Season 7: the guide to the challenges of Week 5

As for the Epic Challenges, however, the list will be much more familiar to those most accustomed to Fortnite. Many of these can be completed at satellite stations or Podere Pannocchia and will ask you to destroy computer equipment, inflict damage on OI guards or use OI and alien weapons. The "intruders" mentioned in challenge 3 are nothing more than particular alien enemies that you will find in any area subject to invasion. In short, let's see this list of Epic Challenges together!

The Epic Challenges - Fortnite Season 7: the guide to the challenges of Week 5

Below is the list of Epic Challenges of this week 5 of Fortnite season 7: 

  • Destroy computer equipment at satellite stations or at Podere Pannocchia (0/3), 30000 experience points; 
  • Deal damage to OI guards 0/250, 30000 experience points; 
  • Eliminate intruders 0/2, 30000 experience points; 
  • Inflict damage with OI or alien weapons 0/500, 30000 experience points; 
  • Loot supply shipments 0/2, 30000 experience points; 
  • Damage a flying saucer piloted by someone 0/800, 30000 experience points; 
  • Open an OI chest in a satellite station or in Podere Pannocchia 0/1, 30000 experience points. 

Have fun! 

Here ends our guide on the Challenges of Week 5 of Fortnite Season 7. What do you think? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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