Days Gone: where to find all the Collectibles of the Characters

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In Days Gone there are different types of collectibles, such as those relating to individual characters that explain details belonging to them. In this guide we will see how and where to find all 33 of them

Days Gone is the new exclusive IP of PlayStation and, although underestimated and criticized by many before its release, it has been able to deny every negative rumor and prejudice. SIE Bend Studio seems to have hit the mark with this action-survival game which, with great probability (sales permitting), will be the first in a series.

In this guide we will see how and where to find all 33 collectibles related to individual characters, so let's get started!

Days Gone: where to find all the Collectibles of the Characters

Searching for collectibles will allow you to unlock a trophy, so it is essential for obtaining platinum. We remind you that in this guide some spoiler about places or characters, so be very careful. In the guide we will mark 26 of them, since 7 will be obtainable through the main story and you cannot miss them, but let's start now!

  • Collectible # 1 - Copeland's Camp - Behind the mechanic's desk.
  • Collectible # 2 - Copeland's Camp - To the right of the mechanic, on a table next to the disassembled truck.
  • Collectible # 3 - Copeland's Camp - In Copeland's room, at the top, on his radio desk.
  • Collectible # 4 - Copeland's Camp - Right next to the previous collectible, in Copeland's room.
  • Collectible # 5 - Tucker's Camp - On a table to the left of Alkai, in the gun shop.
  • Collectible # 6 - Tucker's Field - On the bench, right next to where Tucker is sitting.
  • Collectible # 7 - Near Lisa's house - In the yellow house, in the kitchen.
  • Collectible # 8 - Inside Lisa's house - In the kitchen on the first floor.
  • Collectible # 9 - Iron Mike's Camp - In the house Deacon shares with Boozer.
  • Collectible # 10 - Iron Mike's Camp - In the same house as the previous collectible.

  • Collectible # 11 - Iron Mike's Camp - In Rikki's house. Look for a small log cabin on the south side of the camp.
  • Collectible # 12 - Iron Mike's Camp - There's another one in Rikki's house, hanging on the wall near the door.
  • Collectible # 13 - Iron Mike's Camp - In Skizzo's house. You will visit his home after being imprisoned.
  • Collectible # 14 - Iron Mike's Camp - There is another one you can find in Skizzo's house.
  • Collectible # 15 - Iron Mike's Camp - On a table, to the left of the fireplace in the large lodge at the top of the camp.
  • Collectible # 16 - Iron Mike's Camp - At the top of the stairs in the large lodge, on a small table.
  • Collectible # 17 - Iron Mike Camp - Inside the hospital, near the main entrance to Iron Mike Camp.
  • Collectible # 18 - Iron Mike's Camp - Upstairs in the hospital, on a desk.
  • Collectible # 19 - Captain Kouri's Camp - Inside Captain Kouri's camp, in his tent in the southeast corner of the area. The collectible is located in the trunk.
  • Collectible # 20 - Colonel Garret's Camp - Near Taylor's house. From the front (north) entrance, find a tent on the hill on the right.

  • Collectible # 21 - Colonel Garret's Camp - In the same tent, on another locker.
  • Collectible # 22 - Colonel Garret's Camp - In the doctor's tent. You will find this location as the main story progresses.
  • Collectible # 23 - Colonel Garret's Camp - At the top of Wizards Island, find the Colonel's tent. There will be a collector's item inside.
  • Collectible # 24 - Colonel Garret's Camp - There will be a second collector's item inside the same tent.
  • Collectible # 25 - Later in the story, Deacon will review the corporate complex where his wife worked. Check inside the guard post. Inside will be a collector's item.
  • Collectible # 26 - The last collectible is located in the second floor labs in the complex, in the upper right corner, next to a laptop.

Days Gone: where to find all the Collectibles of the Characters

That's it for this guide! Are you playing this brand new Days Gone? Are you enjoying it? On our site there is a guide containing 13 tips and tricks for those who start playing (and not) on Days Gone, to read it click here.

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