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    Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

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    If you want to walk the streets of Night City in style, here is the guide where you can find the best cars and motorbikes inside Cyberpunk 2077

    If it is true that Cyberpunk 2077 does not have a role depth equal to other titles of this genre, it is equally true that it allows the player a wide choice of customization. Not only in the approach to gameplay and missions, but above all in the choice of a vast equipment with which to "dress" your character. In this realm of possibility the developers wanted to insert fantastic and futuristic means to move between the streets of Night City. So let's see together where to find the best cars and best motorcycles in Cyberpunk 2077. Recall that, in this guide there may be spoiler on the plot and the missions.

    Cars of the future and where to find them

    Within the dystopian world created by CD Projekt Red we can find numerous occasions in which to assert ours reputation and earn money, as much as there are the corners and intersections of Night City. In this chaos of lights al neon, Adversting board holographic, robberies at the hands of infamous gangs, we cannot help but feel the thrill of driving a car of the future. Overall, the total number of vehicles is around more than 30 means, between cars and motorbikes of all types.

    Here lies the beauty of the game. Not just quantity but quality. In fact, Cyberpunk vehicles are all distinguished from each other, from small and agile city cars like the Mikigai Maimai to real racing cars like the Rayfield Caliburn. If you have difficulty or do not know where to find the best cars and motorcycles within the world of Cyberpunk 2077, follow our guide.

    Rayfield Caliburn - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    La Caliburn as mentioned it is definitely one of the best machines belle of the game. The elegant line combined with high performance it makes it not only a beauty to behold but also the fastest car. To get it for free you have to go, following the main mission “Ghost Town”, in the tunnel where you defeated the wraiths along with Panam. However you will have to wait three days once the mission is over. You will find the car waiting for you inside it tunnel seeds hidden in a container. The much cheaper alternative is buy it regularly by one of the fixers in the continuation of the adventure. 

    Colby CX410 Butte - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorbikes

    To get this assault off-road vehicle for free you will need to go to Northwest in the desert territory of Badlands. Here you can find a parking space within the residential area called Rocky Ridge. Once here, as usual, you just need to get in your car to get hold of it.

    Thornton Mackinaw Beast - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    La Mackinaw beast he is not intimidated by anyone. The mighty and menacing off-road vehicle (not surprisingly called La Bestia), although not too fast, is certainly the best choice for those who want to feel above the others and look down on everyone. The car will be given to you at dates of the secondary mission “The Beast in Me”, obtainable by contacting Clear. Once the quest is accepted, Claire will want you to participate in car races. At the end of the last race, if you opt to chase Sampson instead of finishing the race, you will get the car just in case you save Sampson by convincing Claire, through the choices of dialogue, of his mistake. Alternatively, get his vehicle from Sampson. 

    Thornton Galena Rattler - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorbikes

    This machine is only obtainable for players who have chosen the Nomade background for your own V. In the secondary mission “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” coordinates will be sent to you which will send you to an area called Medeski Fuel Station. Here you will meet your used and lost car in the game's prologue. This side mission is an opportunity for repossess it. Talking to a woman named Lana you will have three choices. You can give away the car in Lana, pay 100 eddie to buy it, or you can threaten her to give you the car back. 

    Delamain No. 21 - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorbikes

    This car will be given to you at the end of the secondary mission Epistrophy. In this mission you will have to help the owner of the transport company Delamain to solve his problem. The core that runs all the cars was infected from a virus giving unique personalities to various cars. You are called to resolve the situation and, a prescind from the three options conclusions that you will have available, you will automatically come into possession of the vehicle at the end of the quest. 

    Alvarado Vato - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    This car a six wheels, what to define showy it would be an understatement, you can find it at the end of the quest related to street fights call “Beat on the Brat”. Go to the Glen and meet the member of Valentines. To get the vehicle you will have to bet i 4000 eddie proposed in the dialogue options. Once the match is won, but only my nude, you will be able to enter the vehicle. From now on it will be yours. 

    Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    This sporty version of the famous Quadra you can get it at the end of racing series belonging to the mission “The Beast in Me” started by Claire. At the end of the last qualifying match, a dialogue with Clear about his relationship with the husband and his intentions of revenge against the perpetrator of the murder Sampson, Other pilot famous in Night City. In the dialogue series you will have to always choose the peace options and aim only for winning the race. During the accident at the last race make sure you save Sampson's life. He will reward you with his car. 

