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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: how to beat Nappa using Gohan

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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has just been released, and we are ready with our dedicated guides! Today we offer you a guide on how to beat Nappa in case you play as Gohan

    Because Vegetate serves as the final boss of the gods saga Saiyan, Nappa it's kind of like he's a mini-boss alike. But in case you choose to play as Gohan, what will be the best moves to beat Nappa in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? If you've come here, it's probably because you need help, so don't worry - we're here to clarify! In fact, Gohan and the rest of the party must first defeat Nappa twice, as opposed to Goku. These two fights can also be quite difficult, so here are a number of helpful strategies.

    Know the enemy first

    First thing to keep in mind about the "boss fight" between Nappa and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, is that Nappa will also have Krillin e Tensing to help him. At this point, Gohan will only have three special attacks available. Our advice is to focus on Masenko as best option. There is also to keep in mind that Nappa is what is called "fizzer“, That is, a character who can do a lot of damage in a short time. This means that for Gohan it will be necessary to protect himself well from his attacks, perhaps even using theVanish attack to appear behind him.

    Eye of the Armbreaker - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: how to beat Nappa using Gohan

    Nappa will also be able to throw special attacks on you, but the most common will be Break arm. This is a basic attack in reality: Nappa sinks his arms trying to break those of the opponent, dealing a lot of damage. Already this attack is quite dangerous, but the absolute one you need to be careful of is Giant Storm. In this case, Nappa will activate a cutscene of a few seconds immediately after which you will have to try to escape from the attack range as quickly as possible. If you don't succeed in time, you risk taking a lot of damage.

    Round two - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: how to beat Nappa using Gohan

    Another useful tip is to use i wisely supporting characters that you will have available in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, especially against the Solar Flares in Crilin. The best would be to use a stun to attack or to reload your Ki. After a few cutscenes before the end of round two, you will also have Small to help you as your second support character. Be prepared though, because the second round will not be easy. Now Nappa will be mixing up many more super attacks making them even more dangerous.

    In addition to the aforementioned, the Sonic Storm when it is above you, Blazing Storm e Bomber DX. The latter is his most attack forte: Nappa charges a blast of energy into his hand and throws it at full strength at the opponent. Nappa's special attacks can take a lot of life out of you, especially when he starts throwing one after another. That's why we recommend that you have it on hand first objects to heal you and to do so as soon as you succeed in the middle of the fight. When you finally manage to defeat Nappa, this chapter will end.

    May the best man win!

    I hope today's guide was useful to you! We remind you that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Don't miss out on all the other guides about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that you can find on our site, for example how to summon Shenron or how to earn Zeni. In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck in your fight against Nappa and hope to see you again on Holygamerz soon.

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