Borderlands 3: guide to the challenges of the Meridian Metroplex

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Our guides on Borderlands 3 continue! Here's how to overcome all the Meridian Metroplex crew challenges

Borderlands is back with the third installment saddle the main series, as always the boys of Gearbox Software they have littered the game world with many weapons with which to face the dangers that face us. In addition, the game provides a long series of challenges in all maps, called "crew challenges". Overcoming these challenges can be a very useful way to become more and more powerful. In fact, every challenge provides one great amount of experience and sometimes even some vehicle improvements, but they are not always easy to fix. Do you need advice? You are in the right place!

A general overview

In this map you will find the places where you can solve the challenges and, if you want one overview, this map will be very useful to you. If, on the other hand, you need to know in more detail how to overcome these challenges, you will find each challenge below, explained in detail.

Radio Crimson | Borderlands 3 guida sfide Meridian Metroplex

The tower of the Radio Crimson it is located on top of the fast food restaurant. Climb on the adjacent buildings and, through the balconies, you can jump to the Radio in order to sabotage it.

Dead Claptrap | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

You have to look around the Crimson Radio and the fast food restaurant for one flight of steps: the remains of the poor dead Claptrap can be found right at the bottom of the staircase.

Steal the target | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

This challenge is a bit more complicated to overcome, go to the point indicated on the map, here you will find a large yellow shield to block the passage. Next to the shield is a generator that powers it. Follow the yellow cable power supply until you discover that someone has broken the cable. At this point shoot the pipes above the cable and you will complete the circuit. Now the shield will be lowered and you can pass, beyond the shield you will find the target to steal.

Designated victim | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

On the far left of the map, as indicated in the figures, you will find one small arena. Once there there will be a boss who will attack you, defeat him to overcome this challenge.

Here are the Typhon 1 logs

The challenge of Typhon records it is divided into three parts, exactly like the registers that you will have to find to overcome it. The first register will be in a mandatory area to cross to move forward with the story of the game. While playing, keep an eye on the presence of a parapet that allows you to see the rest of the city. Right there is the first register.

Typhon 2 Logs | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

The second register is located near the Metroplex exit. Look for a small bridge that is over a closed road.

Typhon 3 Logs | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

The third and final register is found in the middle of the garbage, go to the area indicated by the map and go between two railings.

Typhon's Secret Hideout | Borderlands 3 guide Meridian Metroplex challenges

Meridian Metroplex's ultimate challenge is to find the Typhon's secret hideout. Look for a walkway over the road, climb the building on the left and cross the flyover. Right there is the much coveted secret hiding place.

Have fun!

The Borderlands 3 guide on how to overcome all Meridian Metroplex crew challenges ends here, but you can find many more on our site. not only on the Gearbox Software title, but also on other video games, old and new they are. We invite you to take a look if you are in difficulty in some passage or if you really have not understood some mechanics that the title offers you. In the meantime, here are other guides on Borderlands 3.

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