CTR Back N. Time: here are the new daily and weekly challenges

The new challenges of the CTR Back N. Time event are available. Keep reading the article to find out!

Until August 25th, the CTR Back N. Time event is running, which allows you to unlock exclusive rewards by overcoming numerous challenges and accumulating Nitro Points. From today, the new daily and weekly CTR challenges are available, in addition to the remaining CTR challenges and all the rewards present in the following article.


The following CTR challenges must be completed within 24 hours:

  • As fast as N. Tropy: Complete Androids Alley in under 3:50:00 (100 Nitro Points);
  • Bacon eater: Get a total of 5 bacon slices in Bacon Thieves playing as N. Gin (75 Nitro Points);
  • Bad driving: Win a race after hitting 5 obstacles or power ups (100 Nitro Points);
  • Multiple hits: Hit an opponent with a power-up during an online matchmaking match (75 Nitro Points);
  • Super drift master: Perform a Super Drift for 3 consecutive seconds (100 Nitro Points);
  • Under whose turn it is: Complete Aku Cup (150 Nitro Points);
  • Power Up Lord: Hit an opponent 3 times with a Bomb power-up using Dr. N. Gin (75 Nitro Points);
  • All skidding: Perform a Super Drift (100 Nitro Points);
  • Stuntman: Perform 10 acrobatic jumps in Vicolo degli Androidi (75 Nitro Points);
  • Wumpa collectorCollect 30 Wumpa Fruits in a single race on Androids Alley (100 Nitro Points).

WEEKLY CHALLENGES (until August 22nd)

Below are all the new weekly challenges of CTR, which can be completed until August 22nd.

  • Triplet N. credible: Win a match in 3 different Battle Modes in Rocky Way (250 Nitro Points);
  • 25 in the bagObtain 25 flags in Flag Catcher (250 Nitro Points);
  • Ally of Uka Uka: Hit a total of 25 characters from the Uka-Uka team (200 Nitro Points);
  • Teaser: Destroy a total of 75 crates (250 Nitro Points);
  • Lover of crystals: Play 5 games of Crystal Hunt in the Parking Lot (200 Nitro Points);
  • Friendly competition: Compete against one of your friends online (300 Nitro Points);
  • Turbo King: Activate the turbo a total of 50 times (250 Nitro Points);
  • Online sample: Win 3 races in online matchmaking with a kart chassis between Team Bandicoot, Nostalginator or Probulot 2000 (250 Nitro Points);
  • Perfect start: Starts 10 races with a rolling start (300 Nitro Points);
  • Solo champion: Win 10 single races with a kart chassis between Team Cortex, Six tubes, or Mammut (250 Nitro Points);
  • Track Adventurer - Part 1: Complete 12 laps on Electronic Avenue (200 Nitro Points);
  • Track Adventurer - Part 2: Complete 12 laps in Lightning Strike (200 Nitro Points).

We remind you that, in addition to the challenges of CTR, you can read our review of the game to the following address, while clicking here you can access all the guides made by us always for this game. To learn about the new challenges of CTR and more, keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz!

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