Complete Guide to Carnival - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Last February 28th brought a breath of fresh air to the islanders: among the new emotions available and the new seasonal objects, what stands out most is certainly theintroduction of the Carnival event. For the occasion, Nintendo has reconfirmed the appearance on Animal Crossing: New Horizons of Pavao, the famous peacock that already from New Leaf accompanies us during the most colorful day there is.

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  • The gift for free
  • Seasonal items
  • The new emotions
  • Where and when to find Pavao
  • Feathers and event rewards
  • Carnival core set
  • Final reward
  • The new Carnival clothes

A special gift

The first time you enter the game after the update, go to your mailbox to receive one letter from Nintendo with a whole new gift.

It is a couple of maracas, an instrument that you can equip and, by pressing A, make music cheerfully. Together with the ocarina and the tambourine, it is the third musical instrument that your character can equip. Hooray!

New items of the season

The surprises do not end there: in the Nook Catalog, under "Seasonal items" we have lots of news. First of all, the "Megaphone fan", Available in four different colors in rotation every day, and the"Football carpet“, Available until February 15th to celebrate the Night of the Great American Game.

We have two novelties for Valentine's Day, the "Heart bouquet" and the "Choco-heart“, Available respectively in six and four variants, also on a daily rotation.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to buy the Red envelopes of fortune and the Chinese bokjumeoni bags, which can be used as gift wrapping paper for a special gift, along with the unique Chinese Lunar New Year decoration!

New emotions coming

You got it right, there are new emotions coming! From February onwards, you will be able to purchase a set of four new emotions. Start the party with Confetti emotions, use Viva to dance like Pavao, invite your friends to dance with Involvement or show everyone your love for Carnival with Rhythm in the Blood! The price of the Carnival emotion set is 19.800 stars.

Pavao opens the dance

The real fun starts withCarnival event on February 15th. In the morning, go to the square to find an improvised stage with nothing less than Pavao, the peacock master of dance.

After a short introductory choreography, the bird will immediately make his intentions clear. He wants you to catch the feathers that flutter around the city (similar to cherry petals or snowflakes) and that you bring three of each. It promises a reward, so grab the net and hit it off!

Feathers and event rewards

Returning to feathers, there are some four main types: red, blue, green and purple. By collecting three and bringing them to Pavao, he will give you a random decor of the Carnival set in that color. The pieces in that set cannot be reordered, so stock up on them during the event!

There is a fifth type of very rare feather, the rainbow feather, which you can rarely find floating together with the other feathers or that you can create thanks to the do-it-yourself scheme that Pavao will give you, which includes one feather per color as ingredients.

Le rainbow feathers can be delivered individually to Pavao to get a piece of the rainbow colored Carnival set. Also, they can be used on a workbench to change color to basic Carnival furnishings!

Do you have difficulty finding feathers of a certain color? No problem. Speaking with the inhabitants of your island, in fact, it is possible that they will suggest that you exchange one of your feathers with that of another color. You can accept or decline the exchange.

Carnival basic set

So let's review a list of furniture and objects that Pavao can give you as a reward:

  • Bright carnival globe
  • Carnival drum
  • Carnival stall
  • Carnival festoon
  • Carnival stage
  • Carnival parasol
  • Carnival banner
  • Carnival lamp
  • Carnival confetti thrower

All of the items listed are available in red, blue, green, purple and rainbow variants, depending on the color of the feathers (or the single rainbow feather) you deliver to Pavao. Ready to collect them all? In case picking feathers should be a grueling job, you can ask for help in our Telegram group @ACPlayers.
In addition to being available directly from Pavao, in the days before the event the Bottega di Nook will sell one Carnival item per day, of a random but always fixed color throughout the set. To obtain furniture in other colors you will therefore have to contact the peacock.

Final reward

Taken from the event, you may not realize that Pavao is very proud of you, to the point that, after you have given him the required feathers nine times, he will give you a special assignment.

Come back to him with three rainbow feathers in the pockets, no matter if captured or created with the appropriate do-it-yourself scheme, to receive the fantastic Carnival Car, a unique and unobtainable object, which marks the end of the event itself.

Of course, you can continue to bring feathers to Pavao to complete sets of all colors, but there will be no new dialogue after that.

Dance in style

Do you have guests on the island? Are you just wondering where everyone got those awesome headdresses? Well that's easy! On the occasion of the Carnival, Ago e Filo will sell all the variants of the Carnival Costume, the Carnival Pinafore and the Carnival Headdress.

They are available in red, green, blue and purple. In this case, I decided to go for a very trendy fluo green. How am i doing?

It doesn't matter what color your suit is or how many feathers you have in your pockets: what matters on this day is having dance in your blood, just like Pavao!

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