Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | Postgame (Secret Boss, Arale, Super attacks)

Page 6: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | Postgame (Secret Boss, Arale, Super attacks)

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You are almost at the end of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and you don't know what else to do? Don't worry because Goku's new adventure is full of secret contents, provided you know where to look and how to unlock them.

For this very reason here is one complete guide to the postgame which precisely answers the question: what to do once the story of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is finished? We will show you where to find the side story of Arale, another famous manga by Akira Toriyama, the secret boss View, how to unlock super attacks, how to reach the Sacred World of Kai and much more.

How to unlock Mira, the secret boss of the game?

  • From the last chapters of the Saiyan Saga will appear in the game i Super Dangerous Enemies. It's about a super version of basic enemies surrounded by a red aura, very high level and boosted stats.

    These fearsome opponents are marked with a red crown directly on the game map and defeating them all is practically impossible before the end of the main storyline. In addition to providing many experience points and rewards, defeating them will also unlock the secret boss of the game along with 2 other requirements:

    1. Once the Super Dangerous Enemies have been eliminated, just go to one of the initial areas, the Lucca village, and defeat Gotenks e Gotan.
    2. Finally, just reach the Sacred World of Kai to face View.

    This character is the main boss of the video game series Dragon Ball Xenoverse and it also peeks out in Kakarot almost like an easter egg. However, defeating him is not exactly a walk in the park and before facing him, since he is at Level 100, we advise you to fully upgrade Goku's stats.

    How to unlock Super Saiyan level for Goten and Trunks?

    In this case, simply end the game and then look in the skill tree of the two characters to see a new option, the one for the Super Saiyan, which can be upgraded by 3 levels.

    How to reach the Sacred World of Kai?

    Again, to achieve the Sacred World of Kai and the worlds of King Kaioh, you just have to finish the main adventure and select these areas from the world map.

    Side Story: Dr. Slump and Arale

  • By finishing the main story you can also access the free DLC that unlocks the Arale's side story. The nice little robot and her friends will in fact be very far from home and you will have to help them get back to Dr. Slump. At the end of the mission you will get several useful objects to enhance the communities, some D medal and above all the soul emblems of Arale and Gatchan.

    School of the turtle: how to train better

    As always in Dragon Ball, training takes center stage, and one of the best ways to get items, recipes, community boosts, and stats is by completing all of the master's workouts. Roshi.

    To tackle these workouts, just go to the beam of blue light on the Kame House island. Here there will still be the beam of blue light that you unlocked at the beginning of the game, but after the end of the adventure it will be full of new workouts to complete.

    These workouts are also great for gain experience quickly and D Medals, one of the coins you will need the most throughout the game.

    Super Attacks: Learn the best skills

    To learn the best skills, which will be useful for inflicting serious damage on more powerful enemies such as Mira, however, you will have to go through the Training room of the Capsule Corporation. This is unlocked in the second episode of the Cell saga and, once the game is over, it will allow you to face special trainings and unlock new skills like the upgraded version of the kamehameha.

    But remember that each new level of training must be unlocked and to do this you will have to obtain different materials that can be found in the many areas of the game. If you have purchased the DLC, in this training room you can also challenge the boss segreto Bonyu.

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