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In this guide we will show you where to find all the Days Gone NERO research sites and how to reach them with our motorbike or on foot

If you have taken Days Gone with the PlayStation Plus or if you have found all the places where NERO has placed its search sites and you cannot reach a certain place, this guide is the one for you. For those who are waiting the release of the title on PC and want to know some more details about the game, I invite you to read our review. What better way to start the adventure knowing what awaits us? So let's start this guide and let's find out where to find and how to reach all NERO search sites.

What Days Gone NERO research sites are, where they can be found and how they can be reached

For those of you who have already played the title you will surely already know what awaits you. Those who have not yet done so, or are only at the beginning, rightly need some more explanation. These particular places, scattered far and wide throughout the map, are of vital importance. Inside each NERO station, whether they are research sites or principals, we will find a metal box that will contain the NERO technology.

This particular object, which will be consumed on the spot by injection, it will guarantee our Deacon a permanent increase in energy, vigor or concentration depending on our choice. Furthermore, here it will also be possible to find very important recordings for the lore of the game. Thanks to these, in fact, we will be able to find out what happened in those places before they were definitively abandoned.

However it is good to do one clear distinction between research sites and principals. The first are in fact places, we can define them as outposts, in which NERO conducted its research on the virus that hit the population. Here they came all infected were studied directly on the spot to understand their habits and to catalog them according to their abilities. The principals, on the other hand, were checkpoints, much larger than research sites, and acted almost as small headquarters.

In this guide we will explain where to find all NERO search sites present in Days Gone and how to reach each of them. In another guide we will show you instead where to find the principals, what they are and how to reactivate them. Furthermore, again in this guide, it will also be explained how to access Chemlut Community College. For more details, I invite you to read it clicking here.

Things to know before continuing - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

The research sites, unlike the principals, they are almost always found in areas that are difficult to reach on the map or in any case away from the main roads. They are often found inside caves or in abandoned fields. At other times they are found at accident sites, often identifiable from afar through destroyed helicopters nearby. Once identified these will be visible on the map.

To identify them, just go to the search site and an X will appear on the map. However, there are other ways to find out where they are. The "simplest" of all is reading the cards present in the bunkers of the hidden camps. However, contrary to the principals, once the NERO technology has been used, the icon will disappear and they cannot be used to move quickly.

Another important factor to always keep in mind is the location of these search sites. As mentioned above, these are located inside caves or in hard to reach places. As for the former, usually these caves are populated by hordes of the infected. I therefore advise you to go there at night, when the cave is free from enemies. If you want to know where to find all the hordes, you can read our relative guide by clicking here.

As for the harder to reach ones, you will need one motorcycle update. To jump longer in fact you will need dell’upgrade N20 - shown in the picture - which will guarantee you a small turbo. You can purchase level 1 at Copeland's camp for 900 credits. Using this however you will have to choose the timing for the jump well, as the usage time is shorter.

As with what happened in the other guide on principals, this too, for simplicity, will be divided into several parts based on the areas of the map. Below you will find the list with links to directly reach the various areas of interest.

  • Cascade NERO research sites
  • Belknap NERO research sites
  • Lost Lake NERO research sites
  • Iron Butte BLACK research sites
  • Crater Lake NERO research sites
  • NERO research sites of the 97 Expressway

Cascade NERO Research Sites - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the four numbered research sites in this area.

Research site NERO 1

As the image above reports, we can find several research sites in the Cascade region. The first one you will surely find is the one in southern part of the region, near the entrance to Lost Lake. The site it will be found on a hill reachable only by jumping with the motorbike. So, before reaching it you will need to equip the upgrade as in the previous section of the guide.

Once this is done, head to the place indicated in the image, open the gas and activate the turbo. When you get to the other side you will find the NERO technology ready to be used and in addition the usual recording that will explain a bit of lore.

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_1_1

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_1_2

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_1_3

Research site NERO 2

The second search site is located east of the region. To reach it, all you have to do is head east with the motorcycle from your shelter. Once you reach the tracks you will have to follow them and cross a bridge to reach the site. Pay particular attention because just below the bridge is one of the possible feeding areas for a horde.

