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    FIFA 21: how to defend correctly

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    Two weeks after the release of FIFA, it is still not clear how to defend against opponent attacks. For this reason, today we want to explain to you how to defend effectively in FIFA 21

    With FIFA 21, EA has raised further the bar of difficulty in football simulation. Of all the additions, novelties and changes made to the game from the past year, it also falls within the defence. This year, as never before, defending is as difficult as it is essential, and a player who does not know how to defend properly can only see his team succumb to masses of goals. For this reason, today we want to explain to you how to defend in FIFA 21 and be competitive.

    The best defense is offense

    Traditionally, most FIFA players prefer attack with drawn sword than to defend, and it is not difficult to understand why. What could be more satisfying than destroying your opponent with an avalanche of goals? But in FIFA, as well as in real football, in addition to attacking one must also know how to defend. In addition to being a fundamental component of the game, a good defense can be really satisfying, and at the same time allow your team to restart on the attack. Get ready to discover with us, in this guide, how to defend effectively in FIFA 21.

    If you have the ball, your opponents can't score - FIFA 21: how to defend 

    One of the (logically) main concepts of football is that having good possession of the ball, or recovering it as soon as possible in case it is lost, avoids as much as possible the possibility of opponent attacks. Having the ball means gain field, and gaining the field means getting closer and closer to the opponent's goal. We know that this is an elementary concept, but it is good to remember it every now and then. To recover the ball you don't necessarily have to rely on defense, and you can also rely on central midfielders (especially the defensive ones).

    It doesn't make much sense, therefore, to throw your CDC forward in the non-possession phase or to make it go out of time with risky interventions in midfield. Rather, you could try to keep it in its original position and stall until it creates numerical superiority. The AI ​​will not fail to field the defense correctly (most of the time) and this can ward off opposing threats. Even aggressive pressing can be particularly effective, leading the opponent to make mistakes and then restarting the ball and chain.

    Watch out for the line of defense - FIFA 21: how to defend 

    To the advice to press aggressively we must add a small clarification. Aggressively, it does not mean raising the line of defense recklessly. It is true that an aggressive defense can be the quickest way to recover the ball and start again, but if you make a mistake, you are completely exposed and ready to suffer. Often, waiting for your opponents in defense can be the right way to protect your goal.

    In this regard, our advice is to cover the man with the ball and chain by holding down the key to delay, and possibly groped to double. By delaying, again, the game's AI will deploy the defense in the best possible way by covering any holes and aligning the defense. This way you can wait for the opponent and retrieve the ball at the right time to attempt the restart.

    Hand play - FIFA 21: how to defend 

    In FIFA 21, defending has become really complicated, especially against players who are too fast. The game is full of players over 90 in the "Speed" attribute and this is the biggest problem to deal with, often with a slow defense. The first tip is to follow fast players with full backs, traditionally much quicker than central defenders. The second is that of strattonare the opponent within the limits of the allowed and then intervene in the tackle.

    By opting for the second choice, in particular, you have to be particularly careful. Tugging can be the right move to slow down your opponent and allow your team to recover, but by exaggerating it is easy to concede penalties and earn cards. Tugging on an opposing player for too long will inevitably lead to fouling, just as shortly tugging will have no effect. As always, the truth lies somewhere in between: pulling at the right point will allow you, with a little timing, to intervene correctly with the key. X / Square.

    Tactical fouls banned this year - FIFA 21: how to defend 

    One of the last strategies for recovering the ball in particularly dangerous situations is that of do it tactical. The tactical foul can be, if necessary, the last resort to interrupt the opponent's counterattack and keep the clean sheet. There, in FIFA 21 absolutely forget to resort to the tactical foul. Or rather, you can do it but at a very high price. First of all, this year the referees are much tougher than in the previous chapter (let's say too much). Consequently, a tactical foul corresponds (as in reality) to a yellow card, which often becomes a red due to the referee's easy whistle.

    Our advice is to pay extreme attention to how the tactical foul is spent and in which area of ​​the field, because the consequences could be disastrous. A reckless intervention could reduce you outnumbered, and in a soccer game that is closer to the arcade than the simulation this can be very expensive. At most you can hope that lo script do its "magic" ...

    Timing is the key - FIFA 21: how to defend 

    Last advice, but absolutely fundamental, concerns the timing of the interventions. As already mentioned, the referees this year have both the whistle and the easy card. A wrong or slightly out of time intervention could cost a lot, seeing cards drawn for really stupid fouls. This year, in FIFA 21, defending has become really difficult and timing is the key to good speech. Our advice to intervene correctly is to wait for the opponent (when possible) and intervene with X / Square only when you are sure you are catching the ball and not the opponent.

    If the opponent is thrown or in any case too fast for our defenders, the only solution is to jerk and then intervene at the right moment. To do this, join the opposing player and use the physicist button. Once the player has slowed down, wait for the right moment to tackle (normal or sliding) and retrieve the ball. If at first it seems almost impossible to retrieve the ball without making a foul, with a little good practice you will be able to improve and master the tricky defense of FIFA 21.

    An impassable wall

    Well, this was our guide on how to defend correctly in FIFA 21. Obviously these are not absolute truths, but advice; practice will allow you to improve more and more and consequently to win as many games as possible! Keep in mind and treasure what we have explained to you, and you will see that in record time you will be able to contain the opponents boarding.

    We greet you with a big good luck for your FUT, and as always we invite you to stay tuned to Holygamerz for more news, guides and much more about FIFA and the world of video games. Bye!

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