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Start a series of multiplayer guides on the new Call of Duty WWII. Let's start with the basic element, let's discover the best Division to use in game!

As we have already written in our review, the Classes in Call of duty wwii they do not exist anymore. In their place, the Divisions (if you don't know what we're talking about, check out the review).

Among the Divisions present, for a number of reasons, Infantry is the one we recommend for multiplayer. For what series of reasons? Well, let's find out.

Call of Duty WWII: which is the best division?

We start unwrapping Freight forwarders e Montana, these two Divisions are more for niche players. Montana caters to snipers that they prefer fights from a distance, the Freight Forwarders, on the other hand, to players who love the shotguns and therefore the close combat.

La Battleship lends itself to a game of support evaluation with light machine guns, not very effective.

Finally Aviotrasportata is the favorite of the so-called camper, we say it openly. Yes, because Airborne silencer allows players to hide the shot on the minimap preventing them from being detected and therefore to act in the shadows, perhaps hidden at a key point on the map. 

Infantry lends itself to any type of game and this makes it the best Division in Call of Duty WWII

The division Infantry on the other hand, it lends itself to most types of games. Among these the rusher it is the typology that most exploits the peculiarities of this Division.

Run around the map and eliminate players as they meet, completely hectic, is the style of play that seems to prevail in the Call of Duty WWII mechanics. Even from the point of view of the maps it is quite evident, most of them were built for rushes.

But Infantry is that Division that it lends itself to all situations: with the bayonet mounted we can face hand-to-hand clashes without problems, the possibility of aiming while walking is another significant advantage and finally the possibility of being able to mount an additional accessory to the main weapon is excellent.

So, if you are not a sniper or a camper, we recommend the Infantry Division, which offers a good style of play in all situations.

But that's not all. The Division is obviously characterized not only by passive skills, but also by used weapons. Let's find out the best. 

The best main weapon in the Infantry Division is the STG 44

The main weapon that we advise you to use is theSTG44 German. It is a weapon that offers excellent stability and little recoil, managing to target the enemy even from long distances. The default sight on the barrel offers good accuracy and that is why we also recommend you do not mount any viewfinderbe it optical or reflex.

Sin in rate of fire but with Rapid Fire it is possible to increase it by suppressing this shortcoming. We also advise you to mount Handle, bringing the recoil of the weapon to almost zero e Aim Fast, with which you can switch to viewfinder mode faster. These three accessories almost totally compensate for the shortcomings of the weapon, which in itself is already excellent as we wrote previously. Finally for the magazine, the default thirty rounds are good for surviving, then it is not necessary Increased Magazine.

As secondary weapon we recommend any gun, better if it is there Machine Gun, which comes in handy when your shotgun ammo runs out. The recommended accessory for the gun is Increased Magazine which guarantees a good barrage of shots. 

Among the tactical or lethal accessories we recommend the granta stormy, which comes in handy in hot spots to stun enemies and attack. Alternatively you can use the Smoke for a ninja attack.

THEbetter passive ability (Basic Training) that we recommend you equip is Ghost. It allows you to move with limited noise, you will not therefore be easily identifiable from enemies while on the move. 

That's all for this guide, I hope you find it useful and you will agree with me that Infantry is currently the best Division in the game.

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