Fortnite: a guide to the challenges of week 5 of season 5

The new challenges of this week 5 of Fortnite season 5 have already arrived and we at Holygamerz, as always, provide you with a guide to be able to overcome them

We have now reached the halfway point as far as this is concerned Fortnite season 5. The long-awaited ones came out today challenges of week 5, already revealed a few days ago through a leak. Let's find out together, thanks to our guide, how to overcome them in the fastest and painless way possible.

Fortnite: let's see how to overcome the free challenges of week 5 of season 5 | Guide

Search for chests in the junk crossroads (0/7)

Unlike the previous weeks in which this challenge was included in the Battle Pass, today it appears among the free ones. So here is the map of all places where chests may spawn.

The map features elements from the past season, but the locations where the crates spawned remain unchanged.

Using the portals of the Rift (0/3)

These portals are nothing more than the cracks that can be seen around the game. Making a map would have been too expensive and useless in this guide since these particular portals can be found almost everywhere after the arrival of Fortnite season 5. In fact, you can find them in almost all areas that have hills. My advice is to use them one after the other (if you find more than one nearby) in order to complete this mission of the challenges of the week 5 immediately.

Eliminate opponents in a single game (0/3) (DIFFICULT)

This is probably one of the most difficult missions to complete for those without high combat and / or construction skills. In this case, you can use two tactics:

  • try to land first in a very crowded place and then immediately take a weapon and kill the enemies;
  • land in a quiet place and try to take opponents by surprise while they are fighting each other or while they are intent on looking for some weapon from the losers.

Fortnite: let's see how to overcome the challenges of the Battle Pass for this week 5 of season 5 | Guide

Inflict damage to players with a sticky grenade, a smelly vial or a grenade (0/300)

To complete this mission you can safely play in the 50 vs 50 mode, take down some enemies and use one of these three grenades to inflict final damage on them. You will complete the mission with a maximum of 4 opponents.

Hit a golf ball from the tee to the green over several holes (0/5)

As can be seen from the map below, all the different holes will be located in the new Borgo Bislacco of the game added this season. To complete the challenge you will have to hitting the ball from the tee (it would be the stake on which it rests when making the first shot) and get it to the green, which is the lightest area of ​​grass surrounding the hole. Watch out for the various enemies that may attack you as you try to complete the mission.

Follow the treasure map found in the snobbish beaches (0/1) (DIFFICULT)

Below you will find the maps with the precise point in which to look for the star.

Eliminate opponents in Confused Conducts (0/3) (HARD)

My advice for completing this mission quickly is to land slightly apart and equip yourself properly (better if with a pump and a machine gun). Then go to the Ducts and take out as many enemies as you can. Alternatively, you can try to land before the opponents and take them out while they are looking for weapons.

Well guys, that's all for this week 5 guide. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to comment below. I remember who was still on the high seas with challenges of week 4 which can consult our guide by clicking here. In order not to miss further news regarding Fortnite and this season 5, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz!

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Fortnite: guide to the challenges of week 5 | Season 6 ❯
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