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_2_1

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_2_2

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_2_3

Research site NERO 3

This site is slightly harder to find and definitely presents more dangers than the previous ones. It is located in the northeastern part of the map, near the Pioneers Cemetery. Follow the road to arrive at the designated point on the map below. You will find yourself in an open space used for parking where you can retrieve some material. However, pay close attention to the shed nearby.

In fact, there will be a nest here, unless you have already eliminated it. If it's still there, it's time to destroy it. To continue you will have to burn the nest. Once done, enter the shed, collect those few objects that are inside and exit the other side. You will find yourself on a downhill path with a rocky wall on the right. Continue and once you arrive in a clearing proceed to the left, where you will find a wooden bridge and a cave. Inside you will find the beacon that will show you the location of the search site. Pay close attention to the horde that may be inside the cave.

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_3_1

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_3_2

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_3_3

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_3_4

Research site NERO 4

The last site is located in the northwestern part of the region. Starting from the Horse Lake garrison, continue northwest and you will find yourself in a clearing with a small lake next to it. On the left you will see the entrance to a mine. Be very careful because even here there could be a horde being one of the land used as a "home" for these packs of enemies. Go inside and you will immediately find the beacon with the respective search site.

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_4_1

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_4_2

  • Site_Riceca_1_Cascade_4_3

Belknap NERO Research Sites - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the two numbered research sites in this area.

Research site NERO 1

The first site is located in the western part of the region. Head to the indicated place e you will find a ramp ready to be used. Jump over and you will land at the crash site. Try to gain as much speed as possible e use the turbo only when necessary, that is when you are near the cliff. If you have done everything perfectly then you will be able to land safely. Now head to the right where you can climb up to reach the research site.

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_1_1

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_1_2

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_1_3

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_1_4

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_1_5

Research site NERO 2

To reach the second site it will be enough for you head north east from the previous one. You will reach a place with 3 small lakes. In the direction of the rocky coast that caresses the two smaller lakes you will notice a cave. Be very careful because there will be a horde inside ready to jump on you at the slightest noise. Get rid of the latter or at most go back to it at night, when it has gone out hunting.

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_2_1

  • Site_Research_2_Belknap_2_2

Lost Lake NERO Research Sites - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the two numbered research sites in this area.

Research site NERO 1

The first site of this region will be found east of the old sawmill. Head to the point indicated on the map e here too you will find a ramp ready to wait for you. Again, be very careful when jumping to avoid crashing into the rock face. Once we have reached the scene of the accident head left and go around the block which will prevent you from reaching the site.

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_1_1

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_1_2

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_1_3

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_1_4

Research site NERO 2

The second search site will be found in the northeastern part of the region, more precisely north of Iron Mike's farm. The site will be found on a rise just near the entrance to a cave. Pay close attention because a horde of infected will find accommodation inside ready to attack poor Deacon. To avoid meeting them, I recommend that you go there at night, when the infected will come out to feed.

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_2_1

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_2_2

  • Site_Research_3_Lost_Lake_2_3

Iron Butte NERO Research Sites - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the only numbered search site in this area.

Research site NERO 1

The only research site of this region is located in the southern part of the map, almost in correspondence with a hidden encampment. It will not be necessary to attack the Camp of the Hideous, however, if you want to be a little quieter while you are dedicated to loot, then I highly recommend that you clear it. Just before the entrance to the camp, head right, going up the hill.

Once you get to the wooden barricade of the camp, turn left where you will find the ramp that will allow you to jump until you get to the accident site. Coordinate well and take flight. Once you land on the other side, be careful not to enter the sniper's visual range of the camp.

  • Site_Research_4_Iron_Butte_1_1

  • Site_Research_4_Iron_Butte_1_2

  • Site_Research_4_Iron_Butte_1_3

  • Site_Research_4_Iron_Butte_1_4

Crater Lake NERO Research Sites - Where to find and how to get to NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the five numbered research sites in this area.

