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Don't like the default outfit in Fire Emblem Three Houses? Don't be discouraged, here is a guide on how to change clothes

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a title that focuses a lot on the characters present, on all the relationships that bind them and on the story. While you will be focused on this, however, many of you may worry about their outfit and image. That's why we have prepared this guide that will help you understand how to change clothes in the Koei Tecmo game.

Pre-order by DLC

Before starting with the actual guide, remember that the original outfit was initially editable only via a special pre-order or DLC which allows you to add different clothes to your wardrobe than those canonically worn by the characters. After the game was released one was released patch which allows you to change your clothing even without special DLC. No more chatter and let's find out how to change clothes in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Download the patch - Fire Emblem Three Houses: Change Clothes

As already mentioned above, initially the change of clothes was reserved only for those who had pre-ordered a particular DLC. After the release of the title, however, a patch was released that allows you to access different clothes without the need to own the DLC. Just go to the home of your Nintendo Switch, press Plus on Fire Emblem Three Houses and check for the latest updates. If your version is not the latest, start the download of the patch.

How to wear new clothes - Fire Emblem Three Houses: change clothes

Check that the patch has been downloaded correctly and proceed with the change of outfit. You will have to choose your house and have access to your room. After this step, go to the desk; there you will have the possibility to change clothes. It might be possible, however, that the new clothes are not immediately available, in this case do not worry. Do not try to update the title because it may happen that the patch allows you to change your outfit only later in the game. In all likelihood, those who have purchased the DLC will have access to the outfit change right away.

Who wants to look beautiful

This was our guide on how to change clothes in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Let's recap everything briefly:

  • Check the game version and download the patch.
  • Choose the own house and go to your room.
  • At the desk an outifit change will be available.
  • Should it not be available immediately it will be later.
  • Who will have purchased he DLC will immediately have access to the change of clothes.

If you enjoyed this type of content and needed it, please let us know! In the meantime, here is a guide for you on how to recruit students, with several tricks and tips to implement. To continue to be updated on all the news from the videogame world and beyond, stay tuned to the pages of Holygamerz.

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