    Quadra Turbo-R - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    la Quadra Turbo-R it is probably the most car iconic of the game. She has been seen in many promotional images accompanied by V at her side. With its lines inspired by the Ferrari Testarossa, the Turbo-R blasts energy and speed from all the bolts. To get this awesome vehicle, accept the mission “Life’s Work” from Father. Then go southeast of Heywood, here you will find a garage with vehicle to steal.

    Driven the vehicle to its destination and talked to the Father, you will have to wait 24 hours to be contacted by Jake. After talking to Jake you find out that as a thank you for the mission, you will be rewarded with one surprise. The quest will then start automatically “Sex on Wheels”. At this point, go to the garage at the mission site and retrieve the car. Good fun!

    Porsche 911 II Turbo - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    To get the car that belonged to Johnny Silverhand accept the mission “Chippin In” in the second act of the game. Go toAfterlife to start the mission. At the end of the latter you will be given the opportunity to kill a person. I know choose to save it you will be given the key to a warehouse containing some Johnny's memorabilia, including the his car. Cyberpunk's Porche 911 is the only officially licensed car. The model is by the way identical to its counterpart real, a version of the 60s model 911

    Apollo Scorpion - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    This bike off-road it is perfect for plowing the sands of Badlands. You can get it by completing one of the main quests related to MayorsCalled “Life During Wartime”. Completed the quest and helped Panam to save his friends from the clutches of the gods Kang Tao soldiers, you will get the vehicle automatically at dates of the mission after speaking with Panam and the other members of the Aldecaldos. Have you noticed in this guide on where to find the best cars and bikes in Cyberpunk 2077, that it will not always be possible to pay to get the vehicles. For some there is a need to follow certain behaviors expressed through the correct lines of dialogue.

    Jackie's Arch - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    La Arch is one of the most convincingly designed motorcycles. Sinuous lines, futuristic and classic at the same time, make the Arch dominatrix of the streets of Night City. The curiosity about this bike is that it is also based on a real model, more precisely from a brand existing called Arch Motorcycle, co-founded by Keanu Reeves in person.

    To get the Arch that belonged to Jackie you have to wait for the start of act two, here she will contact you Jackie's mother starting the mission “Heroes”. The requirement to get hold of the bike will be to choose to bring Jackie's corpse to its family at the end of the assault on Konpeki. Finished on funeral and greeted Jackie for the last time, we will have the bike available for free.

    Arch Nazare Itsumade - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorcycles

    This amazing bike can be found at the end of the quest “The Highwayman”. To activate the mission, go to the east of the neighborhood Rancho Coronado, near a gun shop you will find a garage with a motorcycle and a computer to use. Inside the computer you will find a photo of two lovers called Josie e James. At this point you have to find the place where the photo was taken. You will find that this is the main highway near Japan Town.

    Here you will find James, ask him where Josie is, he will tell you that you can find her at North Station by Glen ad Heywood. Upon reaching the station, you will discover Josie's body. At this point report everything to James, he will tell you that Josie hid the bike in a safe place near Northside next to the All Foods Plant. To help you locate it, go to the fast travel point and turn around on the back wall. Here you will find a panel, enter the code "0214" and, once you open the garage you will get the motorcycle.

    Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best cars and motorbikes

    La Kusanagi stands out from all other bikes of cyberpunk 2077. With its Akira design, broken lines and angular, is without a doubt one of the most motorcycles original, as well as more veloci. To be able to drive this little gem you just need to reach the level Reputation 12, at this point you will receive the usual message from fixer Okada. Go to the place of the dedicated mission (each car you buy is accompanied by its mission) and spend 22 000 eddie to get the vehicle. 

    Move to Night City 

    We have seen in this guide where to find the best cars and the best bikes of Cyberpunk 2077. Traveling along the streets of Night City it is always a unique experience, as the game has some beauties surprises in terms of vehicles. Although there is no mechanic for color customization car, as well as other customizations, we can still choose which vehicle to buy and build a "role-playing" identity based on the choice of the car that most there represents. In addition we can decide, for some models, between various versions. Such as for the Quadra 66, available in six different versions. In conclusion, we just have to wish you one good stay a Night City. 

    For information on other guides and to stay updated on latest videogame news stay on the pages of Holygamerz.

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