Fallout 76 Guide: How to PvP Without Getting Wanted

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Fallout 76, by now we know it well, cuts ties with the rest of the saga by abandoning the single player and throwing itself completely on the online. It is possible to focus exclusively on PvE matches, but it is obvious that there is also a clash between players.

However, PvP within Fallout 76 works in a particular way. When you shoot another player, you are basically "proposing" PvP to them. As long as the opponent ignores us, we will only inflict 50% of the damage with our attacks; if it returns fire, the battle will begin and we will both deal normal damage.

Killing an opponent who hasn't accepted PvP will earn you Wanted status. The other players on the server can then come and kill us to earn a reward. For some it might be a fun mechanic, but we are sure that many players would just like to have access to a normal competitive mode.

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If that were the case for you too, here it is two PvP modes with no side effects (excluding a potential and embarrassing defeat, of course).

Hunters and prey

This PvP mode can be activated in the Pip-Boy: as always, you must be at level 5, at a minimum. To access it you have to go to the radio section and choose the “Hunters and prey” station. By doing so, you will be placed in a lobby - at least four players are required to start the fight. While in the lobby, however, you can continue to complete quests, explore the map and do whatever you want. You will not be physically stuck in one place.

The goal of this mode is to find and kill another player. That is, to be the hunter in search of prey. But be careful, at the same time you will be someone else's target. Once you have eliminated an opponent, you will get his goal. The aim of course is to be the last survivor.

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By scoring a good result (or even winning) you get special prizes. Currently, however, this variant of classic PvP does not seem very well known. If you are eager to jump into the competition, there is a second method that we offer you.

Team Deathmatch mode

It is something completely different and, to some extent, more classic. Going to Fort Prickett, It is possible to activate a Team Deathmatch. Arriving in this place, in fact, an event will begin: within this it is possible to choose one of the two sides (the Union or the Confederates) and fight with the opponents. The team that gets the most kills wins the match.

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This concludes our guide to Fallout 76 PvP. In the event that other modes should emerge, we will not fail to update you. Tell us: Are you enjoying Fallout 76?

If you are looking for a particular PvP, Fallout 76 may be the right choice for you, especially now that it is on sale.

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