Research site NERO 1

The first site of this region is located in the southwest corner of the same. Although many sites are scattered in areas that are difficult to reach, some like this one here can be reached via the main quests. Just one of these takes us inside the cave where the research site is located. The box will also be clearly identifiable from the outside, just below the waterfall. Just enter the cave and you will find it on the left.

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_1_1

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_1_2

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_1_3

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_1_4

Research site NERO 2

The second search site is located instead further north and it's easily accessible from Diamond Lake camp. It will in fact be located to the west of it and we can always reach it through a mission. However, realizing it will be difficult. To reach this site we will have two ways of access, just as shown in the pictures below. The first will allow us to access from the left side through the entrance to a mine.

The second instead is found on the right side of the clearing and plans to climb up the mountain and then sneak into the mine through a small hole. This is also the fastest of all that will allow us to get to the search site in the shortest time. Below you will find images with both paths.

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_2_1

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_2_2

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_2_4

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_2_3

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_2_5

Research site NERO 3

This site is located a little more southwest of the previous one. Getting there will not be difficult as it is located on a small hill easily accessible both by motorbike and on foot. However, there is a big problem called the horde. The path that leads to the site practically passes in front of the cave of a horde. Walking crouched will therefore be the wisest choice that will allow you not to make too much noise. However, watch out for when you take the recording which could awaken the infected if you pass too close.

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_3_1

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_3_2

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_3_3

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_3_4

Research site NERO 4

The fourth site is slightly particular compared to the others. This indeed is found inside a house along the main road south of Wizard Island. Arrive at the designated location, eliminate the various enemies in the area and enter the building. You will find the box with NERO technology on an appliance.

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_4_1

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_4_2

Research site NERO 5

proceed from the previous site to the east, always following the main road. The site of the accident will be found on an islet and to reach it, all you have to do is jump with your bike. Pay close attention to the boulder on the left of the ramp because if taken at high speed it could throw you off the bike and make you fall into the water.

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_5_1

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_5_2

  • Site_Research_5_Crater_Lake_5_3

NERO Research Sites of Freeway 97 - Where to find and how to reach NERO research sites in Days Gone

Below is the map with the four numbered research sites in this area.

Research site NERO 1

The first site is located in the central part of the map, slightly north of Chemlut Community College. Getting there will be very easy. It will be enough for you mark the place and follow the GPS entering the cave. Fortunately, there will be no surprises waiting for us here. Go inside and get the NERO technology.

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_1_1

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_1_2

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_1_3

Research site NERO 2

Proceed east from the previous one and you will have reached this other search site as well. You will surely recognize the place as it is the place where you will face your first horde. Although therefore you have vanquished the previous one, in the cave where the research site is located there will be another one waiting for you. It is up to you to decide whether to destroy it and recover the NERO technology or to go there at night and solve the problem.

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_2_1

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_2_2

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_2_3

Research site NERO 3

Following the 97 freeway from the petrol station near the previous site, we will arrive at a ramp that will allow us to make the first jump. Shortly after landing on the first islet, however, we will have to make a second jump to reach the opposite bank of the river and recover the technology. Pay close attention to the return jump though. If you are not fast enough in fact you will land in the water and lose your bike. You will then be forced to walk back to the first nearby camp - Wizard Island - to retrieve it.

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_3_1

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_3_2

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_3_3

Research site NERO 4

To find the latest site continue south along the 97 freeway and reach its end. Here you will find a destroyed bridge and you will instinctively jump on the appropriate ramp present. However you will have to stop first and leave the bike where it is. Get off one of the banks and under the bridge you will find the last box containing the NERO technology and the last recorder. Grab them and that's it!

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_4_1

  • Site_Research_6_Superstrada_97_4_2

For this guide on where to find and how to get to all of Days Gone's NERO search sites that's now all. I remind you that the game is available for PlayStation, but from 18 May it will also arrive on PC at the recommended price of € 49,99, although it can already be found for a lower price on Instant Gaming. To not miss further news and guides from the videogame world, keep following the pages of Holygamerz!

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