Borderlands 3: local co-op, how to play it on console

The local Borderlands 3 co-op is a reality on console and it's very easy to be able to play it with a friend sitting on the same sofa

Since the last generation, that is that of Playstation 3, Xbox 360 e WiiU, has come to life, the tendency of companies in the video game sector to publish titles capable of guaranteeing play in a local cooperative has always been diminishing. The multiplayer sector or at most the online co-op sector were preferred to it; however this is not the case with Borderlands 3. In fact, the Gearbox Software product allows local cooperative play, or couch co-op in English (a reference to the sofa at home as a meeting place), in the console versions. The PC version, on the other hand, currently does not provide it, as usual, except through mod.

The saga and the local co-op

The ability to play shared screen in the Borderlands series it is not new, already in the first and then in the second chapter of the main saga it was possible. As usual the PC version it was deficient from this point of view, which still happens today. The fault lies in the fact that computer players usually play single and prefer or the single player o il multiplayer online rather than a cooperation sitting together in front of the screen.

In Borderlands 3, you will be able to play with a friend, who will have to create a character accordingly and carry out all those activities that you too will have to do in the simple single player. The differences are minimal if you do not count the fact of playing in two and no longer alone. In fact, remember that Borderlands, as a saga, provides that a group of heroes, the hunters of the crypt, join together to face the bad guy on duty.

Borderlands 3 co-op locale

In these versions of the title it is possible to play in split screen in a rather simple way. In fact, just press the button "Plays" and then "Add split screen", to allow another player to join the game. Obviously, let's just say it for completeness, you will need another controller, depending on the console you will play it on.

To allow another user to join the game just turn on the other controller and press A, if you are on Xbox One, or cross (or X), if you are on Playstation 4. At that point you can start your game and jump into the adventure offered by Borderlands 3. I recommend you add a new controller before you jump into the co-op menu.

Finally, remember that Borderlands 3, as was the case for its predecessors, provides a character improvement system based on the experience gained during the game. Play, therefore, always in the company of one or more friends, you can do it up to four players. If you go on without the partner, you will continue to improve your character while the partner stays behind. This would lead him to face a much more difficult and less fun adventure than yours. In fact, although there are firearms, Borderlands 3 retains the RPG mechanics, don't forget that.

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